Thursday, April 21, 2022

Wimbledon Double Faults


Friends, tonight I say: shame!  Shame on the All England Club at Wimbledon for its recent decision to virtue-signal by banning all Russian and Belarussian players from its tennis championships.  I object on countless levels.  First, isn't excluding people based on national origin a crime?  Isn't that considered a form of bigotry?  Not when the nationality in question is despised by leftists, I guess.  Second, who's to say that every Russian and Belarussian is a Putin-backer or a militarist?  They might be working hard to end the war between Russia and Ukraine, but they won't be judged by their merits or based on their actions -- only based on the passport they carry.  That's wrong.  Lastly, what's the sense in booting out every Russian and Belarussian when players from countless countries plagued by war, dictatorship, oppression, slavery, and state-sanctioned murder are routinely welcomed at sporting events worldwide?  For heaven's sake, let's end the politicization of sports once and for all!  And, once again, shame on Wimbledon for stooping to these cancel culture tactics.


In other news, Elon Musk is claiming that Netflix's subscriber woes are caused by its "woke mind virus", which is making its programming "unwatchable".  Now, I watch mainly fare on Netflix that isn't created by Netflix, so I wouldn't know, but it's common knowledge that a woke agenda is part and parcel of many of the shows and movies that Netflix generates.  Netflix's cozy relationship with the Obamas tells you everything you need to know.  I must say, a la Musk, I'm often tempted to assume that any recently made entertainment is bound to be so laden with woke nonsense that I'm better off sticking with "oldies but goodies".  Who's with me? 


  1. I find this behavior of cancelling or banning folks is just wrong. Just because you don't like the person or what they say, do etc. Ridiculous.

    As for Musk, hurray. I might not always agree with his thought process (because he does smoke quite a bit of the weed) he is absolutely correct on his assessment of the woke culture. I haven't watched any Netflix (and refuse to do so because of the Obama's-oh wait, did I just cancel them? How hypocritical of me, lol) however, I am getting caught up on the regular TV programming via my laptop (such as Blue Bloods). I also watch a lot of You tube programs as well.

    1. Linda,

      Congratulations and best of luck on your move to Florida.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: It HAD at least been a guaranteed phrase ("for. . .national origin") in so many disclaimers of leftist intent to excoriate those whose specified grounds were deemed free of their irrefutable , wide reaching, dismissal. Uh gee though, they forgot the national factor in their campaign against South Africa, which is the left's model and its most relied upon threat! Bottom line for me; you are once again on point, Doc Waddy.


  3. Linda, by no means are you guilty of indulging in "cancel culture". Exercising your freedom to choose and your judgement and thus opting to avoid certain programming is just, well, common sense. Now, if you wanted the Obamas banned from the airwaves merely because their words offended you, you'd be treading into cancel culture territory. But hey, you'd still make a lot of sense... Ha ha.

    Out of curiosity, do you watch old shows/movies on YouTube, or do you actually watch fresh YouTube-generated programming, because I bet the latter would be...unwatchable? I love YouTube and use it constantly, but I know very well that it's run by woke maniacs.

    Ray, where would you say a decent, God-fearing American can feel more at home these days: Kansas or Florida?

    Thank you, Jack! Seems to me that targeting a country, and targeting people who come FROM a country, are two very different things. But it appears both are now cool, as per the Left. Try refusing to serve or do business with Mexicans, or Iranians, or Congolese, though, and see how far you get! Our anti-discrimination laws are always stringent and pitiless...until they aren't.

    1. Nick,

      I would say a nice bright red place to live would be IDAHO, particularly the eastern part of that state, which tends to be the most conservative. Very pretty, and Idaho Falls is only an hour or so from the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

      Kansas is farm and cattle rancher red, but most of the people who run everything live in the eastern part of Kansas, and especially in the Manhattan-Lawrence-Kansas City corridor. That part of Kansas is real Left, mainly because of the universities.

  4. Dr. Waddy, we have been without TV since April 1. We get a variety of news and tv shows through various sources such as YouTube--I prefer shows like Homesteading/Cottage Living. The news I get from sources like NewsConnect and other places-I can skim about a dozen articles in a matter of minutes. I have to tell you; I do NOT miss the 24 hrs news on TV--actually we have been better off.

    Let's see, in another comment you asked about FL. vs NY. One word; WEATHER. LOL---although, things are just as expensive down here as up there in NY, I have to say right now it's the weather. OH, and freedoms---folks could careless about DC and the hoodlums up there and the mandates etc. OH and they have a love hate relationship with the governor as well. I get the distinct feeling time stands somewhat still here in Florida, period. Grin

  5. Dr.Waddy and Linda et al from Jack: I fully agree with Doc Waddy: opting to avoid certain broadcasts so, or to buy a certain style of shoes,necessarily involves (gasp) DISCRIMINATION! That the left has succeeded in advancing a generally perceived pejorative definition of the term ,free of its neutral essence,only proves the "American" left's skill in totalitarian misguidance with the left's presumptuously leveled excoriation included. Your resistance to it is part of the ever growing real American resistance, which grows ever stronger!!

  6. Dr. Waddy, Ray et al from Jack: Lemme assure you, there are tracts of New York State which are of the real America! I'm lucky enough to live in one, Allegany Co., 300 miles from the amoeba on the Hudson.We have no Dems in our county legislature! But when NYC (oh excuse me, NY State, government tasks us, then we feel the disdain of the totalitarian left; of its shameful dictation),and we so admire you who are free of its dominance, though I am sure you yet see its presumptuous invasion even of your real America fortresses! Ray: An old friend of mine, a retired cross country trucker, who now lives in Idaho Falls, says he sees much California invasion even of his town! And he says Montana sees much of the same! My advice? Confront the invaders resolutely. Remind them that you know they fled an unliveable California but that they MUST leave it behind! They MUST not attempt to usurp your school boards or your local governments with California dreams! Resist! You are the West! Please, heed the onerous example of us in NY!!

    We will help if they will denounce their California presumptions! If they cannot, we will have to resist and we of the West will NOT be preempted!

  7. Ray, it's awfully hard to find a state that isn't shot through with leftists. Even in putatively "red" states, there will be pockets of unabashed neo-Marxists. All you have to do, as you point out, is visit the nearest university... In fact, the nearest public school would probably do the trick. I'm sure you're right about Idaho, though. A conservative would be among friends in the hills of Idaho...

    Linda, I think we all acknowledge that Florida has us beat hands-down in terms of weather! That's a given. I'm not surprised to hear that Floridians either love or hate DeSantis. The amount of mainstream media energy that's been expended trying to ruin that man is extraordinary. It's a miracle he's still standing...AND he seems to be heavily favored for reelection. I envy you the chance to get to know him better. At this stage, who do you respect more: Trump or DeSantis?

    Jack, that's a good point that there is no "safe space" for conservatives, Christians, or traditionalists. The Left will come for us -- and, more to the point, for our kids and grandkids -- no matter where we hide, and no matter how much distance we try to put between us and them. The only safety, in the long term, lies, therefore, in confronting and defeating the Left. I couldn't agree more. On the other hand, the fact that many conservatives tire of the fight, and begin searching for a little peace and quiet, is hardly surprising.