Sunday, November 6, 2022

Trouble in Paradise?


Friends, I'm no political genius, but it seems to me that something mighty important may have happened in the last couple of days: friction began to develop between the two men most likely to be the Republican nominee for president in 2024.  (That would be Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, in case you've been living under a rock.)  DeSantis was absent from Trump's big rally in Miami, and the day before the rally Trump coined a new nickname for the Florida Governor: "Ron DeSanctimonious", which I guess is kinda witty, although I hadn't noticed that DeSantis was any more sanctimonious than a typical politician.  Anyway, that's neither here nor there.  I've always assumed that, if Trump ran, DeSantis would stay on the sidelines and hope to become Trump's running mate.  Instead, DeSantis may be snubbing Trump, and Trump may be drawing the logical conclusion that DeSantis plans to run against him, not with him.  If you want my two cents, this is bad news.  The Republican Party needs to be united in 2024 to win, and a Trump vs. DeSantis matchup, assuming Trump remains "at liberty" rather than in the slammer, will almost inevitably result in a Trump win, a DeSantis loss, and then an embittered DeSantis and quite a few frustrated, disappointed Republicans.  My hope, therefore, is that, when Trump declares his candidacy, as he almost certainly will, we Republicans will unite behind him.  I have grave misgivings about another Trump candidacy, but I'm not naive enough to think that there's any Republican could beat Trump in the primaries, or who has Trump's visceral connection to the average Republican voter.  In 2024, therefore, I suspect it will be "Trump or bust" for the GOP, as it was in 2016 and 2020.  Don't agree?  Hey, prove me wrong. 

Finally, the Left's calls for Biden to step aside and announce that he won't run for reelection have already started -- in anticipation of a drubbing on Tuesday -- but you know this chorus will grow louder in the days and weeks ahead.  How unanimous will it be among Democrats, and how inclined will Biden be to listen?  We shall see.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I fully agree; Trump is our man. He earned that visceral connection with the real America and a far more experienced Trump would make an even better President. Trump ---DeSantis would be dynamite. We have had Kennedy-Johnson, Reagan-Bush, Dole-Kemp and other tickets of erstwhile opponents. President Trump does have a short fuse in personal matters and he can be pretty derogatory but I hope he and DeSantis can get along. If I were DeSantis I'd come right out for Trump when he declares.Better 2028 for him. Trump has been warrior nonpareil for the real America and I rejoice at the guttural fear he raises in far left craws. He's liable to drive them right off the precipice as they reach a critical mass of unendurable outrage at an America ungrateful for their saving grace. I think your reservations about Trump are well taken but he is a man whose faults have been publicly scrutinized perhaps unlike any other notable. The left excused and supported that exultantly reelected cokehead DC Mayor and the execrable criminal Clintons so they have no moral authority to task President Trump.Besides, in doing they have mobilized in us an unremitting political resentment because in execrating him they savage us and ours!

  2. Unfortunately, I don't agree. And that's unusual for this poster's deep respect for Dr. Waddy's perspective.

    At a minimum, Trump has been polarized by the media. At worst he’s been legitimately marginalized. Much of the progressive and low information voter's perception is his own doing.

    There is a large contingent of Conservative/Libertarian/Republican voters that would like an alternative to Trump who is unafraid of the establishment. DeSantis is that guy.

    If DeSantis were to challenge Trump, I think the media would play along and actually help his campaign. While the fray plays out, one could see a path to a victory even within the Republican base.

    DeSantis has demonstrated courage, comparable to Trump. But he also possesses discernment on where to pick his battles. Though we owe Trump a debt of gratitude for standing up to the woke media and their minions, it would be better if he passed the torch to someone with much less baggage.

  3. Richie from Jack: I'd be delighted if DeSantis becomes President; he'd be a good one!

  4. Well said, both of you! You represent the two wings of the modern Republican Party, in large measure. In my heart, I want to agree with Richie, because I am very fearful that Trump will lead us to defeat (again), and frankly I'm tired of the Trumpian circus. In my head, though, I'm more inclined to agree with Jack, and with Trump himself, in the sense that I view GOP opposition to Trump as pointless, futile, and self-destructive. Richie is convinced that DeSantis can beat Trump. I'm skeptical -- and, even if he could, what's to stop Trump from taking the Republican Party down with him? That sounds rather like something Trump would do. This Trump-DeSantis feud makes me very nervous.