Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Profile in Courage: Susan Collins

Friends, it's hard to find anyone in politics who merits the label "hero" or "heroine," but I believe Maine Senator Susan Collins qualifies.  Under intense pressure to reject the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, Collins stood by the basic principle of American justice that a man, or a woman, is innocent until proven guilty.  Kavanaugh was by no means proven guilty, and so Susan Collins gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Imagine the damage we could have done to American justice if she (and Joe Manchin in West Virginia) had not stood up to the vitriolic Kavanaugh-haters...  She deserves credit, and she deserves to win reelection in 2020.  If you're so inclined, please donate to her reelection campaign.

Also, take a gander at this excellent analysis of the controversy over the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.  Such questions have been a fixture of many censuses, and many federal surveys, and only recently has the Left discovered that asking a simple demographic question is, in fact, "racist" and intimidating.  For some reason, asking a person their race, religion, or gender is fine, but citizenship?  Oh no!  Heaven forbid.  I sincerely hope that the President will succeed in adding a citizenship question to the upcoming Census.

Finally, check out this good news about apprehensions at the border.  Mexico's actions seem to be bearing fruit.  We shouldn't become complacent, though.  We still need to build the Wall, and we need to keep maximum pressure on Mexico's government.  They can and will backslide, if we let them.  That's one more reason to reelect President Trump.  A Democratic President would undoubtedly let the border spiral totally out of control.  Donald Trump is our only protection from that miserable fate.


  1. Hmm...Collins-I always have thought of her as a rino. Grant it, during the Kavanaugh hearing she was a constant surprise with her level headed thoughtfulness and independent thinking. She bares watching, well, honestly, they all do.

    Census-Sigh, Madame Speaker, I believe has some screws loose. She can't even keep her party in line. Although, I am enjoying her and AOC's infighting. Not quite sure which one is the "bright one" in this--they both reek of a smackdown, lol. Not sure if the news has hit overseas yet, but the President has signed an Executive Order demanding that all government agencies to report in. Backed by AG Barr, this was a way around the citizenship question. This should be interesting on who(m) will not report in. (

    Migrant Apprehensions- Interesting, since the dems are still peddling the caged children theory that was done by former President Obama. Long past due to fix immigration (period) for once and all. We all know it is about the "vote" and gerrymandering. I don't even think the dems are even in hiding over this anymore.

  2. Dr. Waddy: I really dislike RINOISM but your endorsement of Collins makes a great deal of sense. If another conservative is up for confirmation he or she will certainly face yet another onslaught. I'm wary of our being too principled in facing Dem intransigence and destructive intent; they are utterly unprincipled. But in this case Collin's rendered an invaluable benefit to the country for which she does deserve very much credit.

  3. Dr. Waddy: I was unable to access the Fox article but to my mind the whole thing is this: the Dems see the question as an impediment to their determination to rebuild their base with illegal immigrants. They may be getting desperate and their panic may exacerbate their already , ehhh, cavalier and arbitrary attitude toward the rule of that law of which they do not approve. But just like the criminals for whom they have such touching regard, they are ALL FOR shhhtttrrrict(!) enforcement of law which works for them.

  4. Dr.Waddy: Our President has shown horse sense and confidence in his judgement which have brought about these hopeful results on the border. Just imagine if Hillary had been enthroned.

    At her age and because of the trials she has endured (I mean, "marriage" to Slick Willy? They deserve each other but he did put her through intense public humiliation)she would have been fanatic about using executive power to force her ways upon America. One of her first pronunciamentos would have been to demoralize, disempower or abolish ICE.Throughout her reign she would, with the obsequious cooperation of the MSM, have sought to dismiss her subjects' concerns about the plainly unendurable phenomenom of abandonment of our southern border. She believes that illegal immigration is the engine by which radicals will gain enough votes to prevail, by incrementally awarding the vote free of citizenship concerns. Her fundamental goal is to be certain, by the time she goes, that the die has been cast and the denouement guaranteed: the deserved destruction of the fundamentally unjust real America and its replacement with dreams.

  5. Linda, yes -- Collins is something of a RINO. It bears remembering, though, that even RINOs have their uses, and not all of them are bad people. Collins espied in the Kavanaugh debacle a chance to be true to the highest American values and ideals, and she took it, at considerable personal and political risk.

    I think you're both right that, for the Dems, the removal of all effective border security is a prerequisite to a complete takeover of American government. Frankly, the Dems expect even the continuation of normal levels of legal immigration to result in an unassailable Democratic/non-white electoral majority, and they may even be right. Illegal immigration is the icing on their electoral cake. Of course, demographics are only half the picture. The other half is the permanent weaponization of "racism" accusations against the GOP and conservatives. To say that the Left is fanatical on this point would be an injustice to fanatics!

  6. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Did you see that the President of Honduras was quoted as having said approximately the following: "Its our fault so many are leaving us to make the unwelcome, hazardous journey to an unknown, cold land. They don't want to leave home but they are desperately fleeing the unendurable". This is a courageously honest, constructive admission and serves to emphasize that most of the wretched must somehow be rendered justice at the source of their oppression, in their own countries. We can accomodate some of them in our country but we have limits necessitated by the preservation of our economies and our cultures and by our rule of law. A lifeboat has only so much capacity. We have tried foreign aid and can continue do so but fundamental uplifting of the terribly poor must come from within. East Asia, India and perhaps some of Africa are doing it; it can be done.