Monday, July 29, 2019

It's Always About Race With These Democrats...

Friends, I'm back from my European vacation, and I'm ready once again to do battle with all America-hating leftists!  Bring it, Bolshies!

Now, you would think that a President who comes to the defense of federal law enforcement professionals who are smeared by an irresponsible Congressman would be praised for doing his duty, right? Well, no, the media and the Democrats instead have fallen back on the usual tired accusations of "racism", claiming that Congressman Elijah Cummings, as a Civil Rights icon, is beyond reproach. Moreover, they say that any suggestion that his district is dysfunctional, despite or because of his leadership, is "racist."  Well, all this is par for the course, and there will be plenty more of it before Nov. 2020.  Of that we can be sure.

What I would like to suggest, however, is that those who live by the (racist) sword can also die by it. The Democratic Party is full of people who reflexively believe that Republicans are racist, and they will reflexively (and largely ineffectively) accuse us of racism. So be it. The problem for the Left is that it is increasingly bedeviled by racism allegations itself. Leftists, jockeying for position within the movement, running for office, or just trying to set the liberal agenda, are increasingly using thinly-veiled and poorly-documented charges of racism against one another. Most recently and most famously, Kamala Harris implicitly accused former Vice-President Joe Biden of making common cause with racists in the last Democratic presidential debate. Biden was bewildered, as liberals often are when irresponsible charges of bias are leveled against them. They consider themselves above suspicion, naturally. I tell you, friends, the Left is addicted to a victimhood culture and to making unlimited and invariably false charges of bigotry. The potential for mischief that this affliction can cause within the liberal movement is vast.  We will undoubtedly see the disease manifest itself in the debates on Tuesday and Wednesday, and there's no telling how many Democratic candidates for President will be felled by racism or sexism allegations by the time the race has been run. None of this will enhance the credibility of the Democratic Party and its eventual candidate for President, needless to say, and none of it will make their constant assaults on President Trump for his "racism" any more compelling either. With any luck, in 2019 and 2020, we are seeing the last gasp of the Left's race-baiting politics. But, in the meantime, folks, it will get worse before it gets better. You've been warned!

Check out this article, which proves my point that the Left is eating its own:

And, speaking of race, the Democrats continue to listen to the siren song of reparations.  If we're lucky, this will be a big issue in 2020, because if it is it will be an electoral disaster for Democrats!


  1. Welcome back! Thank you for sharing your vacation photos. smiles

    Cheri Bustos and the dems. can "diversify" the DCCC all they want, until they realize the problem is themselves/the party, nothing will ever be accomplished. I wonder, how many democrats even know their own history of their party?

    “It’s impossible to imagine America without the inheritance of slavery,” Coates said. “For a century after the Civil War, black people were subjected to a relentless campaign of terror.” Coates added, “Victims of that plunder are very much alive today.” ---huh? Oh, is she speaking of the Civil Rights issues from the past? I don't think that is the same as slavery. I wonder, will reparations replace all the other social programs and level out the playing field? (No, it wouldn't)--the word reparations could also be said for my ancestors who fled communist Yugoslavia, or my maternal grandparents who fled Germany or how about the Native Americans who we plundered/took their land from? See, the list goes on and on...but it seems to me reparations is RACE based and by the democrats. This is just another "divide and conquer" and pander to the left. It sure seems to me the left is making the color of white or the word European a bad name. I like to get hold of some of these folks and shake some sense into them. H-U-M-A-N Beings we are.((stepping off the soapbox now, grin))

  2. Linda and Dr. Waddy: I was in NYC to visit my son and I read the Post articles about the Dems' reflexive cringing to political correctness dictated by mathematical measures of "diversity". I am reminded of Hamlet's warning to his Mother to beware of skinning over the sore and impounding the rank corruption within lest it burst forth in time. The Dems continue to pretend that the continuing and poisoning corruption of their decades long forced "equality" has but highlighted its fundamental untruthfulness( so very effectively pointed out by President Trump against the tragically effete Rep. Cummings in reference to his bombed out district). And they strive to skin it over, as did Gertrude with futile rationalizing. "Why", they now arrogate, "we must then mandate equal and then , beyond that, dominating results for the previously held back, now, lest justice be disserved "!We need only look to the catastrophically wrongheaded efforts in that direction fully tried by the Soviets, the Chicoms and Pol Pot for full discreditation of that view. Full discreditation, yes!

  3. Dr. Waddy and Linda:reparations: First, they would be denounced within moments of their enactment as "too little" by those for whom the last 50 years have made obvious their intent. Their intent has no limit; its end is to establish a permanent channel, impervious to any perception of progress in race relations, of unlimited recompense to any who may claim descent from the oppressed. Those who support it demonstrate no recognition, let alone gratitude, for the painful and historically unparalleled introspection and regret DEMONSTRATED by a white majority nation which lost 300,00 dead in the Civil War and twice elected , in the privacy of the voting booth, a Black President. It is of no moment; they want infinitely more, because the results are not of their liking and that is, by definition to them, unjust. They must be met, by resolute and patriotic real Americans and assured that our consciences as to the wrongs of the past are satisfied; that we fully support their full and unimpeded access to American well being and prosperity on proven American terms- respect for the rule of law and productiveness. If anyone "demands" of us other standards we will not apologize or reflexively assent! No other nation would willingly agree to such terms; that is simple reality.

  4. Linda, I quite agree -- all this race-baiting can't lead anywhere good for America. It can, however, be good for politicians, who thrive on exploiting racial and ethnic divisions. In fact, I would say that one of the symptoms of an aging or sickly democracy is the intensification of racial divisions by demagogues. If that's so, the end of American democracy may be nigh!

    Jack, I think you are on to something when you say that the Dems mean to make reparations (and affirmative action) a "permanent channel" for the redistribution of, well, capital. They view inequality of outcomes as inherently unjust and won't rest until they, the all-knowing ones, get to decide who gets what. Reparations would be just the beginning.

  5. Dr. Waddy: The last 60 years have been a laboratory. We have seen the democratic passage of monumental civil rights legislation in 1964. One need only read the consequent case law to realize how consequently far reaching its impact was. It gave birth to "affirmative action" , which institutionalized reverse racial bias against those not necessarily responsible or even advantaged by, historic oppression of minorities. I saw it, first hand, in action and result. Since the '60's, perceived bias against minorities ,or specific minorities, as a whole, or, increasingly, any criticism of any member of a minority, has been branded with putatively unassailable condemnation, obsequiously seconded by the MSM and liberal officials. Of course, that has led to the ruination of careers, livings and to enervating public disgrace for any who dare heresy. And that generates defense against this, in the form, frequently, of insincere acquiescence and disingenuous compliance with the dictates of racial and sexual totalitarians. What that says about a society which countenances such sometime injustice is that it is very serious indeed about correcting the wrongs of the past. What more can be asked of a society? At what point does it say: "we are being jobbed and only because we assent to it; we have done enough- it is now for the formerly oppressed to take the ball willingly offered them and RUN WITH IT."

  6. Jack, the perverse truth is that, as real racism declines, the need to conjure some facsimile of it into existence becomes more and more acute for the Left. Acts of terror by "white nationalists" are a gift to the liberals, because they give some superficial credibility to their siren song about the perils of white racism. I believe that an objective history of American race relations would record that we reached peak comity around the 80s or the 90s. Since then, the Left has been working hard to re-divide us for its own benefit.

  7. Dr.Waddy: I agree; we certainly see the manifestation of this in Beto O'RFK's reflexive response to recent shooting as confirming pervasive white vindictiveness toward the "presumptuous and vindictive" forces who heroically oppose, surely, the vast majority of the "white race" in its unslakeable thirst for dominance, to the recent shootings outside of the, well, dismissable usual inner city hurly burly, yes?

  8. Dr. Waddy: Sorry for the above run on absurdity. I can't make any sense of it myself.

  9. Ha ha. Your sentences are masterpieces, Jack! Don't let anyone tell you differently.