Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Beating a Dead Horse


Friends, you may be tired of reading/listening to my inspired analysis of the midterm election results, and my diagnosis of how those results will affect the American people, and especially two of those people, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but the fact is that people keep asking me what I I keep telling them!

A case in point: here's this week's Newsmaker Show, which delves into Election 2022, plus the woke onslaught that is bound to intensify now that the Left feels that it has been vindicated by the voters.


And here's my latest contribution to Sputnik News, which focuses on Trump's chances of reacquiring the presidency, now that he's officially announced his intention to run in 2024. 

In other news, Mitch McConnell clinched the leadership of Senate Republicans, once again, in a vote that saw ten Senators defect to Rick Scott.  McConnell is thus an immovable force in American politics, like it or not, although, given that Republicans are at a distinct disadvantage in the Senate, his parliamentary skills may be the only chance the GOP has of slowing down the freight train that is President Biden's campaign to transform the judiciary.  Who knows, maybe McConnell can even win over Senators Manchin and Sinema and co-opt them in his efforts to stymie Chuck Schumer.  I hope so.  Hey, I'm trying to find a silver lining in McConnellismo, a force that seemingly has the GOP in thrall.


Finally, there are times when one wonders what the use of voting for Republicans is.  Today we got a vivid demonstration of that truism when twelve GOP Senators supported a bill that would require all 50 states to recognize gay marriages as valid.  Not so long ago the Republican Party was outspoken in its advocacy of traditional marriage.  That ship has sailed.  Of course, for most establishment Democrats and Republicans, the distinction between a man and a woman is no longer clear anyway, so what's the difference if ze marries zim, or ze marries zer, right?  It's a brave new world, folks, and what you think of it doesn't mean a damn thing to our "betters" inside the Beltway... 


  1. Ray to Nick

    Not surprising at all that "Mitt the Mormon" voted for it. Not all that long ago, the church he belongs to was vehemently opposed to homosexuals. However a few years ago some well placed, and not so well placed saints begin raising hell about this issue, mainly because
    more than a few were gay, or had family members who came out of the closet. So, the official stance of their church is that if you are gay, just don't have sex. That's beyond hilarious.

    In any event, these two main political parties we have don't even begin to resemble what they used to be. Might as well call them the DEMOPUBLICANS, and be done with it. So, what are the real differences between the two parties? And let's face it, a Trump administration did nothing to slow down the advance of the LGBT movement. Why? So is it surprising that some so called Republican Senators should vote to strengthen that movement?

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The House, Florida, Ohio, Long Island, beto and Stacey

    - and now their very nightmare, President Trump,is back to give them lots of Maalox moments and the left thinks it won!? I agree completely; the mere fact that they didn't get buried has made them sassy. That may be a good thing though. The country appears not to have yet reached its breaking point with their counterintuitive, disingenuous humbug but two more years of it , of which Chucky Schumer is the gleeful harbinger, might do the trick in 2024.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Lets make a rare old mess of the confirmation process for any far left rubber stamp (i.e. all of them) Federal judicial nominees no matter at what level. Treat them all as Scotus nominees. No more unrequited one way courtesy across the Senate aisle: throw up every procedural roadblock,every time. Mitch is good at that kind of infighting.What folly it is to cavil about upsetting the dems. Schumer's characteristically sneering victory speech confirms their visceral contempt for any opposition. Raise unshirted hell about the undoubtedly far left biases to be fully expected of any Biden/Schumer nomination and make news doing it. If Mitch needs to do a soft shoe on the Senate floor, let it be done but resolve to make the dems pay for striving to make of our Federal courts a far leftist tribunal.

  4. Quite so, Jack! A leftist on an electoral "high" has nowhere to go but down...

    I totally agree on slowing the pace of Biden's judicial appointments by any means necessary, but my understanding is that Mitch did a poor job of it these past two years. He might want to revisit some of the deals he struck with Schumer to make a 50/50 Senate work smoothly.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: What a degrading task it must be to deal with Schumer.