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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Governors in the Crosshairs


Friends, I know you're all excited about the 2022 midterm elections, when we have a chance to retake the House and Senate.  We also, however, have the opportunity to pick up a lot of Governorships in purple states.  And that could in turn prove decisive in 2024, because GOP Governors (and Secretaries of State and Attorneys-General) will be in a position to prevent the kind of electoral abuses that marred the 2020 election.


Consumer sentiment is really getting hammered by inflation worries, and bad consumer sentiment is one of the most telling harbingers of a recession.  In other words, now might be the ideal time to liquidate some of your investments and batten down the hatches!


The January 6th boosters are still at it, trying to foster a narrative that condemns all Trumpers and Republicans as "insurrectionists".  Their latest tactic is the pursuit of federal charges against Steve Bannon.  This was entirely predictable.  You know, it's funny -- Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, was never charged criminally when he was cited for contempt of Congress.  It's almost like there's a...double standard?


Finally, this year's climate summit in Glasgow is breaking all records...for boosting carbon emissions!  Bravo!  If increasing emissions is the path to lowering emissions, as the Chinese seem to believe, then the climate doomsayers in Scotland are definitely part of the solution.  And, if you believe that, I've got some beachfront property in Kansas to sell you.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Bannon will be prosecuted in the U S District Court for DC. No doubt the grand jury which indicted him and the jury which will judge him is derived from the heavily leftist DC area. The prosecutor, Matthew Graves, is a Biden nominee. Gee, were such possible prejudice to obtain in an action against a leftist darling would they not yell and probably demonstrate, unshirted hell, with passionate assertions of denial to him of "equal protection" and of consummate injustice. Why of course it would be so. DC District Court will also host trials of Jan.6. How convenient! How many 2020 and present insurrectionists and forceful occupiers , especially of anyone's neighborhood in Portland and Seattle,have faced such enthusiastically pressed summons to justice?! Dr.Waddy you are right; Bannon's indictment is politically generated and any moral authority for leftists to deny that is confirmed by their silence at Holder's redemption.

  2. I meant" any moral is denied. . . "

  3. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack:Though I would not wish a recession (and if I did it would matter), if we do have one it might well work to the distinct disfavor of the Dems. After all: "its the economy stupid!" . Why , wasn't that the triumphant Clintonesque refrain?

  4. I beg your pardon: "...if I did it would NOT matter..."

  5. Jack, Bannon's trial may well, as he seems to expect, afford him many opportunities to rail against Biden and the politicized DOJ. On the other hand, since the Dems and their prosecutorial fellow travelers don't seem capable of charging anyone with insurrection, perhaps charging Trump and every Trumper in sight with "contempt of Congress" (of which, let's face it, we're thoroughly guilty!) may be their best hope. I mean, they want us in jail. They don't much care how we get there.