Tuesday, April 13, 2021

True Religion in 21st Century America


Friends, here are, believe it or not, two articles with the same title, published on the same day.  Not surprisingly, they cover much of the same ground, but with some subtle differences that make both of them well worth reading.  In simple terms, both focus on the new "secular religion" of the Left: identity politics and "wokeness".  I leave it to you to decide whether the zealotry of these "true believers" will earn them salvation. 

Here's some more truth-telling, straight from the hip.  It's a piece that analyzes how the New York Times, which currently views any protestations about voter fraud as (racist) misinformation, for years took the very same problem seriously and reported on it extensively.  It's yet more evidence that, for the Left, reality truly is what one makes of it.


Finally, as America has become depressingly blue (which is to say: Bolshevik red), West Virginia has gone in the opposite direction, becoming one of the most GOP-dominated and culturally conservative states in the Union.  It's like the land that time forgot.  In our circles, that's a high compliment!  Well, now you too can become a West Virginian...and the state might even pay you for the privilege! 


  1. “All significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts..."
    - Carl Schmitt, Political Theology Ch. 4


    Are you familiar with the Puritan thesis of Curtis Yarvin (aka, Mencius Moldbug)? I hesitate to attribute to it the, "silver bullet," status that some confer upon it, but I think he certainly stumbled upon an important missing piece of the puzzle by framing our leftist travail as something inherently American and theological in nature.

    The wife and I were recently discussing where we would flee should the warm embrace of New York State ever turn cold towards our cultural and political dispositions. W. Virginia did rate highly.


    1. Lee

      If you make a move, I have read a lot about West Virginia being a choice place to relocate to. For example, Area Vibes has given Charleston, West Virginia an A+ rating overall, and especially for a very, very low crime rate there. Area Vibes is a good source in determining the best places to live, kind of like what Edmunds does for automobile ratings.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "Wokeness" is a perhaps inevitable followup to political correctness; the latter is wearing out its welcome and the left knows it. The Trumpian Heresy has shaken the left to its core. "Wokeness" is a purely unprincipled and cynical POWER PLAY, though some of good will are regretably convinced to embrace it.

  3. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: If I had not the love I have for my wife, who does not share my political convictions, I might repair unto Pa or WVa in a minute. But we are HOME here in God's country, which except for NYC's onerus political influence, is real America, sure enough! I fear for our region though, especially should America split up. Would we go with the radical rump? Then God save us!

  4. Dr. Waddy fromJack: Lenin and his nonetheless doubted successor , the hellish fiend Stalin, made haste to try to eradicate religion: ehh, "the opiate of the masses". They may well no t have witnessed,unless from the infernal reaches, the utter failure of their presumptions, confirme d the moment St. John Paul II landed in Poland, his Poland! The power of that mome nt cannot be denied! The left seeks to usurp the form but it cannot take on the SPIRITUAL POWER of it. They presume to religious conviction sans religious bases and confirmation. Sancta Simplicitas (If I may say it).

  5. Hi Lee. Nope, Curtis Yarvin is virgin territory for me. If you'd care to fell a redwood or two, be my guest...

    The time may come when we need to form a Waddist colony in the hills of West Virginia... Don't worry, folks -- there'll be a lot less bigamy and cannibalism than you might think!

    Jack, I haven't any clear idea of where political correctness ends and "wokeness" begins. They overlap, to a large extent, although even the PC jerks of the 90s never conceived of making EVERYTHING about race and demonizing whites en masse. Maybe wokeness is just political correctness with a bad attitude?

    Jack, many of us have personal connections in this region that make leaving difficult. If Lee is right, though, and the Great Divide is coming, then it behooves us to be ready to flee in an instant...

    True enough: neo-Bolshevism is a religion without religion. And that doesn't exhaust the Left's self-negations either. They're race-obsessed but don't believe in races. They're gender-obsessed but don't believe in sexes. They're moralistic and self-righteous, but reject the concept of objective morality and righteousness. And, somehow, they disbelieve in the afterlife and any notion of transcendent purpose, but they still manage to believe that hating you and me makes their existence worthwhile. They're enigmas, all right!

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I see "wokeness" as a comprensive point of view governing attitudes toward most social issues. It manifests PC's reflexive intolerance and has become, like PC, a reflex in many people.

  7. True, Jack, but wokeness's very "comprehensiveness" makes it slippery and ill-defined. I would hope it's a pejorative. Lefties don't boast of their "wokeness", do they? Or maybe they do. I have a feeling they were the ones who came up with the concept of being "woke"...

  8. Woke=enlightened, in effect. No wonder we detest the woke!

  9. Ray, West Virginia has a lot to recommend it! A bit temperate for my tastes, but you can't have everything... I also don't know a soul there, which isn't ideal. In future, I should post an open invitation to all of you to circulate ideas on where the Waddist Redoubt should be located. I'm curious what people think.