Monday, April 11, 2022

America's Reddest Days Lie Ahead?


Friends, a bit of good cheer for you this Monday: while we may never recover the halcyon days of Dick Nixon's 49-state landslide victory in 1972, there's reason to think the Republicans may win control of the House and the Senate in just a few months -- and, in the Senate, the political landscape for 2024 may be even more promising than in 2022.  Based on this analysis, even if the Republican candidate for president in 2024 struggles, the GOP may further extend its (expected) majority in the Senate.  I sincerely hope it's true!


  1. Nick,

    Let's hope that we NEVER recover those "halcyon: days of Tricky Dick Nixon and Dr. Henry "Strangelove" Kissinger! Those days were when the U.S. elite decided to recognize the most ruthless dictatorship ever on the face of this earth, the PRC. During those times, our greedy corporations dumped the American people and took our manufacturing base to the PRC, and enabled it to make lots of money so it could pose a military threat to the world, with its delusions of its bull shit silk road.

  2. Nick,

    Not sure where your hangup on Nixon comes from. In addition to recognizing the PRC pukes during his administration, he also attempted to cover up the Watergate breakout. He should have exposed all of them and fired all of them who participated in that. But instead he defended those silly assholes, who had no good reason for doing what they did in the first place. Okay, he got us out of Vietnam, but it took him five years to do it, and mostly through sucking it up with PRC China. So quit holding up Tricky Dick Nixon as some great president. He doesn't fall into that category. And come to think of it the U.S. has not really had all that many good presidents in the first place, however one defines "good" presidents.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Well I sure ain't worryin about aGOP supermajority because that would mean a Dem superminority and that is just the ticket for kicking the radical left to the gutter where it belongs. Its astounding how very much fundamental damage that left has done since President Trump left. They have destroyed the hard, hard won energy independence we had and as a veteran of the 73-74 Arab oil blackmail , that riles me! I mean the name of the Saudi Oil Minister, Ahmed Zaki Yamani, was common knowledge even to those who watched only local news. Who knows the name of the present holder of that fief? Yet today, our energy fortunes rest in the hands and whims of American leftists fully as disdainful of our country as any atavistic middle east potentate.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The criminal class and its abominations are now perversely celebrated as the triumph of the oppressed over their law abiding oppressors. I worked 20 years in state prisons and I know criminals regard measures such as paroling all lifers who are 55 and have been locked up 15 years, or ending all pretrial custody, are seen by criminals as follows: " why these chumps feel guilty, yes they do, about incarcerating me, ME! Well I sure know how to game that!"The execrable rise in fully tolerated crime is completely attributable to this sociopathic principle blithely dictated through such Dems as Cuomo, ( a genuine criminal loverand foggy Kumbayaa Biden and those radicals they casually empower in unelected yet consequential office. The American left sees criminals as a revolutionary class which they would summarily exterminate should they gain the totalitarian sway they seek, with its ignorant support!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: They have enabled, through their uncomprehending marionette in our White house, droves of unelected and unknown Federal policy makers and enforcers fully definable by their American leftist, neo Marxist, contempt for the real America and driven by determination to dictate its punishment and forced change.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: There is only one way to defeat these America haters. They must be consummately overpowered and their factoti fired from Federal power, by democratic political defeat as COULD happen in November and 2 years from then, if we remain but true and not presumptuous! Let us prosecute our very possible November advantage with a VENGEANCE! Failure in this would inspire American leftist intent and we must fully realize, their, we must hope, present and temporary rule ,is a clear promise of how they would be in the totalitaritarian sway they SEEK!

  7. Ray, we can debate the merits of Tricky Dick (ad infinitum), but my post wasn't about him or his presidency, per se, but it did make reference to the 1972 election, which I maintain WAS a highpoint for America. It represented a definitive rejection of flower power and McGovern-style leftism. Had that victory been consolidated, our country would have been infinitely better off. But the Left was having none of that, so they sank Nixon (and he helped them do it, to be sure). Hey, tell me you wouldn't have liked to see Trump win 49 states in 2020... Imagine such a thing!

    And, for the record, we didn't ship our industrial base to China under Nixon. That process didn't kick into high gear until Clinton, at the earliest.

    Yes, Jack, Biden has done the energy industry no favors. Well, perhaps I shouldn't be so hasty, since he has contributed mightily to increasing the price of oil and gas... Hey, maybe I should buy stock in ExxonMobil and vote blue from now on? Hmm. Think outside the box, right?

    I'd say one of the biggest unknowns about 2022/24 is whether the Dems will succeed in their usual sleight of hand and make Americans forget about the border, the surge in crime, etc. -- problems that the Left is laboring mightily to ignore. I doubt they will succeed totally in that mission, but they are succeeding partially. On pocketbook issues, by contrast, there's simply no way to shield ordinary Americans from the truth.

    Agreed, Jack -- we need to send the leftist horde packing. Victory in 2022 is only Act One in that drama, which could easily run to three acts or more. A supermajority in the Senate would go a long way.