Monday, April 4, 2022

Viktor Victorious


Friends, today we announce a great big WaddyIsRight Hip-Hip-Hooray for Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, a darling of conservatives everywhere.  His right-wing party just got elected to a fourth term in office, despite fierce Euro-criticism of his nationalist, populist approach to governance.  Orban has dared to oppose unchecked migration into the EU, and he has defied the anti-Russian orthodoxy that's currently sweeping the Western world, specifically, by declaring his country adamantly neutral in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  What is perhaps even more impressive is the fact that his conservative movement has obtained effective control over most of the media and of other major institutions in Hungary.  Can you imagine if Trumpers were to dominate the news media, the education system, and the bureaucracy here?  Man, there would be no limit to what we could accomplish...  So thanks, Viktor, for showing conservatives that it can be done!


In other news, it looks like the slight advantage in Congressional redistricting that the Dems accumulated in recent months may be in jeopardy, but don't kid yourself: all the gerrymandering in the world can't save the Democrats from the atrocious poll numbers they're currently facing. 


Women are oppressed.  Women are disadvantaged.  Women are angry.  Women are destined to rule the world.  But who are these "women", and how is the term "woman" defined?  The Left would rather not say.  A "woman" is...well, they know one when they see one.  There's supreme irony in the fact that the categories that the Left claims define our identities and our positions in the social order are also incredibly slippery and even imponderable in objective scientific or legal terms, as least according to the "smartest people in the room".  And why not?  Keeping the definitions vague allows the Left to alter their positions on the fly, as their agenda demands, and it makes it awfully hard to mount a coherent opposition to their "transformational" program of action.  Sloppy thinking is allowed, when you're a "progressive", since your inherent rightness can simply be assumed...


No one in D.C. wants to confront the issue -- that's for darn sure -- but sooner or later major changes to Social Security and Medicare will be necessary.  Either taxes will need to go up, or benefits will need to be curtailed -- or both at once.  Understandably, though, neither party wants to take the bull by the horns and fix these fiscal problems now.  No, let's hit the wall first and then act reactively and in a state of abject desperation.  That's always more prudent!


Finally, Elon Musk, rich guy and noted free speech advocate, has quietly become the biggest shareholder in Twitter.  Could this mean that Musk is planning a hostile takeover -- one that will force the social media giant to cease and desist from its policies of censorship and deplatforming?  Or might it mean that Musk will ultimately create his own platform instead?  Or does it mean neither of these things, but only that Musk has way more money than he knows what to do with, and it all has to go...somewhere?  Stay tuned!  On the answer to this question could hinge the future of your rights as an American.  No joke.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Since the American left's ever essential goal is consummate arbitrary control over everything from the Federal budget to the color you paint "your" house, presumptuous ambiguity is de riguer for them .They do have a pesky tendency to summarily change their minds about some very important things; de nada, de nada eh Che?!How especially, well, "liberating" to be free of the demands andthe"inconvenient truths"revealed by empirical evidence (like, say, one hundred plus millions killed by socialists in the 20th century).

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Oh probably not much reduction in the SS benefits now almost universally collected by us boomers is to be expected. We are far too hypocritically determined to exert our still multitudinous power. But beyond us: as I have advised my kids, be determined NOW to provide for yourselves in your latter lives, from extra governmental sources. Oh there may be popularly funded largesse but perhaps only for those of political correctness. In this prediction, I admit, I do not consider a leftist takeover in which ALL benefits would be subject to leftist ideological reevaluation for politically correct merit!

  3. Yes, there's a certain brilliance in concocting a comprehensive ideology, the upshot of which is..."shut up". There's no good comeback to THAT gem, is there?

    Jack, my guess is that benefit cuts (which may be accomplished simply via inflation) are coming. A higher retirement age and marginally higher payroll taxes are probably also in our future. I don't believe that retirees will be left out in the cold, though. As you say, retirees vote, and that guarantees them a very considerable slice of a fiscal pie that, nonetheless, someday will start to shrink.