Tuesday, July 2, 2019

America the Ugly?

Friends, the anti-American prejudices of the Left sometimes reach levels that defy belief.  Check out this article about a shoe torpedoed by Nike because their golden boy, Colin Kaepernick, couldn't abide the original flag of the United States.  Betsy Ross and the Stars and Stripes thus become the latest casualties in the Left's war against patriotism.  Incredible!

This is an interesting development: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is withdrawing tax incentives for Nike, in response to the company's America-bashing.  Rarely do you see a state or locality sacrifice jobs and potential economic growth opportunities on principle, but that's exactly what's happening here.


  1. I was just reading that. Shaking my head...its not that surprising. On a personal note, I really don't like seeing the flag on certain merchandise (thinking animal items).

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda: OK, Kaepernick has expressed his opinion and Nike has chosen to endorse it materially. Since the flag represents the country, it is reasonable to think they think the U.S. at the time that the 13 star flag was official was, overall, a reprehensible place.

    It remains for we who believe the U.S. of that time to be a creditable place,both in itself and in the now historically manifested promise it showed of the means and the commitment to become a far more just country; it remains for us to express ourselves. One way to do that is to display the 13 star flag. I've flown it for years now; I enjoy the historical aspect and I think its the best looking of all our flags. We do live in one of the original 13 states but raising it in any state would be exemplary. A marked increase in the use of the 13 star flag would be an effective answer to Kaepernick, Nike and the consequently howling PC mob. Perhaps, Mr. President, you would consider flying it over the White House? Barack Obama had the colors of a development profoundly disagreed with by many Americans brightly shown in public places. Those who supported his action have no moral authority to oppose widespread display of the beautiful 13 star flag.

  3. Yep, agree Jack. We were just discussing this...Kaepernick is an offensive person, period. Now, I think, Jack, these shoes will be high in demand because of the this topic and people will demand the product (I would if I could afford it: $2500-something in that price range). I also think there is a deeper issue involved; Nike supplies schools and colleges with the products...this anti American / Patriotic stance goes way deep and these young people are being dare I say brainwashed into thinking this.

    Great comment you made, Jack.

  4. Linda and Dr. Waddy: Linda, thanx for the info on Nike supplying schools. That lends a whole new and very important cast to this. If Nike is doing business with my town's high school, I'm going to be talking to the school board and I hope we'll all do this. As you point out, the FACT that our kids are being indoctrinated in presumptuous leftist think(even in our little country school it happens; I've seen it and confronted it. Luckily it was denounced)is all too obvious and intolerable.

    So some "extremist" groups may have displayed the 13 Star Flag. Who? The DAR? Sorry, Colin, but that's not "extremist". No doubt some "extremist" groups pledge allegiance to the contemporary flag. Does that mean we haul it down everywhere? Why of course not, though the left plainly means to propose it when it sees an opening. DENY them this opening!

    Are we going to let the PC totalitarians intimidate us into refraining from freely displaying a hallowed patriotic treasure and a singular, eloquent and perfect thumb in the eye to Kaepernick, Nike and their ilk? Hellllll no!That 13 Star flag itself; that's all it takes!

    I've been flying one for years on my open porch, day and night. Nobody has ever called me an extremist for it. Even my liberal relatives don't object.

    C'mon real America, Kaepernick and Nike have given us an ideal opportunity to coin a lasting, infinitely reusable symbol of our faith in America;the past with the potential for greater justice, present with the proven realization of much of it,
    future, as long as freedom reigns, even better.This symbol can be become as universally recognized as the discredited "peace" symbol casually used by the murderous left. Spread the word and show that 13 Star Flag everywhere! Without those original 13 states and their resolve this blessed land would not have survived. Let's roll!

  5. Indoctrination was the word I was looking for, thanks Jack. I want to sort of amend my previous comment(s) after further research and numerous news accounts. I totally agree with the state of Arizona who told Nike, "No thanks, your business isn't wanted here" (paraphrase). This pc culture has to stop and good for businesses and sovereign states for stepping up, although I don't believe in banning things...but happy to see the stand some take. It seems Nike might have bitten off more they can chew with this one, I don't think all the apologizing and excuses are going to work in their favor.

  6. P.S. I see Nike stock fell - 0.54% today. It should be interesting to see the future stocks. The MSM of course is blaming us folks who are too narrow minded to understand.

  7. Great conversation, Linda and Jack! Where to begin?

    Linda, I happen to agree with you that plastering the Stars and Stripes on merchandise is generally in bad taste. Part of honoring the flag is not using it to sell toothpaste and diet cola...

    I also agree 100% with Jack's point that the original flag of this country is worthy of veneration, and I too find it more aesthetically pleasing than what we have now. To me, displaying the original flag doesn't endorse slavery. Far from it, it shows support for the first principles of our Republic: liberty, equality, Godliness, etc. Above all, our Founders believed in LIMITED government (plus federalism) and personal freedom. Surely those are values worth celebrating even now? Jack is right that, if every flag that ever flew over something bad must be trashed, then our current flag won't survive the leftist purge either. As Jack observes, it's just a matter of time before triggered SJWs decide that the American flag has to go. In fact, in some academic settings, I believe it already has.

    As for Nike, they need to feel the brunt of public displeasure. Schools should certainly consider switching their athletic apparel purchases to a different company. I must admit, I own Nike sneakers myself. I think it's time to upgrade!

    Let's hope that tonight's Trumpian "Salute to America" includes the first flag of our nation...and that Trump will be wearing his Adidas sneakers and not his Nikes. :)