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Monday, November 8, 2021

The Greatest West Virginian of All Time? (It's a Short List)



Friends, my latest article, available at American Greatness, notes that Joe Manchin is sounding more and more like a person of sound mind; ergo, he can't possibly stay a Democrat much longer!  He'll be expelled from the party, if he doesn't choose to secede from it.  Oops!  Sorry -- "secession" is insurrectionist talk.  I need to govern my tongue.  Anyway, see what you make of my sage observations.  Any bets on when, or if, Manchin might become "one of us"?


In other news,  Biden's approval numbers appear to be cratering to a level that jeopardizes Democratic prospects in 2022.  Oh no!  What a tragedy.


Some are starting to wonder whether John Durham might be close to nailing a number of prominent Dems as co-conspirators in the Trump-Russia con job.  Let's hope! 

Are Hispanics "swing voters"?  Not all that many, as it turns out, but Dem dominance in this demographic is waning.


Have you heard that the FBI is mobilizing to conceal the contents of the diary of Joe Biden's daughter?  Whoa!  What could be in there?  Makes you think! 

How does one behave when one is in the presence of British royalty?  Sleepy Joe is showing us what NOT to do...


Are America's best days in front of it?  Not if the millennials have anything to say about it!  Egad! 

Finally, to those international travelers who are suddenly permitted inside the United States for the first time since March 2020 -- welcome (back)!  We're happy to see you again!  Enjoy your stay.  :)


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Search me! Pearl S. Buck, Chuck Yeager, Don Knotts, Stonewall Jackson? Manchin stands to outgreat all of them by a very wide margin; actually he may end up as more consequential than Robert Byrd was. He's a tough hombre and if he becomes convinced that the worker ants who mobbed him the other day are now characteristic of a Dem party degraded beyond measure he may give it the cold shoulder. Biden's ever increasingly insane assault on fossil fuel use, manifested in the prospective shutdown of another significant Canada-US pipeline, may drive him to it. This President must be 1994 style Clintonized lest he do irreparable damage.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: As long as Durham isn't nailing any Dem bigwigs, the crazies may refrain from commanding their "President" marionette to bring the investigation to an executive end. But here's a thought: this will of course and maybe in jack time (so to speak) point directly to Hillary. At that point the Dems may throw her to the "wolves" in order to promote an image of a party which has done wrong and dutifully suffered for it the loss of a cherished but erring darling. Wnen fighter planes detect an approaching missile they deploy decoys and Hillary's remaining value to this vicious party may be no more than that!" Now that we have paid so painfully for our perfidy, do not task us further for it (as in, hint, hint, 2022 and 2024) ". Really, of what use is Hillary to them anymore and what a deliciously ironic Clintonesque sham this would be! Otherwise, Durham's continued revelations will go a long way toward putting paid to the Dems' reflexive presumptuous and comprehensive anti Trump overall strategy. And what will they have then? Ehh, $5 gas, volcanicly precipitate heating bills, unabashed political correctness gone amok in the schools, casual state and federal defiance of court mandates limiting abortion, confirming gun owners' rights and vitiating vaccination mandates enacted in obvious totalitarian presumptuousness, regardless of consequence AND fully evident surrender to far leftist dictation! Good luck Dems; you have a lose/lose choice to make and we celebrate it, as you have brought it on yourselves!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The solution for Biden'sinconvenient and unredeeming flatulence is obvious: he must make a very public admission of his weakness and demonstrate (though not unto full physical confirmation) his willing adoption of the use of ehh, diapers meant for the mature. Why, being in my '70s, I have used them in delicate settings, so why not he,this man of Scranton, of the beer and a shot people! Dems, tend to your marionette, pray!


  4. Jack, Manchin is still saying nice things about Sleepy Joe, hard as that is to believe. Is he capable of seeing the modern Democratic Party, and its titular leader, for what it and he truly are? I hope so. It will require a strong stomach, however.

    Hmm. I could see the Dems feeding Hillary to the wolves, yes. I could also see Biden's DOJ giving John Durham the boot. Maybe the latter is more likely, as Hillary could take a lot of other top Dems down with her.

    The worst part of Sleepy Joe's flatulence is of course the methane that he failed to "capture". What of climate change, Joe? What of our children's future? Next time, think before you toot!

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Why Biden may do his part by doing very public Affirmative Action to neutralize his own methane emissions. Would he ask it of us? Oh count on it! Consequently I wish I held Depends stock now and because I fully expect a bovine version to be in the leftist works too. Oh but I forgot: leftist reformers always enact exceptions for their exalted selves!

  6. Ah yes, what to do about those flatulent cows! It's a puzzlement. The Dems will have them eating tofu before long, or maybe they'll just give them a good talking-to, on the theory that "gentle" persuasion/intimidation usually works...