Friday, July 5, 2019

A Salute to America, A Salute to Trump

Friends, you simply can't miss Trump's "Salute to America" this July 4th.  It reminded me a lot of Trump's State of the Union speeches -- crowd-pleasing, patriotic, and apolitical.  I don't know how big the audience was, but I'm sure the President did himself, and America, no harm on this Independence Day.

Not to rain on Trump's parade, but it's worth remembering that patriotism has never been a more partisan virtue than it is today.  The Left is abandoning America, because of our mortal sin of electing Donald Trump.  Let's hope they come to their senses someday.

Lastly, let's not lose sight of the fact that even the ideas and symbols that have traditionally bound us together as a people are under sustained attack from liberals.  Charlottesville, Virginia, you may recall, turned its back on one great American -- Robert E. Lee -- and now they're throwing Thomas Jefferson under the bus as well.  Very sad.  Note that Jefferson thought his greatest accomplishment in life was not being President of the United States -- it was the foundation of the University of Virginia (in Charlottesville).  For that city to dishonor the legacy of such a great American, therefore, is a depressing sign of just how low the Left has sunk.

And yet, as the President said, America is stronger than ever, and we shall overcome the latest wave of anti-Americanism.  We've done it before, and we'll do it again!

God Bless America!


  1. Indeed-God Bless America. I agree, in general, our ideas and symbols as Americans are under attack and it saddens me to no end.

    I also think the MSM and liberals are looking like fools over the Salute to America or as the MSM has called it, "Trumps" Salute to America. The hate that is being spelled out is just wrong...wrong on so many levels. Being a daughter of a veteran and being married to one, watching the Salute to America yesterday evening was quite enjoyable. Not one partisan political word was spoken. I was so happy to see that the President stayed on point and did not make it about himself. The salute to our military branches were especially poignant. I urge all folks to see the Blue Angels in action, I also urge all folks to visit military museums and museums in general (not just saying that because of my undergrad studies of Museum Studies and History--grant it, I am partial to that). I am afraid, though, the leftist will see fit to dispel such things. I am also afraid Patriotism may become a thing of the past. On the other hand, what I saw yesterday not just from watching the program, but also here in Hornell...patriotism is alive and well. Also, from speaking to folks yesterday, what they see on TV is falling on death ears here in small town America. It seems the MSM media is playing for the bigger audiences such as Portland, Seattle Charlottesville etc. To answer my own thought, I am though concerned of the encroaching thoughts of the MSM and the likes of gangs such as Antifa might eventually have on small town America. One must remain vigilant.

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda: I'm just gonna say it; I'm not holding back anymore, for my own part only. We have a great President now plain and simple and all unlooked for those of us who witnessed his well publicized earlier life. What a mischief maker the historical Muse (Clio?)is.

    This guy is brilliant and he demonstrated it yesterday. I'm reminded by the ever more miniscule and tawdry carping of his leftist critics (ie. the entire Dem party; I cannot call them Democrats - they are consummately antidemocratic)of how courageous and resilient President Trump is. That he may well be headed for commanding reelection may be propelling the Dems to the absurdly commie positions they express. Like a child worrying a raging tooth overnight, they think something, anything, will relieve their discomfort. They have met Nemesis and since they presumptuously disdain the idea of all historically proven ideas or beliefs, except those of Marx, they do not acknowledge it. They will see, in 2020, and their reaction will be chaotic, destructive and characteristic.

  3. Well said, Linda! I absolutely agree about small town and rural America. Solid patriotic and conservative values are alive and well in those areas. Unfortunately that's a third of the country at best. The cities are hotbeds of socialism and political correctness, while the mostly affluent suburbs are weather vanes that largely follow the questionable counsel of the media and pop culture. We can afford to write off the cities, but Middle America in the suburbs has to be won back. The Dems themselves may be our biggest ally, in that regard. Their embrace of socialism, the Green New Deal, open borders, reparations, etc. makes our job infinitely easier -- but only if we cut through the noise generated by CNN and the New York Times.

    I agree with both of you that Trump performed well on July 4th. He actually excels when he's called upon to be statesmanlike and philosophical. That's the last thing the Left would have expected -- and it's naturally why they undermine his performances before the fact to the best of their ability. They know they can't compete with Trump eye to eye, man to man, so they snipe at him from the sidelines. And sadly it works, to a point.