Monday, April 26, 2021

Biden's Bathos


Friends, slowly but surely, Biden's poll numbers are sinking, and his disapproval numbers are rising.  This is enormously important, because Biden's leverage to achieve real change -- as opposed to presidential posturing and virtue-signalling -- is predicated on his popularity, such as it is.  Can Biden put some spring back in his step?  We'll see, but being president ain't easy.  If I had to bet whether, say, in November 2022 Biden's poll numbers will be better or worse than now, I'd bet on worse!


In a clear sign that the Dems recognize their growing weakness, and the unpopularity of some of their extreme proposals, they're backtracking and beginning to take Senate Republican initiatives seriously.  In other words, they understand that, without some bipartisanship in the Senate, Biden may already have shot his wad, as it were, with the "American Rescue Plan". 

Is there anyone who can cut to the quick of American dysfunction quite like Victor Davis Hanson?  In this article, he exposes how the "antiracists" are really peddling a new form of straight-up racism, this time with whites as the "bogeymen".  That the "antiracists" are so often insulated from the consequences of their own derangement, not to mention from non-whites themselves, only makes their ramblings that much less credible.


Finally, you know you're doing something right when the Left starts to loathe you, right?  By that metric, Ron DeSantis is THE MAN!  "DeSantis Derangement Syndrome" (DDS) -- not to be confused with DDT, which I hear is also effective against pestilential Dems -- is a clear sign that in Florida's Governor we may have found the next GOP candidate and the next President of these United States! 


  1. Nick, what was Trump's approval rating at 100 days?

    BTW, DeSantis needs to get re-elected, and, if as is rumored, Val Demmings challenges him, he's in major trouble.

    BTW2, Victor Davis Hanson is a right wing crank who the next time he is right about anything will be the first time.

    1. HI THERE ROD,

      Like most low level Leftists, you can't stand the accomplishments of someone like Victor Davis Hanson. Where is the list of publications you have authored, so we can compare them to those of Hanson? I certainly don't have any to offer, or certainly nothing compared to Hanson's. Sorry Rod, but if Davis is a "right wing crank" as you describe him, you must be his equivalent on The left.

      You have a nice day, FOOL!

      Waiting to see a list of all those books you wrote.

  2. Dr. Nick

    Sorry, but DeSantis or probably anyone else claiming to be a conservative or a republican, or what passes for the somewhat limp dick right list of heroes these days, will NOT save us from our current dilemma. That day is "far spent". I tend to be thinking more like Travis at The Alamo, in that I doubt anyone is coming to rescue us, at least any time soon. And even if they do, things will be so FUBAR by then, that all they will be able to do is pick up the pieces. I really try to appreciate your optimism, by I'm sure my mindset at this particular time is more like a U-Boat Commander getting depth charged by about five British destroyers simultaneously. And you know that beside DeSantis, there will be about umpteen other clowns up there with him running in the 2024 political dog and pony shows. But what the hell, who gives a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut anyway. After all, who am I and who are you? Nothing but a couple of straight, white, conservative males. So when our Alamo falls, the Lefty pukes can mark our files DSAF (Did Society A Favor).

  3. Rod, Biden's numbers are slightly higher than Trump's. Yippee! (That was sarcasm.) Given the difference in media treatment of the two presidencies, you'd expect Biden's numbers to be stratospheric. Fortunately, much of America has tuned out the MSM...and Biden to boot. Hey, if you're happy with 53% at this stage, bully for you.

    There will be a full-court-press on DeSantis in 2022, I have no doubt. We'll see what you can manage. It depends on the public mood in Nov. 2022, of course. I know you're optimistic. You generally are. Me too. One of us is going to be mighty disappointed!

    Ray, it's a good sign that Rod is calling Victor Davis Hanson names. It means that's all he's got.

    Ray, I'm happy to be crewing the benighted U-Boat "Amerika" with you, even if we probably will end up at the bottom of the Atlantic together. Make the most of your shore leave -- that's my advice!

  4. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: Re: DeSantis: Bring 'em on; bring on the political tests! Let's see what he has. We are not desperate; we are the real America and left wing incipient and hopeful totalitarians: we are your equals in the arena of political combat! I might bid you beware; don't let your reflexive disdain blind you. But not so; do, oh do!