Sunday, November 13, 2022

Falling Off the Generational Cliff


Friends, as we dissect the exit polls and election results, one thing stands out that I didn't mention in my initial analysis: young people voted overwhelmingly for Democrats.  Now, they did so in 2020 as well, and they've leaned blue for a long time, but it's a matter of degree, and we really got hammered with the under-30s this cycle, as you'll see in the article below.  There are several reasons that are particular to this year, like the saliency of the abortion issue, and the Democrats' shameless efforts to buy off younger voters with a "student loan forgiveness" plan that was always unconstitutional, irrresponsible, and disingenuous in the sense that the Dems knew it was unlikely it would ever be implemented, but felt like making the gesture would earn them some political capital anyway.  And it did.  More worringly, we have to consider the possibility -- actually, the strong probability -- that comprehensive leftist efforts to brainwash the young, in schools, in the popular culture, and beyond, are working.  At many colleges, the loudest voices for censorship, and the most extreme advocates of wokeness, are the students, not the professors or the administrators.  Many of these young people are not just left-leaning -- they're Marxist firebrands!  Even young people who seem politically apathetic are often guided by a worldview that reeks of progressivism, with undertones of entitlement, socialism, systemic racism/sexism, adulation of "alternative lifestyles", eco-madness, and other blights.  Moreover, we have to ask ourselves: why wouldn't young people be overwlemingly progressive?  I mean, what have conservatives done in the last 50 years to try to win over young people, and to prevent the capture of the rising generation by our ideological enemies?  Seems to me that, more often than not, we cede the young to the Left, just like we throw up our hands with racial minorities too.  Spoiler alert: abandoning the next generation to a harrowing leftist fate is no way to save civilization from the perils of neo-Marxism.  We need to wake up and explain to the young why the Dems are in no way, shape, or form their friends.  The Dems are spending the next generation's money on schemes that only benefit rich Democratic Party donors.  The Dems actively discriminate against many young people who don't fall in the "protected categories" that leftists so prize.  The Dems are making young people, and all people, unsafe, by taking the side of criminals and undermining law enforcement.  The Dems are, by their economic and fiscal mismanagement, sentencing many young people to underemployment, unemployment, and hopelessness.  The Dems are even steadily curtailing the rights of young people -- to learn in person and unmasked, to own a gun, to speak their minds on social media, etc.  Seems to me we can make a strong case that the under-30s ought to be drfiting right.  So let's make it!


  1. Ray to Nick

    On the contrary, the under-30s in any generation since 1945 have been drifting more to the Left with every passing generation. This is why things are so f*d up now. The origins of all this s*t are those baby boomers, but it was really the parents of the baby boomers that molded them in a leftist direction.

    I would guess that over half of those veterans who survived WW 2, were traumatized by the war obviously, and those who attended colleges on the GI Bill were radicalized by hard core Marxist professors who were already well entrenched in the higher education system at that time. The wheel keeps reinventing itself.

  2. Ray to Nick

    Let me get right to the point. All you can really do now is hope that you qualify for the rapture and are not left behind. That's the bottom line, so let's get cracking.

  3. Ray to Nick

    Just a quick note here to let you know that unless you speak in tongues, you don't qualify for the rapture.

  4. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: I would respectfully doubt that the Depression demented radicals found a receptive audience in people who had seen first hand the horrors of totalitarianism and could hardly be expected to see in their country that manifest evil. They were damned glad to be home in America, with the exception of still wronged minority vets. Imagine sitting in class, at government expense, in ivy covered Old Main and remembering liberating a death camp or the destitution of so many in North Africa. The commies did make some inroads among union members but they had to take care to pitch their class hatred to those who had suffered the worst of the Depression and even most of them must have been moved by post war prosperity. BUT: in the children of those vets, blessed by good times but terribly naive, the far left found easy pickings, especially as we flocked,through the grace of that Greatest Generation, to a college setting mostly missed by our parents.And because there were so awful many of us, the leftist corruption embraced by far too many of us boomers had an all outsized and inordinate effect on our unsuspecting country. The resulting onslaught on all which credits and strengthens our civilization persists to this day, to the now third generation.

  5. Dr.Waddy fromJack: If the neomarxists do triumph they will make haste to enslave their young erstwhile chump supporters right along with the rest of us.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: One may ask: why did so many boomers succumb.? In college we first learned many of the shameful aspects of America history. Believe me, Leave it to Beaver truly depicted the child hoods so many boomers had and being consequently naive we were shocked by such revelations, so much so that far too many of us believed the leftist lie that our country was fully defined by such evil.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Its an onerous prospect but perhaps our salvation from the far left rests in certainly continuing leftist presumption and overreach producing unbearable totalitarian dictation. I thought we might have reached a near breaking point this year but not so. I.E. the defeat of the radicals may depend on them. We must somehow press home the truth we conservatives embraced a long time ago: that seemingly creditable dem you supported this year is the harbinger, apologist and enabler of a radical core with only the most destructive of intents for an America they loathe.

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: A marxist america would be every bit as inhuman in power as past radical hellholes.Those who suffered it must have bitterly lamented their failure to foresee its manifest promise of unparalleled injustice. But that history is there for us to see! The american far left has chosen to seek complete power through the existing political system. If we wait for them to decide the time is right for a decisive power grab it could be too late. Yes, they might overreach and move too soon but to wait is to court disaster. We must press home appreciation of the reality that they have already proven, in those areas of our civilzation they already dominate, the folly of doubting their relentless dictatorial intent. They are now encouraged to turn up the heat.It appears that too many
    Americans appear not to be convinced. We must see the marxist boot descending on our neck and resolve to turn it upon itself NOW!

  9. Ha! Thanks for those words of encouragement, Ray. Does French count as "speaking in tongues"? Otherwise my prospects aren't looking good... You're right that the young have been overwhelmingly on the political left since WWII, and maybe longer, but what "left" means has changed enormously. Note that none of this has done any great harm to the GOP, which has evolved and prospered over the years, but the culture has been crumbling apace.

    Jack, we can argue until the cows come home about which generation sucks the most (my vote is for Gen Z -- since I view civilizational decline as a "progressive" disease), but the sad fact is that Marxism, in the broadest possible sense, and its attendant anti-democratic, anti-Western, anti-masculine, anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-capitalist biases, has been with us for a long, long time, and shows an extraordinary capacity to reinvent itself to suit every circumstance. Maybe it's just the cycle of life: any (social) organism that brims with life has to start searching for ways to kill itself?

    Jack, I fully agree that our best hope is that the lefties will overplay their hands, as they have on countless occasions before now. The problem is that, if the electorate slaps them down, they will view it (rightly) as a mere temporary setback. They can always marshal their forces, intensify their propaganda, make tactical retreats -- and emerge stronger, more ruthless, and possibly more insidious than before. I don't see any way to slay the menace of leftist authoritarianism except, in a sense, to become it, by embracing right-wing authoritarianism. If we rely on the American people's "common sense", decency, and love of liberty to carry the day, I fear we give our fellow citizens way too much credit. We are, in short, stuck between a rock and a hard place!