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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Hasta La Vista, GOP!


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil covers all the bases.  In terms of current events, Brian and I discuss the ramifications of the passage of the much-ballyhooed "infrastructure bill" (yawn!), Prince Harry's one-man crusade against "misinformation" (double yawn!), the sham "climate conference" that recently concluded in Glasgow, the Wyoming GOP's expulsion of Liz Cheney, and the never-ending story of Bidenist/Dem deterioration in the polls.  My my!  That's a lot of top-grade analysis!

When we turn to This Day in History, Brian and I talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger's stint as California Governor, followed by his estrangement from the GOP during the Trump era; the "Velvet Revolution" in Czechoslovakia in 1989 and the incredibly rapid disintegration of Eastern European communism; and the phony leftist narrative of the cruelty of U.S. forces fighting in Vietnam and, later, Iraq.  There is, I declare, no moral equivalency between the American military and the forces of America's enemies, like Al Qaeda and the Viet Cong.

All in all, it's a great show.  The only thing missing!


In other news, doubts about Sleepy Joe's physical and mental fitness are going mainstream.  Yikes!  This is not good for the alleged President of these United States...  The problem for the Dems, of course, is that their backup Prez, i.e. Kam Kam, is no better! 

And, as you see here, Fox News is handicapping some key Governor's races in 2022.  Republican opportunities for pickups abound!


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack : I delighted in teasing my brother who is a CA resident and was appalled by the prospect of Schwarzenegger's election back then. "Beware", I said, "if he is elected CA will be invaded by illegal Austrians! They will take over the schools and mandate the singing of 'Edelweiss' each morning". Perhaps I should not have expressed such an implied disdain for real concerns but it only to him.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I can give you the point of view of one who grew up during the Cold War, with its assumption of Communist Soviet power and threat. The dissolution of Eastern European Communism was a thrill, beyond astonishment, to see unfold! I remember having scoffed at a National Review cover article in the early '80's, which predicted "The Coming Crackup of Communism". Can't recall if it played out in the manner the article asserted but its theme was redeemed! Each step: Solidarity in its seemingly hopeless stand, Saint John Paul II's magnificent return to his Poland in the very company of feckless and powerless Marxists, Hungary's outlawing of its communist party, the (impossible, yes?) reunification of Germany and the destruction of East Germany's inhuman post Nazi e xtension of tyranny to its far too long suffering people ( though perhaps the only alternative was direct brutal Great Russian rule, which might well have been understandably vindictive after all) and the final, unimaginable collapse of the evil empire itself, all without WWIII! It was living history at its best. We had won after all!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Wyoming is the kind of real America exemplar which suffered the frustration of supporting some Rinos( not among them Dick Cheney )because, well, they were better than the only alternative, the Dems. But we finally got the definitive antiRino in DJT, who showed them up for timid swells, dismissive more of true Conservatives than they are of totalitarian left/Dems. He was not a temporary thing, a bizarre interloper. He reached the heart of the real America. Having experienced that conviction achieving real power, we are not ever going back. Liz Cheney's well earned rejection should be a warning to all wishy washy Rinos: "Sorry, you can't count on us anymore. We embody the essence of the party now and you are the fringe. You seem to think we are unendurably crude while you ignore the totalitarian vulgarity of a party which celebrates a 'right' to kill unborn babies, tolerates in its body viciously ungrateful America haters, and excuses murderous rioters who presumptuously occupy innocent neighborhoods,because 'their cause is just'. By the way, the Dem/lefties reserve a special contempt, characteristic of totalitarians , for those such as you Rinos, who have not the backbone to advance your cause with conviction".

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Your observation that "fake news" is in the eye of the beholder, is a realistic view. But I see in that reality the tell tale imprimatur of Clintoneque preemption in the Dems' disingenuous adoption of a term pioneered by gutsy DJT to confront MSM Dem/left prejudice. " Whah shore, we've always 'deplored' that!"Talk about eye of the beholder though: let us resolve, as our power increases at the legislative investigative level, to challenge the inevitable expansive, even liberal (shall we say) Dem national executive interpretation of the term. "Why you do not consider our storefront, revolutionary, no show job generating, community organizing center to be 'infratructure'? Shame on you for your scorn for our unquestionable justice".

  5. "Edelweiss" is a pleasant ditty. California could have done much worse!

    Yes, I can only imagine that the collapse of communism came as a pleasant surprise -- with the emphasis on "surprise"!

    True: Liz Cheney will find no home, no lasting mercy, among the leftist throng. They will use her, shamelessly, and discard her, once her utility is spent.

    I too rejoice in the fact that we will soon control countless Congressional committees, which can push back against the "fake news" streaming out of the mainstream media and social media alike. Be that as it may, I don't think more than a handful of voters pay attention to the antics of said committees.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Many, many dittos on your comments about the conduct of American forces in war. I recall " so very objective" as he proved, Dan Rather's ,grave demeanor in reporting that the world is "stunned by the revelations from Abu Ghraib". Really CBS? But gee, what about the NVA and VC and ISIS and Pol Pot's atrocities and the FACT, of which you were and are fully aware, that such misconduct (that is all it was at Abu Ghraib) and infinitely worse ( how about plastic bag suffocation or feeding unfortunates feet first into wood chippers) is routine in many countries but that gratuitous cruelty is a severely punished offense in our forces (after the due process you would deny them).It is of course in your leftist, antiAmerican interest to promote the untruth that our forces are uniquely depraved. You do this, as always, to discredit our overall war effort, wherever it may be. You would have tried it even in WWII. You know, I've talked to Vietnam War combat vets who said that they knew you CBSers and your imitators were lying about their conduct to the U.S. public. Must have been just great for their morale though it certainly bolstered commie determination. Ask the commies. They'll tell you!

  7. Amen, Jack! If the commies could have bought stock in the Columbia Broadcasting System, I'm sure they would have. Re: the Iraq War, I note with scorn that the media narrative about the horrors of the conflict wrapped up abruptly after the November 2006 midterms had been waged and produced a solid Dem win. After that, the agonies of Iraqi civilians no longer held much interest.