Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Flying the Friendly (If Chaotic) Skies


Great news, friends!  In future, commercial airline pilots won't be chosen for their experience or ability, but to satisfy some woke fussbudget's notions of "equity".  United claims that 50% of its future pilots will be women and minorities, which would represent a huge and rapid increase in their representation, presumably only achievable by re-imagining what it means to be a "pilot".  For example, is it really necessary to land the plane safely 100% of the time?  Psh!  I say 80-85% is pretty good.  That's a "B", right?  Very respectable!


Coke is facing criticism because of its...criticism of Georgia's new voting law, but will that flak translate into lower demand for Coke, or a diminution of Coke's profits?  That remains to be seen.  Probably the key question is: will President Trump find a substitute for his beloved Diet Coke?  One option: purchase grocery store brands of soda.  They're often indistinguishable from national brands, they're cheaper, and local grocery chains seldom weigh in on national politics. 

Politics is, in large measure, a numbers game.  Right now, "President" Biden's approval numbers are good but not great.  They've mostly been trending down slightly, as you see here: 


Now, in general we would expect a president's approval numbers to fall back down to earth after their post-inauguration "honeymoon" period.   Rod would doubtless tell us that Biden's numbers are bound to shoot up once the post-corona boom starts to bite.  I have my doubts.  Biden clearly didn't expect illegal immigration to be as much of a headache as it has become, and doubtless other obstacles and challenges will emerge, many of which we can't even imagine at this stage.  In any case, as this analysis demonstrates, not only are Republicans justified in expecting to pick up the House in 2022 -- if the circumstances are right they could win back the Senate too.


It would appear that reports of Kamala Harris's leading role in resolving the current border crisis were greatly exaggerated.  Harris is barely engaged with the crisis, and the press doesn't seem inclined to "press" her on the issue.  That's just as well -- who would want to take responsibility for this fiasco? 

And here's an analysis of the media's disdain -- nay, visceral detestation -- for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  Methinks they doth protest too much?


  1. Dr. Nick

    You know very well, that the DemoNISTAS don't want our Border situation solved. The idea is to flood the country with people (from Central America in this case) so they can become a new constituency as wards of the state. That's the plan. For The Left there is NO crisis. What is going on down on the border is a Left wet dream of the most erotic and exotic kind. Totally open borders is a goal in progress, and getting done. A lot of it is to make Texas pay for being Red.

  2. Dr. Nick

    My dream is that all of our future pilots will be NON-White. And not only that, but minorities who are in wheel chairs with some sort of physical disability, but nothing that would prevent them from flying. I know this will work out, I can feel it. And so we have a few crashes and mid-air collisions at the start (because air traffic controllers will ALL be people of color), I say "What The Hell"! In the end, it's all worth it. Anyway, I don't like to fly anyway. Also, ALL aircraft maintenance personnel will be non-White. In addition White people will only be able to fly with special permits, and only at the rear of the aircraft. A new day is coming to our aviation industry. LONG OVERDUE! This is a step in the Right Direction. Could all of this be the new "JET BLUE"? I do hope so.

  3. Dr. Nick

    My point is that white people need to get out of aviation, totally. Those damn racist Wright brothers!!

  4. DR. NICK

    I changed my mind, The Airlines need to go ALL Women, and preferably Minority Women. And when I say "Women" I mean all those Women who used to be Men. Got it! Understand?

  5. Dr. Nick

    How about WOKE AIR where flights are CANCELed due to maintenance issues because of the new INCLUSION jet engines? Sorry. But I do like WOKE AIR. Come on, let's get transparent here. How about the chain of Antifa Sky Lounges where you can get high before each flight? I'm just throwing out ideas here for the future of commercial aviation. Like they say, "The Sky Is The Limit" isn't

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I am tempted to say let's not waste time speculating about the motives of proven leftist sources in attacking common sense Americans at any level? But you are right to comment on it, if only to reemphasize its existential importance for the real America.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Why of course the Kamalafornia enforced left enables and defends untrammeled invasion of our country completely contrary to our laws. The NY State leftist controlled legislature yesterday voted for unemployment benefits for "undocumented" ie invaders! So much for lawful Americans, both in our NY People's Republic and, incipiently, for America, if Kamala etc has its way. No surprise that!

  8. Dr Waddy et al from Jack: In one sense the details are no longer important. It is fully proven! The !eft purposes the comprehensive destruction of our country and its replacement with a totalitarian dictatorship which reaches into all aspects of national life EXCEPT the well being of its elite cadre.

  9. DR. WADDY

    I did some Marxist confession and rethink on the subject of airlines and related issues, and have come to the conclusion that the only people qualified to fly around (using fossil fuels) are members of the Bidenista Party. This is the new name for the former Democrats, and in honor of President Biden. The rest of us deplorable, and expendables should not be flying at all. In fact most of us should not even be traveling at all, except on special missions for The Party, and only with authorized travel permits issued by The People's Militia Police (the new police replacing the old reactionary police forces). The new executive airlines for our ruling elite only will be known as AIR FLOYD in honor of George Floyd. Also, this will eliminate the need for most airports. As People's Commander Strelnikov would say "The Personal Life Is Dead". It's EVERYTHING for the new Woke and Cancel Culture of The United Socialist States of America.

  10. Ray, there's no question that the Left wants to achieve political-victory-through-demographic-transformation via open borders, BUT they do need to calibrate the shift with some discretion. Quite a few Democrats seem to think that the chaotic situation at the border now -- which is but a foretaste of what the summer could bring -- is a political liability for them, in the short term. I'd say they're right.

    Ray, separate and decidedly unequal seating in airplanes for white people is a GREAT idea! Maybe wing seating for crackers? Less danger of corona out on the wing, at least...

    And you make a good point that it might be time to bring back TWA (Trans World Airways): imagine the majesty and heroism of an all-trans crew! A potential stumbling block, though: every aircraft would need to decide on its preferred pronouns...

    Jack, unemployment benefits for illegals, eh? I'm surprised it took us this long. Perhaps Kamala will propose we send the Central Americans their checks BEFORE they make the journey north? Or at least we could send them an advance to speed them on their way... It's the least we can do, surely.

  11. A bit late, but...

    The Coca-Cola/Delta Airlines debacle is quite telling. Multi-billion dollar corporate oligarchs directly using the wealth and clout of their companies to affect public opinion to influence and coerce the government, and not a peep from the, "left," on the inherently Fascistic and Plutocratic character of the whole episode. The GOP, historically the party of the, "Right," is rapidly becoming the party of the working class, in terms of it's economics.

    Truly, Social Policy has supplanted Economic Policy as the key dividing line of the left/right paradigm. Probably because the real issue of substance between the left and the right has never been economic or social, the economic and social being merely functions of some more primordial third thing...

    Also, they hate Ron Desantis because he's not a sniveling coward, as all good Conservative, Right-Wing, "White Supremacist Americans" should be. The Left cannot stand or applaud genuine opposition, for it calls into question their own self-righteous certainty in their moral superiority. Not a man on the Right has an issue with praising Gabbard or Sanders in their principled policy prescriptions, though we may find them unpalatable, and yes we will praise even Pelosi and Biden when they at their most Machiavellian for a good play, but the Left will brook no such acknowledgement.

    I'm convinced, there are three things that the left simply does not and will not understand:
    1) Supply and Demand
    2) Proportionality
    3) Principled Opposition

    - Lee

  12. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: Any sign of approval of any leftist from our side is regarded by it with the withering contempt reserved by the resolute for the diffident. We must be resigned to this certainty and resolve ourselves to regard ANY BUT ANY move by them to be directed only to their totalitarian intent, that is unassailable , enforced , completely incidental, "intuitive" and arbitrary executive POWER! Eg. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Madame Mao, Pol Pot,,Castro,etc. Eg executive power entranced Biden (0r his puppeteers?)Think today's leftist movers have any intention other than occupying the property of the productive, just like their role models? Thiink againnnn!

  13. Well said, Lee! It's true that what seems to get people's blood up these days is social issues. Of course, we OUGHT to be outraged by Democratic policies pushing us (at a breakneck speed) towards national bankruptcy, but apparently we're so inured to deficits that they bore us no matter how vast they become. Anyway, the transformation of the GOP into a working class, haven't-been-to-college party is fascinating. One wonders if it's permanent, though. Suburbanites and independents are already making the trek tentatively back to the GOP. It's not hard to imagine that corporations will rediscover the usefulness of the GOP as well, should it retake the House or the Senate, or have real hopes of doing so.

    I really need to watch DeSantis in action. Since I don't watch the news (ever), I only know what I've read about men such as he. I get the distinct impression that you have to EXPERIENCE DeSantis to understand him (much like Trump).

    Re: Coke -- the funny thing is how futile its protestations are. They aren't matched by any concrete actions, and they aren't satisfying even to leftists. Coke is truly in a lose-lose situation...of its own making.

  14. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: The left abandoned blue collar America in the 60's There were several causes: After the war, with post war prosperity,which was a veritable miracle to so many "working class" people after the Depression and "'da neighborhood" to which they they thought they had been permanently consigned. Suburbia was a dream come true . Yes, very much of this was due to the heroic efforts of the labor movement, which was leftist in its way. But by the 60's working people said "this is pretty good "and they saw no need for the radical change college radicals were preaching to their boomrr children. For that, the radicals, who yet dream of Maoist permanent revolution or in striving for unreachable ideals reacted with the vicious contempt of the convinced for apostates. Radicals hwve no idea of when they have done enough - when they have achieved enough already!

  15. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: The radical left sees humanity in two mutually antagonistic parts: The "haves", who have only due to privilege and the "have nots" who have not due only to lack of privilege. The ideas of freely chosen positive or negative decisions in the personal conduct of life are as dross, dust to them in their Marxist conviction that scientifically predictable forces mandate our fortunes! Suburban liberals may finally be discerning the radical conviction: "you are due no credit for the 'enlightened' positive lifestyles you have achieved." They are " feeling" (so important to the boomers and tneir spawn) what the blue collar people experienced in the 60's: vindictive radical dismissiveness. Will it swing them away from the radical do minated Dems? We'll see; it could well happen! The frantic, presumptuous left is very much prone to overreach.

  16. You ask some thoughtful, searching questions here, Jack. In essence, as you say, the Left is telling most Americans that they are "privileged"...and racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic, to boot. Oh, and we're also destroying the planet with our selfish addiction to fossil fuels, bastards that we are! It's an extremely negative, accusatory message. It would only be natural if some people reacted defensively and with disgust. The Left offers a path to "absolution", true, but it's a pretty narrow, harrowing path, and even those who travel it can be demonized in a second if they transgress. Who wants to live like that???

  17. Dr.Waddy trom Jack: We have in the20th century a thorough laboratory of the left in the totwl control it seeks in America. We KNOW it to be the most inhuman regime ever forced on humanity.All of the cynical "isms" today accused by the American left are but powerful tools in its consummate grab for power!