Sunday, July 7, 2019

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em, America!

Friends, it wasn't so long ago that everyone smoked.  It always amuses me to read about WWII, when harsh rationing was the order of the day, and millions of people starved to death, but no country on earth felt bold enough to end the production of cigarettes.  Priorities, right?

Check out this story about Netflix's efforts to drive smoking out of popular entertainment.  I don't care for it.  Don't get me wrong -- I've never smoked, and I don't encourage anyone to do so.  But isn't this a free country?  Isn't it up to the individual to "pick his poison," as it were?  And, as this article suggests, isn't it absurdly hypocritical to ban one vice while we laud others, like pot-smoking, alcohol abuse, and promiscuity?  The upshot is, of course, that Netflix feels entitled to decide for us which vices are truly nasty.  I say...I'd rather decide for myself.

You might also wish to read this article about what a Boris Johnson premiership may portend for Brexit.  I agree that it won't be smooth sailing, but I still think Boris can get the job done.

Lastly, congrats to the conservatives in Greece, who have retaken control of parliament.  The decline of socialism is always to be celebrated, especially when it happens in the cradle of democracy and Western Civilization!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Smoke 'em if ya got'em; that's what they told us in boot camp in 1968. Funny thing happened: some guys indulged when they weren't supposed to and all the smokers were ordered into the hot, close drying room and told to smoke a full pack. Some of 'em came reeling out in short order enveloped in green smoke but some of them actually LIKED it.Yipes! I don't smoke but only pure luck saved me.

    Madmen: love the way that series faithfully depicted that button down time in the early '60's. Oh yeah, smoking was ubiquitous. I had a 12 hour bus ride home from college in '65 and people smoked all over the bus. I'm glad about the way we've been mostly freed from second hand smoke but as usual the leftist do gooders aren't satisfied; they never are. In California (of course) they are talking about banning it altogether, even in the HOMES of the law abiding.And you are spot in saying they restrict only that of which they, in their insufferable effeteness, disapprove. But not abortion to be sure; for them that is sancrosanct and to be celebrated and bans are unspeakably unjust.

    So why are they so very blithe to crack down on smokers? One key factor is that smoking is increasingly perceived as a blue collar, lower middle class habit, just as chewing has become and to the left, that population is, well, dismissible. I mean, they are part of that ignorant "real America", yes? Booze and grass? Nowww you know the prohibitions on those have proved unworkable,yes, so case closed. I mean, what of the salons of the elite, uhh?

  2. Dr. Waddy: I read the article on Johnson and Parliament. I don't know enough about Parliament to argue with his conclusion that a PM Johnson would be not able to effect a "no deal" Brexit on time. But I know you do and I'm greatly encouraged by your confidence in him.

    I just watched Darkest Hour and despite its inaccuracies (paired with some outstanding attention to historical detail) I do see some similarities between Johnson and Churchill. Johnson is one whose very visage is astonishing, as was the possibility of a Churchill Prime Ministership to so many creditable people (how could almost anyone have foreseen his consummate greatness in that blessed kingdom's most fearful time?). But this IS a relatively decisive time for Albion and Johnson may be the one to guide it to "sun lit uplands" against a totalitarian threat ultimately as dire as that precipitately presented by the primitive Hitler. GREAT BRITAIN'S sovereignty and independence ARE threatened, counter to the perception of many apologists, akin in a way to those Churchill faced.And Johnson may share his courageous perception and visceral verve and guts!

  3. Dr. Waddy: Good gads, have the Greeks the warnings of a latter day Demosthenes to the dangers of Macedonia? I've always wondered if modern day Greece fully realizes the profound reverence we in the confirmed West have for their ancient culture?

    Well, nonetheless, I'm very glad that modern day Greece has gone conservative. They are a very courageous people, as proved by their resistance to the Turk, to the Nazi and we must hope, the , vestigial Yugoslavian, perhaps subtle Marxist misleadership.

  4. I loved Madmen. NO smoking in this household either-nasty habit to pick up. I rather like having nice, clear lungs, thank you very much. I agree--its a matter of choice, period.

    I'm not sure about Johnson being able to get the job done-so much back biting etc. I don't know enough about how that government/parliament works to really form an opinion. Please keep us informed though, as it is interesting, to say the least.

    Greece- I have always said, you can only keep the people down and out for a time before they bite back.

    Jack-I am sure you know that "Yugoslavia" hasn't existed for 20 years. Although, it is called FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)--Montenegro and Serbia are now the basis of that name. However, you're correct, they do hide under Marxist thoughts-disguised as a Republic (I think I got that right, perhaps Dr. Waddy could explain that more).

  5. Linda: I may well have used the name Yugoslavia far too loosely. I know you and Dr. Waddy know.

  6. Jack-it's all good, I knew what you meant. smiles

  7. Jack, you are on to something with your observation about class. The liberal elite looks down on cigarette smokers. It looks up to pot smokers. Go figure.

    Jack, I appreciate the compliment, but don't overrate my knowledge of Parliament. In this case, though, knowledge of the past only gets one so far, because much of what is happening is unprecedented. In the end, I rather suspect no-deal Brexit would come down to a question of will. If Johnson has the intestinal fortitude, I believe he can get it done.

    Mad Men was a wonderful show. Jack is in a better position than I am to judge whether it was historically accurate. I imagine it's a caricature, but an informative one.

    As for Yugoslavia, it's true that Serbia and Montenegro kept the name alive until 2006, but then Montenegro divorced poor Serbia, and since then it's a historical moniker only. Nonetheless, some people may use it informally to designate the area that used to be Yugoslavia.

    Whether "North Macedonia" poses a threat to Greece, or to anyone, I rather doubt -- except insofar as it demonstrates that ethnic Macedonians can live free of Greek rule. That, I think, is the source of the Greeks' disquiet.

  8. Dr. Waddy: Madmen had a wonderful way of recreating some of the ambience of that time. Unlike other attempts to portray the recent past(eg Happy Days or That '70's Show)it somehow caught (partly through outstanding attention to detail)at least A spirit of the time. It wasn't the '50's anymore and it surely wasn't the later '60's.