Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Straight Talk on the Corona-clysm

Friends, there is a lot of inaccurate and misleading information circulating on the dreaded Coronavirus, leading to panic in some quarters.  I strongly suspect that virus-related paranoia is directly correlated with CNN viewership, but that is a story for another day.  For today, I recommend that you read this article, which contains both some alarming truths about the seriousness of the pandemic, and some reassurance about our long-term capacity to handle it.  Not surprisingly, this fine analysis comes to us courtesy of American Greatness:


  1. Indeed, there is a lot of inaccurate and misleading information being circulated by the MSM (not just CNN). I am also watching FOX News fall into this trap as well (they "furloughed" Trish Regan from the Business Channel because she dared go opposite of what the bosses wanted). I am happy to see the President is practically giving press conferences everyday, not that the MSM will report it accurately, it is funny to actually see these press conferences and then not more than a few minutes later the MSM twist the words.

    I am also slightly disturbed by our esteemed governor and his constant everyday press conferences. I guess no one has thought what this will do the small business (especially here in Hornell), but, I think, that is sort of the point, right? To get folks depended on the government? Or is that just cynical thinking? Since folks are home now, take the time to really delve into news sites such as Whatfinger and Townhall and many others, maybe even do a little homework in regards to Bill Gates (eugenics) and some think tanks out there. Scary stuff. Just don't trust the 'news' out there...

    I digress, about the article. I fall dab smack in the middle of all this discussion. Should we take this seriously? Of course. Should we panic? No. Reading about the deaths overseas; they have socialized medicine. I suppose to an extent, we do as well. Bad policy and the knee jerk reaction is already happening. I am left to wonder, how far will this go?

  2. King Charles II 1660-1685

    No disrespect to you Dr. Waddy, in any way, but I did read the article, and found it to be another exercise in generally poor journalism, written by someone who is NOT a medical doctor, and apparently not a good historian, which I regard you to be. How is that for a poorly constructed sentence?

    Somehow, the world will cope with this virus just as Europe did during the Black Death pandemic of the 14th Century, although it killed off one third the population, and probably half. With that said, how do we know that this virus is not an "experiment in germ warfare" done deliberately by an absolute (and overpopulated) dictatorship in order to destabilize the world. We know that this particular country has a germ warfare program, as do the United States of America, and Russia, plus a few other countries that must also have some stockpiles.

    Do I believe in Conspiracies? I sure do, and I think they are part of being a human being in this somewhat overall evil world we live in. Of course not all disasters are conspiracies. Obviously hurricanes are not. But germ warfare is all too real, and the temptation to use it is all too real. Don't forget that when the U.S. invented the first atomic bombs, the temptation to use them them was tremendous. Too bad General Graves is not around, as I am sure he would attest to that.

    I hope this is a major wake up call for future U.S. administrations to bring home ALL manufacturing and stop building China up to be a super power. You can thank President Nixon and that arrogant Henry Kissinger for starting that ball rolling. In addition we have had at least three administrations (before Trump) who were "in bed" with China. Needless to say Joe Biden (for starters) is one of them. Nothing like accepting bribes and acting as pimps and pawns of China is there?

    Finally, I don't see much on this virus coming out of Africa, or South America. What about India, or Russia? Why is the U.S. at risk? Why Europe in general, and Italy in particular? Why? Sorry, but more articles by journalists spending pages repeating what we already know is getting boring.

    Looking on the bright side, this could be a "blessing in disguise" in that the presidential debates and conventions might not happen, and the majority of Americans can just go out and reelect Trump. Pray to God that this happens.

  3. Dr. Waddy, Linda and His Restored Majesty Charles, Second of That Name: That Charles; an intriguing choice of nom de plume. Was it his insouciant voluptuousness, his airy dismissal of future catastrophe (ala - not his words - "apre moi, le Deluge!") that prompted this? I do see much humor in it and hope it was your intention.

    The article contained much of common sense. Having been through the Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1974 oil embargo I recall the panic - it seemed very real at the time. We are so blessed in this country with having been spared consummate catastrophe of the nature of that which decimated so many countries (eg. Russia and China).

    The effect on the election will be fascinating.( In connection with that I make a premature prediction that Biden will select the Michigan Governor to run with him; she gave the rebuttal to the "State of the Union" and did get herself elected in important Michigan.) The President himself will of course be renominated and the assured process will lend credence to his leadership qualities. Do the Dems really think that faltering dimbulb can do better?

  4. You ask a lot of great questions, Linda. How far WILL it go? I see we're casually proposing to spend $1 trillion, and you can bet huge amounts will go to waste. That's likely a small down payment, and the degree to which governmental power will expand, with the active connivance of Republicans, remains to be seen. On the plus side, maybe Trump will cancel the 2020 election and declare himself President for Life!

    Charles II has taken a break from canoodling with Nell Gwyn, I see. Personally, I don't think it's very credible that the coronavirus could be germ warfare. Why would the Chinese unleash the virus first on themselves? China will suffer enormously, especially financially, in this crisis. That it could be an accidental release of a designer virus is slightly more plausible, but I have yet to see any evidence to that effect. Now, I totally agree that life will go on, and in fact the demographic effects of this virus will be peanuts compared to the Black Death. In many ways, the REACTION to the virus is going to be far more destabilizing than the sickness itself. Be that as it may, we're in for an interesting ride! The political ramifications, long-term, are virtually incalculable.

    Whitmer as VP? I doubt it. She's too green. Remember, whomever Biden picks stands a VERY good chance of becoming President. Biden can't afford to risk picking someone with limited experience. I think he almost has to pick someone like Harris, Klobuchar, or Warren -- unless he's a dunce, which he may well be.

  5. Why Dr. Waddy would China unleash the virus? Hmm...perhaps, population control? I think it was accidently...more importantly, Dr. Waddy, why does a country need bio warfare? (including the United States). Corona virus was patented here in the U.S. (look it up), however, this Wuhan Virus was and is from China. Again, I ask, why does any country need bio warfare? (I know the answer, so really I am just being sarcastic). I also think, personally, no evidence-- that China was/is pretty mad about us beating them in the tariffs...I do believe they are evil enough to unleash this. I contend, way out in la la land with my thoughts, but, there it is. Asian studies/history isn't my thing, all I am saying, something isn't right about all this...something is really odd. I just can't put the proverbial finger on it.

  6. The idea that the virus was engineered to kill off sickly old people is intriguing...if far-fetched. Bring me PROOF, Linda! ;)