Monday, July 1, 2019

Cory Booker is the Reparations Boogeyman...and He's Coming for YOU!!!

Friends, I can't even count the number of ways that paying reparations to the descendants of slaves in America, or to anyone in America, would be monstrously unwise.  The Democrats seem determined to make reparations a major issue in the 2020 campaign, though, along with all their other pie-in-the-sky proposals to shower everyone (but rich fat cats) with federal largesse.  The Democrats go into 2020 with many advantages, including an utterly compliant media, but they seem determined to blow it.  Open borders and reparations could be the twin keys to their undoing.

Here's a great analysis of the stupidity of reparations that comes from the Left.  See what you make of it.


  1. OHHHHHHH I am so scared of Cory Booker-NOT (apologies, thought I would add a little valley girl to that, lol). This man is appalling to say the least. He panders to whomever.

    I really don't know how this would work (giving reparations). Does it only apply to African Americans or how about the people who were bought in as indentured servants? I am just not buying into this. Apologies to Rakesh Khurana of Hahavad (I purposely spelled it wrong), who told graduates,"That individual achievement is seen as less important than the “dynastic” forces of race." This follows the UN protocol that “group rights,” not individual rights, are what matters. My thought is why would a person of color, race, creed, age etc. want to be treated differently? I keep saying we are all of the Human Race. Yes, the past was not all peaches and cream and lovely things. Perhaps that is why I find this troubling; the left is trying to rewrite an individual rights to a group identity sort of issue. I also think it would lead to reverse discrimination (on second thought, perhaps that is what the politicians want?).

    There is another great article at CNN ( Chuck Collins, an author and a program director at the Institute for Policy Studies, told CNN. "It could include free tuition and financial support at universities and colleges for first generation college students." Wow, I am a first generation college student, oh wait, I am white of European/Croatian descent. But, you see what I am getting at? Where will reparations stop? From Slavery to Native Americans, to the Irish etc. I certainty do not get special treatment just because of my age or whatever my lineage is and perhaps that is the bottom line; where will it stop? I also think it is another step towards the International rules and laws to take over and the individual rights will be rewritten to fulfill the group identity.

    I am afraid I have gotten off on a different train of thought there. Perhaps my point is, "Where will it stop?" The talk of Socialist ideals and such are quite troubling to me. Another great thought provoking post, Dr. Waddy.

  2. Linda and Dr.Waddy:I can think of two reasons right off why members of judged "oppressed" groups would want to be treated differently and to their advantage. First, because they sincerely believe they suffer present disadvantages directly caused by past injustices. Second,because its a very good game, yielding all manner of material, objective and political advantages.
    Cory Booker presents an aspect I have encountered many times, of facile but hardly felt courtesy for the perceived insufferable ignorance of their critics, as a film over anger ready to be loosed on any who disagree.
    It has been such an effective and intimidating tactic for many in many settings.He may now attempt it on a national scale, with reparations as the point.

  3. Thank you, Linda! I didn't realize you were a fellow Croat! I'm 25% Croatian! Have you been there? It's a lovely country.

    The enthronement of group rights is indeed a disturbing trend. There are about a million ways in which it could end very badly, and has done many times before. Linda, I think you're right that reverse discrimination is the end goal of the Left's support for group entitlements. Every "oppressed" group is to be given preferential treatment, clearly, which means second-class treatment for everyone else. They see this as "leveling the playing field," but I truly fear that we may someday live in a world where, if you don't tick the right demographic boxes, you will be expected to be silent, to cower in submission to your PC overlords, and to accept whatever crumbs society bestows on you. No thanks!

    Luckily I don't think we'll have to endure the horrors of a Booker presidency...but a Warren presidency would not be any better.

    Jack, you're spot on in asserting that many people embrace the politics of group rights simply for the goodies that are obtainable thereby. The Revs. Jackson and Sharpton are masters of the shakedown and have profited mightily from the sympathy that Americans have for African-Americans -- and the fear that companies and institutions have of the epithet "racist!" The PC movement is, among many other things, a money machine!

  4. Dr. Waddy, 100 % Croatian on my fathers side (Zagreb and Koprivnica) and Dutch/German on my mothers side. I don't know what the percentage is--as we all know math is not my thing, LOL. I suppose it would be fun to do one of those DNA/Ancestry kits. I just never really thought about it as I know where/what the lineage is. My late grandparents use to vacation in Dubrovnik. I have never been, it is on my bucket list though. I vaguely remember we had a small conversation about this and you visiting that area.

    I agree with Jack's comments as well as yours. smiles

  5. Dr. Waddy: Sharpton completely discredits any effort in which he is majorly involved. He is beneath contempt, both for his casual and publicly and materially proven disregard for lawfully discredited charges against an innocent and dutiful man in the "Tawana Brawley" outrage and in his primitive and criminal leadership of murderous assaults on Korean and Jewish merchants. Jackson, well he still carries some marginal respect due to, well, you know what, but, what have you done lately, Jesse, I mean, that's what you'd say isn't it?

  6. Neat, Linda! I agree that a DNA analysis would be illuminating...although the results are generally vague, and in your case you might not learn much. I know I'm mostly English, but even in northern Europe there's a lot of mixing of different peoples, so it would be interesting to take the test.

    So you're from northern Croatia. My ancestors came from Metkovic, which I've been to -- not a very touristic place! It's in the far southern part of Croatia, close to Bosnia and Montenegro, and I believe that elements of the family lived there too. The American version of our name was Lepovitz, but the Croatian version is Lipovac. When I was in Split, I met the son of a famous artist named Lipovac. To make a long story short, you really should visit Croatia. You never know what you'll find!

    Jack, that the Democratic Party continues to "entertain" the likes of Sharpton and Jackson demonstrates their subservience to the worst elements in American politics. Sad to say, but black America is VERY poorly served by its Democratic political leadership. A few blacks are starting to wake up and see this.