Friday, March 27, 2020

On Second Thought...

Friends, there are some very interesting news stories today.  First, Governor Cuomo is backtracking.  He's doubting the wisdom of his initial orders for schools and colleges to close, for businesses to be shuttered, and for everyone to stay home.  Why?  Because, inadvertently, these orders may increase contact between the most vulnerable, especially the elderly, and their younger relatives.  Interesting point.  It's also rather flabbergasting that Cuomo is admitting he may have made a mistake.  He's also telegraphing a willingness to show flexibility on future policies with respect to the containment of the pandemic.  He admits, in other words, that shutting everything down isn't sustainable.  In effect, he's sounding a lot more like President Trump!  Presumably, Cuomo is feeling so confident in his public standing right now that he thinks he can afford to engage in a little introspection, and even in some self-criticism.  Whatever the cause, I applaud Cuomo's preparedness to rethink our coronavirus strategy.  Locking down an entire state, when parts of it are in dire straits, and other parts are so far unaffected or barely affected by the virus, never made much sense.  The United States as a whole, and New York in particular, needs to get more rational and more targeted in its approach to COVID-19.  Does that mean that everyone can go their merry way by Easter?  Not necessarily, but it could mean that some restrictions ought to be lifted -- and, perhaps in some places, new ones imposed.

In other news, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has the dreaded virus!  Luckily, Boris is a warrior and a prince among men (even more so than Prince Charles?), so we can be confident that he will recover fully, and in record time.  Stay strong, Boris!


  1. Did you did not watch the latest press conference our esteemed governor held this morning/early afternoon? He has extended school closings and social distancing another 2 weeks, now the projected date is April 12-18 (frankly, I lost interest and rightly don't remember the exact date). Nothing about opening businesses, by the way, I dont think any of us are under the illusion that schools or businesses will be reopening anytime soon. Everything is depending on NYC and the larger cities that have great populations. I will add my 2 cents, he kept repeating 180 days for school instruction. He will not reopen schools and let the school year finish with at home instruction. On another front, Geneseo has cancelled commencement and no date for future commencement has been forwarded. Personally, I am just done with all this and look forward to the day when we can back to going about our business.

    American Greatness has it correct. Cuomo does not deserve accolades. His constant bragging about NY having open arms is just grating on my nerves. I am afraid, this hasn't and won't teach him any lessons. We are, after all, a sanctuary state.

    Boris Johnson-shocking but not all that much. He is a world/global leader. Perhaps, it is time for everyone to step back and take a deep breath and think about all this globalism. Just wondering. Perhaps it is time to go back to the values our country, the USA once had?

  2. Does your Governor have a medical degree? Neither does Bill Gates, as far as I know, but the billionaire was handing out advice about the virus recently, although he is comfortable and safe in one of his many mansions. Lots of advice about this virus from politicians and billionaires, isn't there?

  3. Planning ahead, what will the next pandemic be like? How about "Rotchee Crotchee"? This pandemic will attack every single human being all over the world. However, it will not be painful, but it will be highly contagious, and strangely enough will NOT be transmitted by intimate contact. This virus will cause everyone's pubic hairs to fall out, PERMANENTLY! Sorry folks, but I had to have some fun and come up with something crude, but humorous. Look, no body will die during "The Rotchee Crotchee" Pandemic. And best of all, without pubic hairs, people will probably not get the crabs. Sorry folks, but I could not resist this, and if Dr. Waddy wants to delete this, I understand.

  4. All my silly humor aside, I want to wish Linda and Dr. Waddy (and any others) the best. Here is hoping all is well with the both of you. I tend to forget, living here in the MidWest Heartland of America that you guys up there in New York have many more cases of this virus than I do in my county, which so far is only two (2). So again, and for what it is worth, stay safe and healthy. Maybe catch up on some movies, or whatever keeps you un-bored.


    1. Anonymous, I quite enjoy "your silly humor". All is well here in western NY. We have a total of like 14 cases here in this county and like 3 in our little town of 9,000. Quite, honestly, although I know it is a serious illness, I am just not going to stop living my life. We are discussing the possibility of having to move once graduation is done with (May), I offer no illusions of our governor opening up the state anytime soon. My perspective job offer is on is what it is. I see student loan payments are also on hold until September. So much uncertainty.

      You stay safe and healthy as well and by all means, keep on commenting. smiles

    2. If you do move, think about out of New York State, if possible.

  5. Dr.Waddy et. al: I remember an episode of the old" Rhoda" show in which an insufferably egotistical showoff, having been praised for an uncharacteristic moment of apparently sincere humility replies "Yeah,now I know I can 'do humble'". Sounds just like Cuomo.

  6. Linda, I'm afraid you're right that NY will be the LAST state to ease up on the restrictions...and you're also right that NYC is, and always has been, our cross to bear. Oy! And good point that, if we had practiced greater self-reliance, we wouldn't be in this mess. So, if you move, where would you go? And can the rest of the WaddyIsRight crew come with you? :)

    Anonymous, you are so right that we have politicians, businessmen, and movie stars advising on what to do about this epidemic, as if they knew the first thing about epidemiology! That's as per normal in any emergency. though. And yes, we New Yorkers are definitely taking it on the chin more than Midwesterners...but this is a big state, and the incidence of the disease varies enormously -- not that our esteemed Governor takes any notice of us rural folk.

  7. We are thinking Maine or NH. The job market for History graduates is great in both states. Yes, Maine is a liberal state, but NH has the greatest motto, "Live Free or Die!" Isn't that great? grin--sure thing, everyone is welcomed to tag along. grin

    All kidding aside, our city overnight passed a 2.9% tax increase! PLUS all potential jobs are on hold. The budgets cuts are going to be very dire. Even Cuomo has stated this. OY!

    Here here, totally agree with you Dr. Waddy concerning our governor. (in reference to your comment to Anonymous)

  8. Both great choices, Linda! You must keep us posted. Either state would be a massive improvement on NY, politically and otherwise. Remember, Trump almost won NH -- and he got one electoral vote from Maine too. There's hope for 2020 as well.