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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Does This Horse Need a New Jockey?


Friends, we won't know who the two parties will pick to represent them in the 2024 presidential election for a long time, but we may know very soon whether one titan of American politics will retain his primacy.  I speak of Mitch McConnell, who expects to be reelected Minority Leader in the Senate -- or, if all goes very well, Majority Leader -- in a matter of days.  A growing number of Republican Senators, however, are trying to apply the brakes and give some time for other candidates for the top job to emerge.  As we all know, Mitch is a dexterous political magician, so it would be surprising if anyone could outmaneuver him, but you never know.  In my humble opinion, the abortive red wave of '22 can be laid, at least in part, at the feet of establishment types like McConnell, who failed to develop a strategy for victory, and who simultaneously dragged the party down with their own unpopularity.  Could it be time to try someone new?  It could!  Will it happen?  Probably not.  This country seems to love doubling down on the broken hip cadre of ossified leadership.  The older, the better -- that's America's motto.  Why, even the young are getting in on the game.  Bernie Sanders is their hero, after all... 

Meanwhile, is there some movement in the Trump v. DeSantis presidential slugfest?  Possibly, according to this poll.  Maybe Trump's mean tweets directed at the Florida Governor aren't just about DJT's paranoia and egomania.  Maybe Trump is right to fear a strong challenge from a rising conservative star like DeSantis...  


A pertinent question: if this battle royal truly comes to pass, will the media be "all in" for DeSantis, who they loathe slightly less than Trump, or will they promote Trump, out of a (foolhardy?) expectation that he would be easy to beat?  Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But the GOP Gubernatorial candidate won BIG in Vermont. Could it be that Vermonters are succeeding in taking their state back and could Bernie be shown the door? He's no Vermonter anyway; he's a carpetbagger and maybe many of the young have had their fun "New Yawkizing" Vermont and , like locusts, are moving on to Montana.

  2. Jack, milquetoast RINOs can do just fine in New England, but when the chips are down the locals are Trump-haters and social liberals. The GOP Senate candidate in Vermont went down in flames, and the state added abortion rights to its constitution this cycle. Vermont is not going to be fertile ground for a conservative renaissance, sadly. P.S. Vermont also banned slavery, so their hearts are in the right place? Oh, wait -- I think we call that virtue-signaling...