Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Next President of the United States...

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is full of interesting tidbits.  Naturally, Brian and I tackle the coronavirus pandemic, comparing the U.S. response to that of various European countries, and lamenting the fact that, in this moment of peril, all that half the country seems to care about is taking down our Commander-in-Chief.  There used to be times when the country would always come together.  No more.  Brian and I also consider whether Biden might implode, or explode, and thus need replacing as the Democratic presidential nominee.  If so, could coronavirus rock star Governor Andrew Cuomo fit the bill?  As you see in the image above, he's got a certain charisma -- clearly most members of the press corps would happily buy a bottle of hand sanitizer from him...

Once Brian and I exhaust ourselves with the coronavirus, we then take on This Day in History.  We cover Martin Luther King, Jr's opposition to the Vietnam War and the persistence of public support for the war effort, even after the "turning point" of the Tet Offensive; the Soviet withdrawal from Iran in 1946 and the early dynamics of the Cold War; and more!

Don't miss it.  Listen in right now!

In other news, Prince Charles and the presumptive heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary both have the coronavirus.  If being a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha or a Hapsburg doesn't protect you, what chance do the rest of us have???

Finally, you've heard a lot of speculation about whether the current plague might abate in warmer weather.  There's some indication that it could:


  1. Destroyer of LiberalsMarch 25, 2020 at 1:05 PM

    Too bad the powers that be decided to call this pandemic the coronavirus. Actually the word Corona in Spanish means Crown. In fact if you go to Zaragoza, Spain you can stay at the Corona de Aragon Hotel. Corona is a very pretty word. Too bad it has been used to name an unpleasant virus. Additionally, there is a very good Mexican beer called Corona, and it is a pleasant beer to drink.

    With that said, I will no longer be posting under Anonymous. From now on I will be posting under "Destroyer of Liberals". I know what my M.O. is, so if anyone out there wants to post under that name I will recognize you immediately as a fake, and I will attack you immediately as an imposter. Forewarned in Forearmed.

    1. Destroyer of Liberals ((grin)). thumbs up. Eww, you like Corona beer? Maybe you are an imposter ((grin- I can just imagine you rolling your eyes)).

  2. Destroyer of LiberalsMarch 25, 2020 at 1:12 PM

    Let me correct a previous statement. There WAS a hotel in Zaragoza, Spain called Corona de Aragon, but it burned in 1979, and has since been restored as an apartment complex.

  3. Hmm...interesting thought(s) on our esteemed governor, Dr. Waddy. I started off enjoying his daily press briefings, now they have become so boring, mundane and let me say sub -serving. He is actually quite obnoxious and part of the "me me" movement. Grant it, he has a difficult job to do, with that said, I have had enough of this "let's just shut down the whole state" for NYC. I don't know how things are in Rochester, but here, we have total of eight people in Steuben County that are sick. Please do not mistake me, this virus is dangerous, and preventive measures need to be made...I am just not sure limiting peoples travel etc. is the way to go.

    I have a friend who lives outside of the London city area, very scary times they are living in (as we all are). Hmm, isn't that something about the Prince contacting the virus. World leaders are not impervious to this virus.

    On the thought of the warmer weather and this virus, interesting. My folks and the majority of family live down south where they are already experiencing 90* weather. The virus lives on. Interesting.

  4. Destroyer of Liberals -- be assured that all liberals quake with fear when they see you approach! Even those of us who are conservative quakes a little. Ha ha. Keep up the good work! You're right: the choice of "corona" is odd. Anyone know where it came from? The virus isn't Spanish, after all!

    Linda, I posted today some clear evidence that even Cuomo is rethinking his approach to the coronavirus, so I'd say momentum is building for a more flexible approach. You may soon be allowed to leave your house! Take heart. :)

    I'm not sure what to think about the warm weather business. Some people say New Orleans is the next epicenter. We shall see. This virus is slippery!

  5. Dr.Waddy et al: Destroyer of liberals; that works for me. The main trouble with the left is its Marx motivated disdain for the lessons of history, especially, in their perception (or lack thereof ) of the 20th century.Marx's convenient excusal from painfully evolved verities has served them well; "why, if we say it is, IT IS!). In 1917 this could be attributed to ignorance; in an information rich 2020 it is evil. Also to be paid full diligence is their 50 year demonstrated determination to destroy all in America which lies in the path of their end purpose of totalitarian dominance. This must never be doubted. Those of good will who support the left are what Lenin termed "useful idiots" and would be quickly consumed in any leftist holocaust.

  6. Dr. Waddy: Having lived through 1968 I think your views very perceptive. You are right; MLK's antiwar efforts were a surprise to many who lauded his civil right's efforts and they were not popular and were a source of widespread suspicion about him having profoundly antiAmerican convictions. His assassination did lend much impetus to the pro North Vietnam Communist Savage Movement in America. ( To those truly sincere antiWar people; your efforts nonetheless had only the effect of encouraging Marxist sociopaths in their plastic bag suffocation of those who dared to doubt them . Your continued naivete, embodied in your strategy of disabling ONLY American strength, promises the same results - ya wanna be a "boat person" someday?).

    Dr. Waddy: You are spot on in noting that the salient result of 1968 was the realization by what I call the Real America that enough was enough!

  7. Dr.Waddy et al: Sorry for my jumbled expression above: I should have said:" . . . is in the encouragement of 20th century Marxists stemming from his excusal... which has ...

  8. Dr. Waddy: Again, thanx for your informed view on early post war US - Soviet relations. I believe I read that Truman told the Soviets "get out of Iran or I'll drop the bomb on you" and also told a disingenuously indignant Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov who had protested " why , I've never been spoken to that way"(and where he came from, I believe it)," well, live up to your agreements and you won't be confronted so". Even the Soviet subhumans recognized that kind of resolve, backed by undoubted American power. 'Nuff said.

    Vital to consideration of this time was the long standing Russian desire for a warm water port with access to the West. Did Truman have informed advice of this? He may have . . . .

    It begs the question: to what was the post war Soviet Union's expansionist stance attributable? A determination to prevent a repeat of its indescribable WWII agony is very understandable though Stalin's presumptuous recruitment of unluckily neighboring countries in this resolve was characteristically totalitarian, ehh, presumption yes?

    Was it an ideological crusade to spread Communism? I doubt it. Stalin had had an icepick driven through Trotsky's head for the latter's advocacy of world revolution and " Socialism in One Country" was his credo in his mass murderous collectivization atrocity. Besides, his countryhad been tried almost beyond endurance.

    So, I tend to think early post war Soviet intentions were to gain what they saw as security against a West they never fully understood ( as we too did not them).

  9. Dr. Waddy et al: Cuomo: this is becoming a major issue. Previous to this crisis I would have dismissed his electability because of his obnoxious New Yawk arrogance and disdain for any who doubt him. His aristocratic snobbery would have turned to dross in the Real America. But now. . . .

    I think your observation that Biden is well on track to have gathered a mathematically undefeatable faction is very creditable. Its prediction of Biden's nomination is very supportable. But what if a suddenly superstar Cuomo gains the Vice Presidential nod? Some creditable speculation abounds that aged Biden will serve mainly as a portal to a very leftist running mate to whom he will willingly resign early in his reign.

  10. Dr.Waddy: As per the British monarchy, which I revere, I hope Charles will give up his otherwised assured accession in favour of his vigorous and young son, William.

  11. Dr. Waddy:: In reference to perhaps widely perceived American views of of our mother country:the Brits have responded very well to past crises: most obvious of which was 1940. They have set us a very less than comparable example of what they endured.

  12. What I meant above was, the Brits of 1940 set us a good example for our handling of a crisis which is not as harrowing as what they suffered.

  13. Jack, I love that phrase -- "useful idiots" -- and you have to admire Lenin's candor in using it! Everyone has a place in the Marxist universe, even if the role reserved for most of us is to serve as kindling for the bonfire of civilization.

    And I thank you for agreeing with my assessment of 1968. You know far more about it than I do, needless to say. America's powers of resistance and resilience were strong then. Now...we shall see.

    Jack, I think you're right that the Soviets were terrified of the West, and much of their "aggression" should be seen as essentially defensive. However, Stalin's embrace of "socialism in one country" may have been a tactical retreat, given the threat of fascism. He needed to find friends in the West. After the war, apparently, friendship wasn't so important to him. Survival, however, was. Above all, Uncle Joe was a survivor.

    Could Cuomo emerge as Biden's VP? Maybe, but that would require Biden to go back on his word that he would choose a woman. Stranger things have happened, but personally I don't think Cuomo's renown and glory will have a very long shelf life. NY's claim to fame, after all, is having the worst set of figures of any state when it comes to COVID-19. And Cuomo, lest we forget, is a creep who even the Albany media detests. The national media will figure things out eventually.

  14. Dr. Waddy: Great points; they are very supportable.

    I lived in Albany for awhile in 1974 and I saw it then as a strange combination of very redux politicsl forces and the unavoidable NYC dominated establishment dicking around. In sum, I regret that our state must be subject to this disdainful dynamic.For most of us, it is utterly foreign and dismissable .

  15. Dr.Waddy: thank you for a consummate historian's view. I never thought of that; yes Stalin (who was petrified by the thought of fascist tormentors' very intrusion into his bodily security and comfort) may have felt redeeemed by the defeat of Hitler and may then well have felt a sociopath's contempt for any who allowed him any freedom of movement(motivated as it was by enlightened Western ideals of tolerance incomprehensible to hell hound Stalin).

    Oh, I agree, Stalin was a survivor but he was not without human faults and doubts, attributable even to perfidious monsters. Perhaps after fiendish Stalin had gained the advantage he perceived in his missile and nuclear program he contemplated a renewed offensive? Thank God his hideous death prevented him!

  16. Now that, Jack, is an interesting line of thinking... What would the world have been like if Stalin had lived another ten years? What if he had gone senile? The possibilities for mischief multiply exponentially...

  17. Dr. Waddy: Stalin might have said to himself: "well . . . after the initial Nazi onslaught, where I really was sweating it, I didn't have it so bad did I? In a nuclear conflict I could repaired to one of my many dachas, yes?" As for casualties among those as pusillanimous as to have empowered such as me? They are beneath my contempt. Besides, I have so very many deaths on my record, that I hazard nothing by accumulating more".

    I wonder about him: did he have visions, especially as his prolix death agonies ensued, all unalleviated by those who hated and feared him, of what might be his fate in another world? He had a religious background; he had been a seminary student. He was apparently also a fan of Shakespeare. Could he have been aware of Claudius's lament on the certainty of his coming torment; it is certainly one of Shakespeare's most powerful scenes;the on stage depiction of the very commission of what was to the medieval religious mind which still governed the 16th century, of the MORTAL sin of despair! Could Stalin have known this? If so, how could he have endured it? God's wrath unless denied is all harrowing.

  18. Whew! Some heady ruminations there, Jack. Assuming Stalin was a sociopath and a sadist, and I think the chances are pretty good, what went through his head at the end might well be unrecognizable to you or me. Perhaps he regretted that he wouldn't be able to rape or kill anyone else?

  19. Dr. Waddy: You may well have read it already but if not I would commend Robert Conquest's Stalin: Breaker of Nations for its appalling account of his last hours. Conquest notes that the demonic cast of his countenance as he stared helplessly at and without comfort from, people who hated and feared him was imbued with fear of impending death. Was he seeing the abyss opening for him? Perhaps his sojourne on earth from the depths had simply been terminated.