Friday, March 27, 2020

A Pandemic Side-Effect: The Dems Become More Unhinged and Shameless Than Ever!

Friends, there's lots in the coronavirus outbreak to give us pause, but let's not lose sight of one of its very worst features: it's proven that there's nothing, nothing, that unites us as Americans anymore and causes us to put partisanship aside. The TDS-addled Dems are proving that day in and day out.  My latest article addresses this disturbing phenomenon.  Check it out at World Net Daily:


  1. I wish I could find something wrong this article, unfort. I can't. The 'dark democratic Super Pac party" who is running ads--one can tie it back to Soros and akin. Sadly, I have to agree, Dr. Waddy, America in 2020 is very different. I hate to think what the coming years will bring. That's not cynicism, that is just keeping it real if we keep going down this path.

  2. Yes, The United States of America is a very different country in 2020. However, the U.S. is constantly becoming a different country, although not for the better, in my opinion. Historically speaking The Civil War (1861-1865) was a single most defining issue in American History. Harvard University historian George Ticknor wrote in 1869: "It does not seem to me as if I were living in the country in which I was born." Ticknor was born in 1791 during George Washington's Presidency.

    It should be understood, that at the time of the Civil War, a more-or-less Christian worldview dominated the U.S., but by 1910, this had been replaced by a secular, skeptical, and anti-supernatural worldview. That worldview as embraced by political parties such as the Democrats is the dominant view. Even Republicans share this worldview, albeit in different ways.

    Unless the current generation (college students mainly) can be un-brainwashed from this secular worldview, we should expect that the Democrats will regain power and continue their goal and agenda to make this country The United Socialist States of America.

    Bit you know, the Christian worldview was under siege for 300 years by the Roman government, and it survived. Think about this.

  3. I think most of us who profess to be on the right of the political spectrum, understand that our "DemoVirus" Party ideology is strongly embedded in three very important areas: The Media, The Universities, and The Film Industry. These institutions are pimps for the great prostitute called Socialism. That's a crude way to describe it, but true nonetheless. There is hardly any conservative influence in any of those places. If that sounds grim, that's because it is. Until those institutions are controlled by the right, you can expect things to get worse. And don't forget that in 2024, the Obamas will make another run for The White House, under Michelle this type. American voters are very fickle, so don't be surprised of you see a very left wing, black, female President sitting in The White House. Once that happens, prepare for the worst.

  4. Dr. Waddy et al: I certainly agree with what you have said in this post.This new development we are experiencing now in this crisis itself is certain to bring unanticipated dynamics into play.Thanx for posting a very telling portrait of Madame Pelosi.

  5. Linda: Dr. Waddy is setting us a right merry pace these days and its hard to keep up with him. There are worse problems to have, I warrant.

  6. Linda, I know how you feel. I don't relish the idea of labeling the opposition party unpatriotic and irresponsible...but if the shoe fits, hey! None of this bodes well for the future of the country, unless, of course, the Dems collapse in a heap.

    Interesting perspective, Anonymous. Yes, faith has been under siege at least since the 19th century. America's whole traditional moral core is under siege, in fact. And, regrettably, I have to agree that the enemies of faith and civilization are winning, inch by inch. The tide has not yet turned...but it could. We just have to hope that society won't collapse first. And I concur that the cultural institutions are key to our fate.

    Jack, thanks for the high praise, and yes, I realize I'm posting articles (most of them not mine) as a rapid pace. There's lot of good material out there. But please take your time, and when you're ready to dazzle us with your patented analytics, we'll be honored to receive them. :)

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