Saturday, April 30, 2022

California Does It Again


Friends, my last article was about reverse racism -- which I like to call "racism" -- in California, and I've been inspired to write another!  That's because the University of California system recently announced that no Native Americans will be charged for tuition and fees.  Well, gee -- I can't imagine why anyone would have a problem with that...  Oh, wait: it's WRONG, it's ILLEGAL, and the people of California have made it clear they want no part of race preferences.  And those are the points I make in my latest article.  California is a cautionary tale, people, because -- trust me -- these same racist policies are coming soon to an area near you.  That's if they haven't already done so.

California's Comprehensive New System of Racial Discrimination: Jimenez Crow?

The future happens first” in California, it's long been said, and, as it tries to actualize that axiom, the Golden State has been laboring mightily of late to pioneer new ways to discriminate in favor of protected classes like women, racial and ethnic minorities, and people in the LGBT community. Granted, all such discrimination is illegal and unconstitutional in California and nationally, but that's never stopped the state's Democratic overlords before, and it isn't going to stop them now.

It's official, therefore: in our nation's most populous state, discrimination is back in fashion!

Anyone who pays attention to the news knows all about this. California's legislature has created a web of new laws designed to uplift the marginalized and punish the privileged. Recently, a Los Angeles County court struck down the state's historic corporate diversity law, which created quotas for the representation of racial minorities and members of the LGBT community on corporate boards. Where the legislature failed in its bid to institutionalize “Jimenez Crow”, however, the state-supported University of California is stepping up to the plate.

On April 22nd, the president of the prestigious University of California system announced a program to cover all costs, including tuition and fees, for Native Americans who matriculate. Why would this blatant display of racism be allowed, when so many others have been slapped down by the courts? The UC system is hoping that aid which is provided to students from federally-recognized tribes (and possibly state-recognized tribes as well) will not technically be considered racial or ethnic discrimination. Good luck with that!

It will be a hard case to make, since the UC president's own announcement of the program made it clear that racial and ethnic grievances are at its heart: The University of California is committed to recognizing and acknowledging historical wrongs endured by Native Americans. I am proud of the efforts the University has made to support the Native American community...”

Likewise, the “Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria”, which is funding part of the scholarship program, asserts that “In the spirit of our ancestors we are driven to take care of our environment and our people”. And who are “our people”? Anyone who is Native American, of course! Do you suppose a scholarship program established on such a basis could be described as “race-neutral”? Hardly!

Hopefully, California and federal courts will do their jobs and remind California's leaders once again that every American has a moral and legal right to be judged based on his or her individual merits. Are many potential Native American students in the UC system deserving of aid, based on academic merit or financial need? No doubt they are. Then let them apply for such aid and be granted or refused it according to the same fair, unbiased, and universal standards that apply, or should apply, to everyone else. That, after all, is the American way.

It's also, for the record, what the people of California want. In 2020, they voted overwhelmingly against Proposition 16, which would have legalized race preferences.

But is California's woke elite listening? Please! Do they ever?

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


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In other news, you may have heard that the U.S economy shrank by 1.4% in the first quarter.  Now, two consecutive quarters of negative growth equals a...recession.  Could we be on the cusp of one?  Whether we meet the textbook definition really isn't the issue, of course.  If Americans feel as though the economic climate is bleak -- which, naturally, in some ways it is -- then the Democrats will have to pay the political penalty.  Tough luck, geniuses.


Lastly, the Russia-Ukraine war grinds on.  Russia appears to be targeting Ukraine's transportation infrastructure, which only makes sense, because it sure looks like a massive quantity of Western arms are in the pipeline, and I'm sure Russia would love to make the delivery of said arms to the front impossible.  Another key question: is Ukraine training lots of new recruits who could be fed into the meatgrinder?  Is Russia?  Right now, as I understand it, less than 200,000 men are fighting it out in Donbas.  Clearly, Ukraine and Russia are capable of fielding MUCH bigger armies.  Will they?  The logic of escalation would suggest that it's just a matter of time... 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I ran across a preinvasion column byGeorge Will which advanced a very plausible thought: he said he thinks Putin (is )preparing invasion in order to prevent Ukraine from becoming an example of a country ,with a history very similar to that of Russia, capable of successful transition to one with demonstrated Western values. Putin' motives are of course vitally relevant to the present course of this war! Equally important is this: how much do his intentions count in Russia today? Is his power consummately dictatorial. In that sense alonemight he be another Stalin?

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We have already discussed the possibility that this war manifests a perhaps worldwide conflict between Western values and those who see the West (for reasons we must not dismiss) as the importer of dysfunctional social behavior and belief in representative democracy inapproriate in their settings. Russia has publicly termed the invasion as necessitated in order tocombat extreme antiRussian expression in Ukraine. This is not entirely without some credit. What would we think of what we saw as a very antiAmerican Canada or Mexico or even an eventually illegal immigrant transformed Southwest? But I think this nonetheless yet very closely subordinate in Russian thought now. I still think that although the aforementioned has much power in their thinking, that their perceived imminent incorporation of Ukraine int Nato, be it even tentative, was the very breaking point for the Rus and still governs their overall purpose: no Ukraine in Nato. "Above all else, this is our resolve": such, I think is their true intent.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack:"The future happens in California". Very plausible but does it not suggest that which the real America expects of "woke" culture: that being dismissive of human nature and airily contemptuous of any dissenting views, its consequence will be consummate dysfunction and decisive public revulsion to the very obvious consequences (eg. unendurable presumptuous criminal offense etc,etc) of which California will provide a VERY early telling proof, that the real America will hasten to defend itself!!?? That so many of common sense in California are yet enslaved: let us not us not lose sight or resolve! We may yet need to form a protective barrier, (like the oyster projects against pathological invasion) to keep this cantagion from engulfing us at the onerous influence of similarly destructive concepts!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Well, what of the Dems most
    arrogant and dismissive of spokesmen, oh I forget his name, no matter, he was obviously captured by Slick Willy and his parasitic "mate": Oh yes he said, "Its the economy stupid!" Why, I hear his idol and his very heroine still persist in public! Pffffft!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Let the present, Biden admitted, far leftist contorted economy, provide consummate discreditation of the temporarily destructive, temporarily empowered, "American" left!

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Leftists demanding "free speech" in the '60s: they were just a very large bunch of naive boomers who were being expertly played by dead serious America hating radicals who would have abrogated free speech with a vengeance had they usurped the power to do so. And they would have taken their boomer brat cadre in very ungroovy hand! I lived through some of it even in the two small state colleges I attended. SeasonedCommies were instinctively emerging from their theretofore invisible holes, like so many buzzing malicious cicadas!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: One of the most frequently displayed characteristics of leftists is that they are motivated in the very main, by emotion. Emotionally enthralled examples are AOC, Cory Booker (who was recently discussed as a Presidential candidate on a recent post or broadcast of yours) and Nancy Pelosi. AOC's indignation is pur ely sophomoric. Booker would appear ready to explode while reading off a list of room assignments as a dorm director. Pelosi's is the cold dismissiveness of the essential snob; her visibly pained smile expressive of her discomfort in any setting other than the elitist salons of the elect, where virtue signaling is the latter day equivalent of the rarified dialect of the French Ancien Regime.

  8. Jack, I've heard that argument before -- Russia can't abide Ukraine going "Western" because it's obviously such a success as a capitalist democracy... I scoff! Ukraine wasn't successful either economically or politically before Russia's invasion. Its virtues now are mostly hype, in my opinion. Personally, I believe Russia's decision to invade was motivated by national security concerns and the view that Ukraine was on the cusp of becoming a NATO client deep inside their "near abroad". As you point out, though, the Russians lay much emphasis on the "fascism" of the Ukrainian government and the oppression of ethnic Russians within Ukraine. We don't ascribe much credibility to these arguments, but that doesn't mean that the Russians don't believe them implicitly.

    Agreed, Jack: the Left is dripping with scorn for those who dare to think differently. As we've discussed before, I believe a person who thinks he is rational, but is in fact captive to powerful emotions roiling beneath the surface (and usually not very far beneath), is the most dangerous kind of person there is. Can we prove that leftists are more emotionally compromised than conservatives? It would be hard, but we do know that they are more susceptible to depression, and surely that's no accident.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Speaking of unbridled, defining emotional presumption: given the news about the sociopathic "right" to kill unborn humans; get set for the inevitable onslaught of atavistic unadulterated hate from a faction for whom this execrable practice is their flagship issue.What drives them to extremes of calumny is being insolently contradicted! Eg. Schumer and Pelosi's characteristically sneering diatribe. They would of course have celebrated a thoroughly bigoted leftist Scotus!