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Friday, November 5, 2021

The Joe Manchin Variety Hour


Friends, the only name that's on everyone's lips as often as Glenn Youngkin's these days is...Joe Manchin's.  He's the man of the hour.  Almost singlehandedly he's holding up the Dems' cherished spending spree, and sending his fellow Democrats into fits of mutual recrimination.  It's delightful to watch.  Good ole Joe is in the news again.  First, as a victim of more harassment from far leftists, in this case "climate" activists.  Ready to admit the truth, Joe?  The Left HATES YOU!  It's time to jump ship.  In the second story, you'll see Manchin laying down some harsh truths about fiscal overreach.  As he points out, in the blink of an eye we've spent more allegedly battling COVID than we did fighting Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.  And now the Dems want to up the ante?  Come on, man!  Lastly, you'll see Joe standing up to CNN and pointing out that this just isn't a left-wing country.  If anything, in fact, he says it leans to the right.  That's not an easy thing to measure, but Joe is certainly correct that Americans didn't elect Joe Biden and a Democratic House and Senate because they love socialism and wokeness.  They did it because they were persuaded that Trump=Beelzebub.  They expected the Dems to restore a sense of normalcy.  How's that turning out?


In other news, recent developments suggest that John Durham is intensifying his efforts to get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia hoax, and it's looking more and more like a Dem con job.  No surprise there, but the question is whether any big fish will be caught in the net...


Here's an interesting analysis of the 2021 elections by a lefty.  He essentially says that the Dems underperformed because their base wasn't "angry" enough.  He has a point.  Trump-hatred was the rocket fuel that powered the ascent of Democrats from 2017 to 2020.  Now that fuel source has been mostly cut off.  They're trying to tap into a new reservoir of anger by harping on white supremacy (that again?), January 6th, and COVID fears, but it remains to be seen if any of those dogs will hunt. 

How screwed are we at the border?  Pretty darn screwed!  The numbers of border-hoppers being released into the interior of the country rise ever higher.  This article gives you some perspective on the crisis, which the media is still trying to ignore.


File this one under "Yay for Florida!".  For the first time EVER in the state's history, Republicans now outnumber Democrats.  Remember, Florida was a Southern state, so until the 1960s Republicans were virtually unknown there.  Then, desegregation, the Vietnam War, and the rise of social liberalism gave Floridians a swift kick in the political posterior, which in turn made many of them into Republicans, or at least Blue Dog Dems.  Slowly but surely, the state's shift to the right is coming to fruition.  Long may it last!  The participation of Hispanic immigrants in this phenomenon is especially heartening. 

Finally, U.S. trade deficits are setting new records.  Seems like they do that almost every month!  You ought to be a little anxious about this, because our high standard of living in America is undergirded by the fact that foreign countries, like China, are willing to send us all kinds of goodies in exchange for nothing more than little pieces of paper with George Washington's portrait on them.  Decent of them, no?  The whole arrangement relies, however, on the world's perception that the U.S. dollar is worth what we say it is.  And that perception, in turn, relies on the "good faith and credit" of the U.S. Treasury, which means, among other things, it relies on our ability to live within our means.  As our profligacy explodes, therefore, expect the integrity of the dollar, and its exchange value, to falter.  In other words, enjoy those flatscreen TVs and iPhones while you can, because they might not be affordable forever.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Some persistent popup prevented my reading the article on Manchin. He may be in a tough spot; now that Pelosi succeeded in separating the"Infrastructure" bill from the Reconciliation (sic)bill and got it passed. The fact that the squad voted against it might suggest that it really is at least partially intended as named, instead of being meant for summary diversion to "social justice", as the squadmates would do without misgivings. The main objection for him could be all the spending on dependably leftist measures to deal with climate change and to punish his benighted Trump supporting state by destroying its industrial base. We'll see what he does. I believe him when he says he will be actually reading this in detail. Ithink those demonstrators ought to think twice about riling a fighting West Virginian!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We must fervently hope that the Dems place their hopes in exacerbating their base's resentment over insolent real American resistance to their haughty dictates on political correctness and to the "evil"of denying its undoubtable righteousness. May they continue to bleat piteously about Jan.6; their tolerance of and sometimes explicit approval of the 2020 anarchy completely discredits any moralistic pontification on Jan.6 on their part. Plus, the Durham investigation's continued revelations of the hollowness of their vicious Russiagate accusations, lends evermore credence to the spreading perception that they will say ordo ANYTHING to gain total power. And it follows obviously that that casual contempt for "the people" would order their every measure if they were tragically in complete control. We could also emphasize how persons now revered in fashionable Dem salons, even unto friendship with a President, physically and potentially murderously, attacked the US Capitol in the 60s. A long time ago,yes,but soon Jan. 6 may seem so too. Oh also Dems, we too harbor and express anger. We can better you at that anytime. After all, you leftists are incapable of anger towards YOU! But we are not!

  3. Dr Waddy from Jack: The left lacks ITSELF, with its historic and continuing record of unparalleled inhumanity and dictatorship, proven an incomparable object of fear and antipathy on the part of civilized people, as an unprecedented focal point for outrage and subsequent determined resistance. But WE do! Don't try to outanger us lefties; this election need only suggest how we can put you back in the gutter you rose from in the late 1800s. Your freely chosen actions have convinced a perhaps decisive majority that you mean to destroy all the real America cherishes and va!ues. Oh, do keep driving that lesson home with your presumptuous and sociopathically pursued and enabled dreams. Oh do!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I stand corrected; I thought the "infrastructure" had yet to pass the Senate.

  5. Jack, I regard the House's passage of the reconciliation bill as insignificant. It will be altered in the Senate. If it EVER passes there (increasingly doubtful), the House will need to tackle it anew.

    Jack, I'm heartened by the reversals the Dems have recently experienced, but I'm a long way from thinking that a "decisive majority" has rejected the Left. I'm not sure there's a "decisive majority" in the USA for much of anything. Certainly not one that supports the GOP.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Perhaps many who now see clearly the Dem/ left threat have retreated into apathy. So many of them exert maximum effort simply living positive, constructive lives. They can see now the withering contempt the left has for such living, which it regards simply as exercise of undeserved privilege.But it can be discouraging and enervating to realize that those you thought represented you have now declared destruction on you! The entirety of the faction of the now convinced (eg. longtime blue collar Dems who have finally realized that the Dem party has long since worn out its labor movement laurels; it uses them now in disdainful presumptuousness while it exalts the unproductive) may not yet see the so long execrated GOP as its ally. So many like that remain in blue collar places like Buffalo. Commies in every place they have taken have murderously betrayed the"working class"! It can only be prevented here by active resistance to them in the realization that they mean complete totalitarian destruction of all we value. Blue collar people so often manifest traditional, good family values. We need those recently given to the stark reality of the comprehensive, very real, leftist threat. Join us!

  7. Well said, Jack! We do indeed need to become the party of the working class. We're on our way... And, as you point out, it's one thing to seed Americans' minds with doubts about the Dems and progressives. It's another to get them to join up with the Republicans and conservatives who are trying to reposition America on the right path. The left-leaning establishment does everything in its power to tarnish the GOP/conservative "brand", making our task that much harder.