Thursday, November 17, 2022

The "Go Figure" Election


Friends, this article is a must-read if you want to get to the bottom of what happened in 2022.  In a nutshell, what happened was pretty weird, both when you consider how low President Biden's approval numbers are, and how much better Republicans did in the national popular vote for the House than in 2020.  In that year, we lost the popular vote for the House by three points and got about 212 seats.  This year we'll win the national popular vote by three or four points and gain, if we're lucky, just ten seats.  What gives?  When there's a swing to the Rs of +7, we expect to see BIG gains in seats, right?  The Senate ought to fall in line with the broad national trend and go Republican too.  Well, we all know how that conventional wisdom worked out.  Sean Trende begins the process of unpacking all these mixed signals and making sense of them.


In other news, Nancy Pelosi's reign of terror/error is over!!!  Maybe it wasn't a "big red wave", but it knocked at least one 82 year old lady over, and that's something... 


  1. Ray to Nick

    Nancy needs to spend a lot more time in S.F. taking care of all the illegals, homeless, drug addicts, and rich gays in her district.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Madame Pelosi and Schumer are the two most imperious and disdainful members of Congress. She once expectorated that our White House should be fumigated when President Trump was to leave it. The House is much redeemed by her consignment to the back bench and a pedestrian office and her loss of her appalling place in the succession; it will be good to see far less of her baleful visage and to hear far less of her dismissive screed.

  3. Ray to Jack

    Love your wording. My favorites from this comment are: "baleful visage" and "dismissive screed". Who was that now deceased U.S. Vice President who used to come up with some of the best wording ever? Jiggle my memory? Anyway, he used to call the media the "nattering nabobs of negativism". Love it! How about "polyunsaturated and unadulterated"? Check my spelling on that will you?

  4. Ray from Jack: "I thank thee, I am not of many words but I do thank thee". Spiro Agnew is the source of the gems you cited. Your spelling is unspeakably correct!

    1. RAY TO JACK

      Okay Jack, let's make an effort to replace Spiro as the originator of words to describe the motley collection of Leftists, which is really an assorted of degenerates of all kinds. Regrettably, these assholic people run the world in most areas.


    Don't forget! I want you to start coining terms for Leftists and their true
    bullshit, toxic, assholic personalities.

  6. Ray, I think you misunderstand homosexuality. Gay men don't want to be serviced by Nancy Pelosi... Actually, straight men aren't crazy about it either.

    Jack, I bid Crazy Nancy a not-so-fond farewell too, but her replacement may be worse -- either ideologically, personally, or (gasp!) in terms of political effectiveness. You never know.

    Ray, your comparison of Jack to Spiro Agnew is probably the highest compliment Jack has ever received. Well earned, Jack! All your studiousness has paid off. :)

    Ray, your call for us to develop new and ever more ingenious forms of mockery of the Left is spot on! I'm on it. I know Jack will be too.

  7. Dr.Waddy and Ray from Jack: You have no idea of the evil you have generated in biddng me do so. I, who have for aye indulged in prolix written hyperbole but all uncelebrated! "" O now for ever, Farewell the tranquil mind, farewell content. . . " Shakespeare will aid me in my feverish crusade for
    histrionic redemption!

  8. Dr.Waddy and Ray from Jack: My opening salvo: "bantering bubblers of bilious bombast". For extra credit, name the Shakespeare play it came from. . . ehhh? (not) I have not the heart to defile the Bard so!

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Do not dare to compare me with Agnew; why he was only a VP and you know what Cactus Jack Garner said about that office. Well!!!l. . .

  10. Actually I don't know what Jack Garner said about the Vice-Presidency, Jack. Please, enlighten me! I didn't even know Garner was a cactus...

  11. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Garner , having served as VP, brought us to the verge of regurge by saying the office " was as useless as a pitcher of warm spit".Perhaps it was best he never became President.

  12. Ohh. I thought you were talking about James Garner, who, in fairness, does have the stage presence of a cactus...