Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Words Matter


Friends, tonight I'm flabbergasted, and more than a little frightened.  That's because our president today accused Russia of committing "genocide" in Ukraine.  He did so offhandedly, clumsily, and inarticulately, of course, but he did it all the same.  Not for the first time, he has thus thrust himself way out in front of his own administration, which has NOT accused Russia of genocide, perhaps because a) Russia isn't guilty of genocide in Ukraine, and b) charging a country with genocide has traditionally involved an assumption that, in such a case, direct intervention is warranted and is, in fact, a moral imperative.  Why do I say a) Russia isn't guilty of genocide?  Simple: Russia has killed thousands of civilians in Ukraine, yes, and it may well have committed war crimes, but that just isn't the same thing as "genocide".  Genocide is the attempt to wipe out an entire ethnic group, and, frankly, if what's taking place in Ukraine is "genocide", then most of the wars that have been fought since 1945 were "genocide" -- and, arguably, the United States has committed genocide itself.  Of course, that notion is absurd.  Genocide is the most extreme, most debased, most barbaric crime that any nation can commit, and the ONLY reason the word is being bandied about by Ukraine, and, now, by the U.S. president, is because of its propaganda effect.  Not that facts matter to Joe Biden, but, as a matter of fact, there is a much stronger case to be made that China is guilty of genocide than that Russia is.  Remember China?  The country that, by its negligence and dishonesty, has killed 1+ million Americans?  The country that is killing and enslaving legions of Uighurs?  Oh yeah: it's also the country that paid for Sleepy Joe's last bathroom remodel.  So hey -- forget I said anything.  All is forgiven.  But a) isn't really the biggest concern here.  It's b) that has me much more worried.  That's because, when a nation is committing genocide, a VERY strong argument can be made that all major powers are obligated to intervene to stop it.  If Russia really was massacring the Ukrainians en masse, and appeared to be working towards wiping them off the face of the earth, does anyone believe that the proper response to that horror would be...economic sanctions and modest military aid to the soon-to-be-obliterated?  No!  Of course not.  Genocide calls for direct military action.  Genocide calls for war.  And, remember, this man, this buffoon, who is calling out the world's foremost nuclear power for "genocide" is himself the so-called leader of the free world.  He's the one who controls our own "nuclear football".  He's the guy who can start WWIII any old time he likes.  Biden's lack of messaging discipline is scary enough.  What's even scarier is that he may believe his own nonsense, and he may want to do something about it.  And he can.  He can attack Russia directly whenever he pleases.  And -- to be completely honest -- I wouldn't be shocked if he did order U.S. military forces into the fray...with consequences that I prefer not to think about!  He might do so casually, absentmindedly, thoughtlessly, because that seems to be his M.O., but, once the trigger is pulled, it can't be unpulled.  So there you go: if you thought the world was on the brink before, Sleepy Joe just made the situation that much worse.  Hey, that's his specialty!  And we've got three more years of this madness in store, folks.  Yikes!


In other news, today a bird pooped on Biden.  Thankfully, though, he didn't accuse the avian kingdom of genocide. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: You have expressed and supported very plausible fears above. They beg the question: has this President absolute say in commanding our forces, nuclear or conventional? His subordination to far left handlers is widely perceived and strongly suggests his weakness. What they might think about intervention in Ukraine-Russia, well?! Cocooned in 1965 idealism as he is, he either does not perceive or cannot imagine the fully sociopathic intent of those whose counterintuitive doctrines he naively advances. Is it possible his, ehh, pliable character is capable of command by those also, who may have professionally, informed power to counter any dreamy sally into disaster ordered by him? Biden has already given away our Southern border and that is about to become beyond catastrophic. Can it be that forces inscensed by this stand by to prevent him from airily flushing America down the drain? His "genocide" comment may be perceived by Russia as the pitiful sputtering of a half wit! The Nazis were the fully committed executors of true "genocide" and nobody other than Jews and Russians can speak with greater credit to that effect. Stalin managed to kill far more of the proscribed (including successful Ukrainian farmers and that punishment of success is definitive leftist fare) but even he did not display the terrible focus and will to carry out their hellishly promised, truly genocidal plans as did the Boche! You are right, Russian conduct so far does not answer a reasonable definition of genocide.

  2. Jack, I share your hope that Sleepy Joe's ramblings signify nothing other than that he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Many times his underlings have had to announce that his intemperate remarks DO NOT herald a change in actual policy. That's heartening, sort of. My guess is that, like most lefties, he believes what he sees on CNN and MSNBC. In other words, he believes THE ABSOLUTE WORST about everyone on the Left's list of baddies, and requires no evidence to sustain those beliefs. It's an intriguing question whether the Left now hates Trump or Putin more... I'd love to see some polling on that.