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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Twelve Not-So-Angry Men and Women


Friends, many on the right are chuffed about the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial.  I happen to know the fellow who wrote the following article, and I agree entirely with its analysis: the Rittenhouse trial wasn't about race or ideology or gun rights.  It was about the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.  Kyle Rittenhouse may well have made some poor decisions on that fateful night, but that doesn't mean it was, or should have been, easy for prosecutors to prove him guilty of murder.  If there's a reasonable doubt about whether he acted in self-defense, then, according to our system, the jury had to find him innocent.  And they did.  So kudos to Kyle Rittenhouse and his lawyers, but, even more so, kudos to the Rittenhouse jury, which was under horrific pressure to lock the boy up and throw away the key, but instead discharged its duty and found him not guilty.


Joe Biden, in case you haven't heard, is "angry and concerned" about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.  Why?  He doesn't say, but we can assume the answer: Kyle Rittenhouse is a white male who resisted the BLM mobs in the midst of a riot.  Ergo, his guilt is something we ought to take for granted.  In other words, Rittenhouse was guilty the second he emerged from his mother's womb with the wrong skin tone. 

Things are getting wild in the Bay Area!  Rampant shoplifting was just an appetizer, apparently.  Be glad that you don't live on the Left Coast!


Finally, file this under "the biggest news stories that rarely make the news".  Having children -- which the more sophisticated among you might refer to as "procreation" -- is becoming more and more passé.  For a variety of reasons, almost all of them stupid, the most successful, intelligent, and responsible people in Western societies are deciding not to have children.  The least successful, intelligent, and responsible among us, on the other hand, are still cranking out offspring like there's no tomorrow.  Socially (not to mention genetically), this simply can't end well.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: That was a very well taken article you cited on the Rittenhouse trial and your comments were of equal credit.I would have only a quibbling cavil on the statement in the article that the jury was "undoubtably" bipartisan, though that is plausible given the varied political culture of Wisconsin. The author states that this trial was not a victory for either political side which saw its principles on trial and supports it well by saying it was a triumph of the rule of law. As a conservative I glory in that truth and I celebrate the discomfiture of the totalitarian left. Agreed, the jury exemplified courage and I was very impressed by the rectitude and devotion to the rule of law displayed by the judge. These factors put the tantrums thrown by leftists in a very telling and perhaps consequential light.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Biden is a willing marionette who considers today's incipiently but evermore openly totalitarian left to be possessed of the same 1965, campfire Kumbayaa good will which motivates him. And if they display some "youthful overenthusiasm", " well now, lets not be judgemental after all". His wooden head detects little of malice in his statement that the verdict "angers him". He's just doing as directed and in doing so, not comrehending how it endorses far leftist scorn for the rule of American law exemplified in this honorable trial.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Why of course the left coast is so plagued; that is common sense, which is a view point violently rejected by the radical leftists who pollute that territory. The there far too prominent left has enabled its Marxist rejection of all tradition, of all honored by down to earth people, to produce a swamp of dysfunction, fully predictable. My regret is for the decent people captured within and I hope we learn from their ordeal.

  4. Jack, the Adam Mill article was wrong in one light: any victory for the rule of law IS a victory for the right, insofar as the right is the only part of the political spectrum that still supports it. "The law" has no substance, to the Left, except insofar as it aids their narrative and their project, writ large.

    Jack, Biden is left enough to express "anger" about the verdict, but center enough to skip the part where he explains why. No need, though, since emotions trump rationality for all leftists, as we know all too well.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack:Ditto to you on "the law". Guided by the tragically prevalent "critical legal studies" school, which, allegiant to Marx, dismisses the evolution of British and American law as simply the efforts of elites to protect their privileges, the left bustles! And with what would they replace our painfully proven principles? Why, their irrefutable, incidental wisdom, sprang full blown from the forehead of Marx and murderously advanced by them!