Thursday, April 22, 2021

Woke Chicks Gone Wild


Friends, remember the good old days, when the craziest thing young women and girls got up to was pillow fights in their jammies?  Well, I sure do.  Good times!  But I digress.  Nowadays young women are at the leading edge of wokery, and they're also, relatedly, among the most mentally unhinged people in our society.  It's very sad what's become of our young women, in fact.  Leftist nonsense has a lot to do with it.  Witness the shocking correlation between mental illness in women and girls and progressive ideology.  It's often said that we conservatives need to create a beachhead among the young, if our movement is to survive long-term.  Sure, that's true.  It may also be the case that we need to save young people from progressivism for the sake of their own mental health and emotional/spiritual well-being!  Reaching out to the young and potentially woke is thus an act of charity.


Many of you are focused on the outcome of the trial of Derek Chauvin in Minnesota.  I'm not.  That's because the whole George Floyd/Derek Chauvin circus was little more than media sleight-of-hand, in my estimation.  Sure, it's always tragic when someone dies before his or her time, and it's extra tragic when someone sworn to uphold the law and keep the peace is arguably responsible for his or her demise.  That doesn't change the fact that, if black lives REALLY mattered to BLM and the Left in general, they would perk up a bit when thousands upon thousands of black Americans get murdered -- routinely -- by criminals.  Our perception of the problems of racism and violence in America are now so warped by intentionally deceptive, anecdote-driven media coverage that we're in danger of setting off a race war at a time when racism (of the anti-black variety) has never been rarer.  Whatever happens to Chauvin also doesn't change the fact that the police are, and always will be, THE ANSWER to the problems of black America.  They're not the problem itself.


In other news, along with the dismantling of many urban police departments, we're also witnessing a corresponding decline in the willingness of urban district attorneys to prosecute laws of which they disapprove.  In San Francisco, you can now shoplift all you want, as long as the total value of goods is under $900.  (Thus, a vacation in Frisco could really pay off!)  In New York, you can now hire all the prostitutes you like.  (Bonus points, naturally, if they turn out to be transvestites.)  Somehow, the Left has convinced itself that the non-enforcement of laws will usher in an egalitarian, libertine paradise.  Wanna bet?


Meanwhile, remember how, back when the Bidenists seized power in January, I predicted that one of the biggest threats we conservatives would face would be dismissal from our jobs because of our offensive views (and the "danger" we allegedly pose to the community)?  Well, it's starting to happen, although thus far it remains a rarity.  It's not surprising that the Left is starting with an effort to purge urban police departments of "right-wing nutjobs".  Don't think for a moment that the Inquisition will stop there.


Lastly, just in case anyone is keeping track, our budget deficit is SOARING.  Based on his recent negotiations with Republicans over "infrastructure" spending, even Biden may be coming to realize that the American people are worried about runaway expenditures.  That doesn't mean he'll rein them in, of course.  He's only looking to co-opt a few RINOs to give him political cover. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: If the left takes over after the deluge, the "police" will be reimpowered, with a vengeance. They will have two tasks: first, disarm the criminals they turned loose to destroy the country; second, assure totalitarian control over the lawful. Today's police would be most unwilling to do the latter.

  2. Clarification: " the criminals the left turned loose" - Jack

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: It is true to form for leftist incipient totalitarians to assert a presumed right to say, on theirown say so by golly,what laws shall or shall not be enforced; not judges and not legislators. It fairly predicts the leftist intention to eliminate the rule of laws and to govern by fiat. "prosecutorial discretion" baloney!

  4. Jack, I totally agree about "prosecutorial discretion". It's one thing to give a single malefactor a pass (which is problematic enough), but to decide that whole categories of laws will be ignored is tantamount to destroying the law itself. It also, as you say, makes the work of legislators pretty redundant!

  5. P.S. The election of 2020 is a good case study in what you get when "the authorities" observe only the laws that please them.