Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Professor With The Pearl Earring: Stunning, Just Stunning...

Friends, today I have more to share with you than just my ethereal beauty (although surely that ought to be enough!).  Today I published an article with American Greatness that I'm especially proud of.  It's about the media's misrepresentations regarding what is happening at the border and with immigration policy.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


  1. Dr. Waddy: You are right to be proud of that article; you summed up the situation succinctly and your conclusion is the only workable answer to the MSM's appalling lack both of professionalism and,yes a modicum of respect for their country. What, are they are trying out for the role of official mouthpiece when the totalitarian left takes over as they expect?. They are basely obsequious.

    You and Linda were discussing the dominant role of strong emotion in leftist exposition. Though I guess journalism school did teach them to be sparing in their use of exclamation points, that is very evident in their writing. "Why this story has to be right because, well, it FEELS so right". Eg. Dan Rather's downfall; his lack of objectivity was so egregious it simply couldn't be ignored.

    Oh, be careful in mentioning the left's apparent indifference to the separation of the incarcerated from their children (the cause of which is their willful commission of crime in the first place). Cuomo will pick up on that and the next thing will be him surging to his pulpit, taking the "Aves vehement" of the adoring throng and then biliously pontificating his intention to abolish state prisons for that fault.

  2. Jack--you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth--no sense in repeating it, smiles.

    I agree, it really doesn't matter if the media is lying or not as the agenda is loud and clear. I also think though, people in general just don't care that this is happening.

    Thanks for the fits of giggles over the Professor with the Pearl Earring, indeed, stunning. {{{grin}}}

  3. Linda: In a contempt for its readers and viewers which is essential in the left, the MSM casually work many evils. One of the worst is the injustice they do to the human being who is President now. We are lucky he has all the guts in the world.We have seen how, in one on one confrontations with them, he bests those cowards everytime and sends them slithering back to their holes.

  4. Thanks, Jack. You may be right about the abolition of prisons. All bets are off, should the Dems take control of the presidency, Congress, and federal courts. The alternative to prisons, of course, is to seal off the elite in little islands of safety -- which is exactly what most of the (Third) world does!

    Glad you enjoyed the Vermeer-esque version of me, Linda!