Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Chinese Virus: How Culpable is the PRC?

Friends, persistent rumors are circulating that the current pandemic is based on a strain of coronavirus developed in a Chinese lab, and either deliberately or accidentally released by Chinese authorities.  Sinophobia is, of course, a common phenonmenon in the West.  So is Sinophilia -- often generously rewarded by the Chinese, who have the means and the desire to manipulate Western elite sentiment and public opinion.  Be all that as it may, the question of whether the relevant form of coronavirus is a "designer" virus or a bio-weapon should be answerable by scientific means.  According to Fox News, it has been.  The answer will come as a disappointment to those of you inclined to blame China, or to impute a sinister motive to the current pandemic.  Maybe you will reject the findings of the study.  So be it.  Nevertheless, it's important to consider the facts as they emerge.  Of course, none of this absolves the Chinese of responsibility for the initial failure to recognize and contain the outbreak...


  1. Regrettably, I am unable to connect with the article.

    No matter what, I hope this is a lesson that we need to recall our manufacturing base back from China. The fact that many of our antibiotics are made over there (just one example) is testimony to how many of our politicians (both parties) have sold this country out over the past decades.

    Again, this giant rip off of the American people because of greed and power (both parties) is a national disgrace. Frankly, I think the greed and power is too great and that more of the same will be the rule in the future.

    This is also true of the vast amount of drugs that flow over our border with Mexico, plus illegal weapons, sex traffic, and potential pandemics and terrorism BECAUSE lots of politicians on the left and right are being paid off with huge bucks.

    Finally, I am really beginning to believe that we are in the Last Days, and that none of this evil will stop until Jesus Christ returns and establishes a world order of righteousness that will NEVER END. With that said, I am done posting on this blog. I thank Dr. Waddy for his many articles and comments. Goodbye all. God Bless All!

  2. Oh, please come back! Wait, how many Anonymous' or Pancho Villas do we have here? I am often confused ((grin)). Here you are Anonymous, for whatever reason, the link isn't working, so, here is the direct link from Fox (I was just reading this)

    Dr. Waddy, with all due respect, I am just not buying into this article. Everything I have read states otherwise. Now, with that said, I have an open mind. I suppose, we truly will never know how it got here. Yes, China is to be blamed and it is fair to place the blame on them, however, I also believe the USA should place blame. The USA patented the name corona many years ago, and the current virus, the Wuhan came from China. I'll keep asking this, why does anyone need a bio weapon? (Maybe weapon is a strong word)

    I do believe Anonymous (do you not have a first name? or perhaps a last name? or a nickname we could use?) makes a good point about the greed and power grab by both parties. I also believe, Anonymous is correct, lets just start making our prescriptions and other items here in America. Hey, I am old enough to remember when Walmart was MADE in and BUY in America. Also, something to ponder on...while speaking to my mother, who is a retired CFO of a major banking corp., she said, "The numbers don't add up, Linda! I think we, the American people, have been used" (funny, she 'sees' numbers like our dear fellow friend, math professor Mr. T. from ASC).

    I just don't know Dr. Waddy and I find that thought quite unsettling.

    1. Will Decide on A Permanent Nickname LaterMarch 24, 2020 at 5:55 PM


      Looks like someone using Anonymous again. That happened once before, and then I used various nicknames to fool whoever it was. Then I used anonymous again, and clearly that did not work either. When I come up with a name I think I can use permanently, I will start posting again, permanently.

      I do agree with you about being had and used. Very often, the perpetrators of being manipulated and socially engineered are right here at home. After all, it was U.S. Companies that decided to pack up and move overseas. It was also U.S. Companies that decided to replace legal citizens here with "undocumented" immigrants. Our political parties are also hurting all Americans with their never ending attacks on each other. The whole business stinks, to say the least. Rather disgusting I would say.

    2. Nice to see you, again. I had an anonymous person who has used your "mo" on my blog and proceeded to leave various rude comments on other blogs, it has been quite discerning. Thank you for commenting back. I agree with your statement.

  3. Coming, re reading this and getting an "expert" millennial thought (ok, my 22 yr old son-grin). I am not a science person, so admittingly, its a bit over my head. Per the "wonder kid" this virus hooks onto a healthy cell and it has cells and will keep mutating via everything; water, surfaces, food etc. Nobody knows how it got out of the lab-and the article states two possible how's; "One scenario follows the origin stories for a few other recent coronaviruses that have wreaked havoc in human populations. In that scenario, we contracted the virus directly from an animal — civets in the case of SARS and camels in the case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). In the case of SARS-CoV-2, the researchers suggest that animal was a bat, which transmitted the virus to another intermediate animal (possibly a pangolin, some scientists have said) that brought the virus to humans."

    So, needless to say, this is a serious issue that somehow got started in a lab via testing; was it intentional? or was by accident? No one knows. So, perhaps that is the real question one should ask.

  4. Anonymous/Miscellaneous -- whoever you may be, and wherever you may be going, your comments are welcome! I agree wholeheartedly about the need to establish more self-reliance in the production of critical supplies, medical and otherwise. We've been asleep at the switch as China has become dominant in vast sectors of the economy. We need to push back, although like you I have my doubts about whether we will fundamentally change our industrial policy. The China lobby is frightfully powerful, and too many Americans are making money from outsourcing. Anyway, I sincerely hope you settle on a nom be plume soon. There are so many out there! Here's one the fits you: Destroyer of Liberals! Angel of Truth? Mr. Sunflower? HAL 9000? Use your imagination!

    Are the end times at hand? I leave that in God's hands. Our job is to be ready. In the meantime, the show must go on...

    Linda, I understand your doubts. Seriously, if you've seen a credible article that makes a different case, share it! My mind is open. I'm just skeptical of conspiracy theories by nature. Now, I don't believe the Fox article concedes that the virus was incubated in any sort of lab. The idea seems to be that bats passed it to "pangolins," whatever those are, and then humans ate the pangolins. Or maybe humans french-kissed the pangolins. Not my area of expertise. :)