Thursday, July 25, 2019

A Fond Farewell to Robert Mueller

Poor Bob Mueller.  He's looking awfully haggard these days.  Who can blame him?  Half the country was counting on him to undo the 2016 election, and he failed them.  The other half of the country expected him to undo the election, and despised him for it.  In the end, we can say that, to a point, Mueller acted like a true professional.  Despite immense pressure to do so, he didn't conjure a case for impeachment out of thin air.  No doubt many of the people on his staff wanted to.  On the other hand, he pursued Trump and his associates adversarially, and he never showed the slightest interest in investigating the Clinton camp's "collusion" with Russia agents via Christopher Steele.  Kind of a big oversight!  Be that as it may, Mueller came and went...and I wish him a happy retirement.  The country can now move on -- although we all know that a hardcore of liberals won't.  They will keep the flame of "Russiagate" and "obstruction" burning a while longer.  More's the pity for them.

In other news, Boris Johnson has achieved his life's ambition: he's Prime Minister of the U.K.  He rises to that lofty position at a particularly challenging time, for Britain and its government.  He's determined to take the U.K. out of the EU on October 31st.  Most of Parliament is determined to stand in his way.  Can these two facts be reconciled?  Can Boris thread the needle and find a way of getting Parliament, the EU, and the British people on the same page?  I sincerely hope so, because the alternative could be a complete political meltdown.  Godspeed, Prime Minister!


  1. What a bad day for the never Trumpers, sigh. I was not around to watch the dog and pony show, just caught the news late in the evening. My understanding of the hearings is that he really didn't understand what was going on and he seemed confused at times. I wish folks would just allow him to retire in peace now. I also think it is apparent that Wiseman was the one who was in control and not Mueller.

    Hurray for Johnson! I hope he can get Brexit done. Indeed, Godspeed Prime Minister.

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda: I didn't watch much of the Mueller appearance because I believed it to be a Democrat construction in order to keep the tiresome Russian issue, upon which they may have staked all, alive. But I did see the part where he had trouble remembering which President he worked for. Isn't that just that for which Dems jumped on President Reagan? I saw the part where a Dem asked "could you indict Trump for obstruction of justice were he not President?" And Mueller said, simply, "yes". And of course the doglike slavering curs jumped on that; whereas, I think, the lawyerly Mueller was saying: "yes, procedural law would allow it, IF I had sufficient evidence".He assumed, perhaps mistakenly, that "law makers" understood that. He also assumed of them a first day of Prosecution Class in Law School principle: it is not a prosecutor's function to exonerate, though he or she, in the face of consequently revealed undeniable evidence, may withdraw charges.Too, could a less than intellectually capable Mueller have been easily used by young, biased and completely politically devoted leftists on his staff? I think that is very plausible and casts very much doubt on any consequent Dem joy. I would favor noting the vote of every Dem now in Congress,(eg. Schumer) who was present to vote in support of the proven blatantly and greatly personally injurious Slick Willy when his obvious obstruction of justice got him IMPEACHED by the freely elected House and then condemned to removal from office, by fully half of "the greatest deliberative body on Earth" (the Senate), and that cumulatively constituted a majority of our elected representatives, that their votes today to task our President,for, give me relief, "obstruction of justice" ???!!! are now fully discredited!The Constitution may not provide for it persay but the electorate CAN effect it.

  3. Linda, I agree: it's time to put Mueller out to pasture. He took on a thankless, hopeless task...and it appears to have eaten him alive. In the end, it's Sessions' fault, to his eternal shame. This whole fiasco never should have been.

    Jack, you're right to put this all in the context of the Clinton impeachment saga. There was clear evidence of wrongdoing and criminality there -- although I personally am more confident of the perjury charge than the obstruction charge -- and the Dems scoffed. It shows us how partisan these matters have become, and how much both sides are determined to capture and hold on to power...

  4. Dr. Waddy: Our only moral failure would consist in not fully facing and resisting the presumptuous Dem dismissal of the blatant charges against William and Hillary Clinton in this time of their assault on President Trump. But the 2020 election provides the ideal court and will render a creditable verdict..