Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Hitler's Birthday Surprise


Friends, people will take almost any excuse to eat cake -- even the birthday of one of history's most prolific mass murderers.  That being said, I hope you enjoy a nice big slice of Hitler upside-down cake today (the upside-down part makes it not a hate crime)!

Hitler's birthday comes up in our "This Day in History" segment in this week's Newsmaker Show.  Brian and I also covered -- in-depth, mind you -- Disney's travails in MAGA-heavy Florida, the latest developments in the Russia-Ukraine war, Elon Musk's star-crossed machinations aimed at acquiring control over Twitter, Biden's plans to run for reelection, the lessons to be learned from school shootings, and the surprising demise of the mask mandate for air travel and public transportation.

It's about 26 minutes of pure broadcasting gold, folks!  Don't miss it.


  1. As a new Florida resident, I have to say, I am quite enjoying all these freedoms. And pff on Disney, most folks go to Universal, so I am told. I'll have to play catch up here. smiles

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda:It must be redeeming to reside in a state where an assertive Governor makes haste to objectively support the values of the common sense majority in his/her state. There are states where leftist executives delight in excoriating ANY of opposite views though those despised apostates belong to a national majority of those against the "American" left's counterintuitive intent. State's rights; yeah that is fine excepting when the left expeditiously usurps this, a principle they have heretofore excoriated, their disingenuous defense of which bleats " we are desperate! " Let it BE SO. How richly they deserve the repudiation which may soon be theirs!

  3. Linda, I'm curious, how do you find that Florida is different from WNY, on a day to day basis? Inquiring minds (of potential future refugees from Northeastern tyranny) want to know!

    Yes, Jack: I can only imagine that DeSantis's articulate and principled brand of conservatism has to be immensely cheering to his constituents. Sadly, there are limits to his power, but we're working on that...