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Saturday, November 6, 2021

The "Rainbow Nation" Succumbs to Identity Politics


Friends, when South Africa held its first all-race elections in 1994, the world breathed a sigh of relief, assuming that racial strife had been avoided and a bright, democratic, tolerant future lay ahead.  Well, those high hopes have come crashing down to earth in recent years.  Increasingly, the ruling African National Congress uses cynical appeals to the racial loyalties of blacks to cover for its own abysmal failures in terms of service delivery and its appalling corruption.  As this article makes plain, very little works nowadays in South Africa.  What this means, in practice, is that middle class families have to rely on private enterprise to provide almost all the services that ordinarily a government would administer: roads, schools, police protection, you name it.  That's what happens when merit ceases to be a consideration in the appointment of public officials...and when people feel entitled, based on their ethnic origins, to be hired and promoted.  Meanwhile, a depressingly large percentage of the South African population no longer works for wages, but it stridently demands free higher education, free health care, and the extirpation of all cultural traces of the country's former white rulers.  It's an ugly scene, all in all.  It's a picture of a country that, for all its racism and injustice, used to function well, administratively, economically, educationally, and otherwise.  If there's one thing we've learned about leftist, "anti-racist" rule, though, it's that it regularly produces grave dysfunction in governance, crime, disorder, animosity, corruption, and despair.  If we're not careful, the same cycle can and will be repeated here.  In a number of our biggest, bluest cities, it already has.


Speaking of driving America into the ground, the Dems, with a little help from some RINOs, passed their precious infrastructure bill.  That's another $1 trillion down the drain.  Now, the progressives in the House have been saying for ages that they wouldn't vote for the infrastructure bill until the even pricier reconciliation/social spending bill had also passed.  Well, it hasn't, but they did anyway.  Even if the reconciliation bill someday passes the House, moreover, its fate in the Senate is anything but assured.  Seems like the progressives backed down, therefore.  Maybe this signals that they feel responsible for the Dems' poor performance in the 2021 elections?  Maybe they think they owe Sleepy Joe a "win", even if it's a hollow one?  Hard to say, but things are percolating on Capitol Hill.  Let's hope that Manchin and Sinema keep fighting to make the reconciliation bill as toothless as humanly possible -- or, even better, that they and the Dems manage to screw it up altogether and the blasted bill is never heard from again. 

Biden's numbers continue to get worse, and Biden's loss is, potentially at least, Trump's gain.


The pandemic is, at least for now, once again in retreat, and new and better treatments hold out hope that the disease can be wrestled into submission, at long last.  The Dems better hope so!  In the meantime, however, Aaron Rogers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, has become the latest villainous "anti-vaxxer" to attract the ire of COVID enthusiasts.  I, for one, wish Rogers all the best, except on the football field, where I'd just as soon he lost big.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We win some we lose some. Maybe the Dem half way sane lefties decided to relent in order to counter the body blow they got earlier this week, as you pointed out. Betcha AOC is El Jefe in the squad and that she checked to make sure the squad could pitch its bitch without angering the Dems. She is going to need the party when she goes for it and she's building a quasi "respectable"rep little by little. We are still in the fight. The Dems may make haste to spend this "infrastructure"moola lest some of it be left to the tender mercies of a heretic Congress in 2023. I understand the "Reconciliation " bill to have been proposed for grant unto enlightened politically correct causes over a ten year period. IF it passes as such and this Dem executive "forgets" about that time period "requirement"and attempts to splurge it, perhaps it can be tied up in court. We are still in the fight. Go Manchin and keep your head up Sinema! The real America is counting on you and thanks you for enduring the characteristic vicious, calumny the left has directed at you!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: This was not mentioned in your post; I hope you will not mind my commenting on it. If its true, it is almost incredible , at least among civilized people. According to a radio news report I heard on Saturday, 11/6, our NY Governor has either proposed or enacted a national PR campaign to encourage people to repair to enlightened NY state for abortions. This would of course attract recently "unemployed"abortionists along with potential patients. Oh how very "redeeming" would such a grotesquery be! The commentator used the term " abortion tourism" in the expectation that other politically correct states might compete for this profitable industry, since the common sense America sees proper to declare it unwelcome, very unwelcome. Gads, I hope the commentator was not quoting our counterintuitive NY Governor in this beyond horrid term (as reflective of reality it certainly is!). Why, what a world of infernal possibilities it suggests! "We aren't having enough abortions in our state; we must double down on our outreach effort! I know: Abortion Funland! Thrill to the partial birth ride ( helmets required)!Redeem your abortion points for fabulous prizes! Yes, come to our state, though millions of dismissable apostates would rather you didn't. Just bring fly swatters, because that is ALL they are to us! Welcome, welcome!"

  3. The battle over the reconciliation bill has barely begun, in my view (and that's saying something)! The progressives' retreat on passing the infrastructure bill, without simultaneously passing the reconciliation bill, is odd. I guess they must feel that the Virginia debacle justifies a strategic retreat on their part. Personally, I don't think the infrastructure bill will matter one bit by November 2022. If they think passing it will put them in the good graces of the voters, they're in for a shock.

    I'm sorry to say that "abortion tourism" is likely to flourish in the years ahead. SCOTUS seems likely to uphold some severe state restrictions on abortion, and that means that the Left will want to help as many red state residents as possible to evade those restrictions. Might they even allocate funding to support these "abortion rights refugees"? It wouldn't surprise me.