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Monday, November 15, 2021

When Even Fake News Can't Conceal the Truth


Friends, we all know that the mainstream media doesn't care a whit for objectivity or truth.  They serve "the narrative", which means...whatever narrative advances the interests of the Democratic Party and the agenda of progressivism.  No wonder that public trust in the media is reaching all-time lows.  What's amazing, though, is that, these days, even the MSM is piling criticism on poor Joe Biden and the Democrats -- at long last!  What's more, media polls, which tend, as we are all painfully aware, to overstate support for Democrats and under-report support for Republicans, are showing a massive decline in support for the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats.  The latest ABC/Washington Post poll is a case in point.  Among "registered voters", it's got Republicans a whopping ten points ahead on the "generic ballot" question for 2022.  Among likely voters, the numbers would be even more alarming for the Dems.  The upshot here is that the Dems are already in a deep, deep hole, which the GOP win in Virginia, and near win in New Jersey, signified two weeks ago.  The question is: how will Democrats react?  Will they double down on their ambitious, expensive, "woke" agenda in Congress?  Or will "moderate" Dems start looking for the ideological exits, i.e. will they look for ways to differentiate themselves from a Democratic "brand" that is clearly tanking?  If I were a dastardly Dem, my greatest fear would be a deterioration in the economy between now and November 2022 -- which in my view is likely -- because that would make a bad situation for lefties even worse.  Sobering, no?  Well, it would be if you were a Biden backer, which thankfully you're not! 

P.S. You gotta love how the WaPo begins its article: with a phony declaration that the public supports Biden's plans, including the reconciliation bill.  That all depends on how you ask the question!  Duh.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I noticed durig the Clinton/Lewinski mess that there came a point at which the MSM, despite itself, had, of necessity, to cover it. Oh they still tried to help him by portraying the investigation as an uneeemly invasion of his private life, while suppressing coverage of Hillary's campaign to discredit any coverage of his casual fibbing under oath and his consequent denial to an "underclass" nevertheless American citizen a meaningful day in court to seek relief from his leering, slobbering and presumptuous violation of her person! Why, things may have advanced to the point where the always propitious rats are abandoning the foundering Biden leftist commanded vessel!


  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I 've always thought that we will reach a tipping point where the imminent triumph of one side and permanent marginalization of the other would be confirmed. I thought a Hillary victory would do it but we lucked out. One can hope that a series of obverse developments in the next three years could, together, spell such an end for the American left's 50 year bizarre intrusion on our democratic government. As you have pointed out, it would not be a full remedy for the malevolent left's poisonous cuckooing of many of our vital nongovernmental institutions (eg entertainment, "news", far too much of corporate America) but it could have far reaching consequences. Perhaps it might precipitate a departure of the left, motivated by juvenile inability to endure self righteous frustration,led by AOC and her ilk, unto ultima lala land itself!

  3. Jack, it seemed to me that the press initially hammered Slick Willie pretty hard over the Lewinsky Affair, but they soon pivoted to shielding him by wringing their hands over Republican intrusion into the Prez's "private" sexual dalliances.

    The permanent marginalization of the Left -- I daren't hope for such deliverance! Well, I dare, but only in my most sanguine moments.