Sunday, April 3, 2022

Who Occupies the Smoke-Filled Rooms?


Friends, there are a series of positive developments to celebrate this Sunday.  For one thing, a judge in California has struck down that state's 2020 law that requires corporate boards to institute quotas for members of "underrepresented communities".  Hear hear!  It's true that such boards are not representative of the U.S. population as a whole.  It's also true, however, that we all have the natural and legal right to be judged based on our individual merits and abilities, and quotas are simply wrong-headed and unjust.  Aggressive race preferences are becoming more common, though, and the Left is doing everything it can to normalize them.  We need state and federal judges to push back, and first and foremost that means that SCOTUS needs to find all race preferences unconstitutional, once and for all!


Today we can also applaud the fact that a federal Court of Appeals has upheld a verdict in Ohio that will force Oberlin College to pay a bakery that it falsely and irresponsibly maligned as racist approximately $31 million.  Now, lefties call anyone and everyone racist, as everyone knows, so why are there consequences in this one, unique case?  That's exactly what conservatives and decent Americans need to study and reflect on, because in the long run the only thing that will prevent Dems and neo-Marxists from hurling charges of racism, sexism, and homophobia in every direction is legal/financial consequences.  And this is, moreover, a critically important arrow in our quiver if we are to have any hope at all of disciplining the mainstream media and forcing it to abandon woke yellow journalism.  So thank you, Gibson's Bakery, for showing the rest of us how it's done! 

How do Americans feel about Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill?  Well, that all depends on how the bill is spun and framed.  The bill doesn't, in fact, prohibit discussion of homosexuality at any age, although it does forbid "classroom instruction" about "sexual orientation or gender identity" in grades K-3.  And, when Americans are told about the language in the bill itself, they strongly endorse it!  That just goes to show you: perspective is everything.


COVID has retreated as a public health threat, and somewhat less so as a preoccupation of the news media.  In any case, facts matter, and the fact is that we have fewer hospitalizations for COVID now than at any time since March 2020.  Is this miracle the result of the vaccines, or was it the disease itself, which mutated into something a lot less dangerous?  You decide...


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The Oberlin rebuff, depending on the Appeals Court's reasoning , is to be rejoiced. I would dare Oberlin to advance it to this Scotus! Very objective disadvantage IS, I agree, the only way to stop the American left's "crusade" to destroy an irredemable America according to that left's presumed unchallengeable justice.

  2. Yes! Hit 'em where it hurts: the pocketbook.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Ditto and pertly too! Now I will presume upon your goodwill to introduce two observations perhaps outside the purview of this particular post,that they might not summarily desert my aging attention: first:it has been characteristic of the gungrabbers to sneer at the idea that armed civilians could stand up to a professional armed force (eg against the force the American far left would certainly deploy to confirm its totalitarian rule!) A reference to the demonstrated effectivenesus of even such as the summarily armed Ukrainian population against a very modern army must be of enervating fearto them! They would be loath to face such certain opposition from the real America! And their use of the criticism that this is a foolish supposition by gun ownwers ( and, yes much of the reasoning backing the 2nd Amendment as Justice Sca!ia argued so well) is by present events in Ukraine,put in grave doubt! And that puts their anticonstitutional blame of lawful gunowners for atrocities encouraged not by us ( indeed ,were our advice not dismissed with prejudice we could stop our nation's shameful vunerability to depraved school shooters overnight by use of leftist excoriated volunteer lawful gun owners m
    ost of whom DO know and respect firearms). Those two misnomers are integral to the American left led crusade to disarm lawful Americans!


  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That the Biden enab
    led American left strives to force an "insolent and ignorant" real America to give up fossil fuels is obvious in even their Presidentally succored attacks on natural gas production in , by them,po!itica!ly and culturally (0h do not discount this latter factor in leftist disdain) places such as Cou

    God'sCountry, North Central Pa.




  5. Dr.Wwddy from Jack: Pino Biden offers withdrawal from the national oil reserve as a dutiful effort on his part to combat rising gas prices. Can even
    one as gaseous as to really believe that the real America rightfully perceives these rises as other than the American left's Biden allowedetermination to force surrender to its destruction of theAmerican fossil fuel industry, espefi
    ally the common sense recognized natural gas industry?. Natural gas burns relatively cleanly as any chimney sweep, as I was, will affirm! Oh not percectly, as the environmental left does demand ecause it knows that lack of fufillment of that yet impossibility enables their totalitarian control of ALL issues. And THAT is what they seek: the totalitarian ability to force everything! Issues would be of no matter;their ability to force policy would be ALL , whatever the issue!


  6. Dr.Waddy From Jack: Pino Biden would have us accept as a certainly justified

    sop,his release of nationally preserved protected oil reserves meant only for use in national emergency imposed from without,not by domestic antiAmerican resolve, to disingenuously mitigate gas prices. In doingso he does advance the American left's resolveto make us utterly dependent on foreign sources and compelled to embrace only "renewable" sources. Well we have enough natural gas to last 1000 years but that doesn't float the radical boat yudoes it? For them the environ.ent is their latest powergrab.They were totally disredited
    in the 20th century in their political, economic and subhuman forceful efforts. Theycouldn't care less about environmental purity! They seek only , once again,to thereby establish in a disngenuous effort thereof, totalitarian institutions guaranteeing tneir dictatorial domination in all aspects of
    public and private (sic) life!

    yctatikn g


    Why this would necessitate

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack:The American left would bemuch advanced in its efforts by pitiful Biden's drawdown of the STRATEGIC oil reserve . That would of course very mch reduce our country's energy independence. Since the Biden succored left has already much impaired that strength,it is encouraged to go for total subordination. And since it asserts that on!y "green energy ( not relatively clean but
    not "perfect" natural gas) guarantees energy independence, why "this MUST be!" according to their leftist totalitarian deserts!





  8. Jack, I see that you're having technical difficulties again. Oh dear! Nevertheless, your brain still works fine. :)

    Interesting point about the success of a citizen army against the Russian army. I'd say it's a bit early to reach firm conclusions about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. From the latest updates, I gather the Russians really are withdrawing from the north. That's a stunning failure for a (former) superpower. Whether they have more success in the south, though, remains to be seen. The other thing I would observe is that Ukraine DOES have a professional army, and it's far better equipped and trained than it was in 2014. They have NATO and Russia to thank for that -- NATO for weapons and training and Russia for loads of battlefield experience. Now, what explains the Ukrainian success around Kiev, for example -- the professionals or the draftees/volunteers? I dunno. Give it some time and we'll figure it out.

    I would agree that the withdrawal from the strategic petroleum reserve is unlikely to be very effective, and certainly it will be seen for what it is: a blatantly political misuse of a strategic resource. Will Biden be blamed for high gas prices? Yes, but probably not for any of the reasons you mentioned. He will carry that albatross around his neck merely because he's president. That's his reward for cheating his way to victory over Trump. And never was a reward more richly deserved!

  9. Dr. Waddy from Jack: That is a well taken caution about premature assumptions about the effectiveness of the very recently armed Ukrainian populace. Still, one might wonder why the Americanleft so vigorously denounces any suggestion of defense against mindless violence (perhaps because they are its enablers) by an already armed and experienced real America. We gun owners could stop school shootings overnight but that that suggestion would cause the left to fly into foaming self righteous dither! It thrives on its image of us as Neanderthals and would as lief have them defenseless as to admit us into on premises defense of our kids!

  10. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "Why, you raise false fears when you say we on the left are incipient totalitarians" Oh!? The ever more evident People's Republic of California arrogated it well within its purview to dictate to private enterprise the politically correct standardsfor its management makeup. "Ah, but in doing so we are satisfied; we will make no more such demands". What consummate totalitarian in the '30's made such sneering promises? I do not know the level of the California judge who probably temporarily blocked this entirely characteristic incipient leftist power grab. The real America does reside in that nevertheless benighted entity.

  11. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Gov. DeSantis has stood up, courageously,due to the intense excoriation and threat he may expect, against the yes, depraved, determination of leftist teachers and administrators to sexualize even kindergarteners! This is not confined to Florida, we are all threatened by its presumptuous immorality, especially when state funded schools and teachers' colleges and departments, demonstrate their shameful surrender to political correctness by championing this anathema! We must abandon all hope of reforming them; they are irredemably ruined by the totalitarian American left. We must FORCE them to relent; by legislation, popular outrage, executive command and determination to protect our children from those who would rob them of their precious once only childhoods to further their incipient sociopathic goals of complete control of all human matters, in accordance with their exalted, irrefutable wisdom!

  12. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Oh yes! Monumental thanx to Gibson's Bakery for their indescribable visceral fortitude, their undefeatable courage in standing up to arrogantly presumptuous leftist excoriation and regretably legally sanctioned (?!)attack. Let our country, by your efforts, be consequentially delivered of the incipient American leftist, yet America hating, totalitarian rump!

  13. I agree, Jack: the arming of (some) teachers would be a brilliant way to defuse the danger of school shootings. Remember, though, lefties aren't even sure policemen should have guns. Now, armed criminals offend them considerably less.

    Sadly, Jack, I wouldn't be surprised if the California Supreme Court ultimately held that racial, gender, and "sexual orientation" quotas are perfectly legal. The corruption of that body can only be imagined!

    Yes, Ron DeSantis has shown courage! Anyone who takes on the Left on social issues, ESPECIALLY transgenderism, is to be commended, since leftist venom is their only certain reward. The easy thing is to stay silent on matters sex and gender related, since tempers burn so white hot. DeSantis has not chosen the easy path. Good for him.