Friday, April 16, 2021

Mark Zuckerberg, Super Vilain?


Good day to you, friends.  Your news update today concentrates on the evils of Big Tech.  So many to choose from!

Mark Zuckerberg famously plowed hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort to expand voter participation in 2020.  Do you suppose he funded such measures in Republican and Democratic areas equally?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Don't be so naive.  No, it appears old Zuck knew exactly what he was doing...


Meanwhile, Facebook is selectively enforcing its rules -- and even pulling new rules out of a hat, if need be -- to protect its favorites, like this BLM bigwig: 

If only Facebook was the only social media company in thrall to Lucifer, right?  No, Twitter is just as bad, if not worse.  It's systematically deplatforming conservatives.


At least there are options these days.  Rumble, for instance, is an alternative to YouTube.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed up with Rumble.  Smart move, because it doesn't take a genius to figure out that his days on YouTube are probably numbered. 

The truth, though, is that Rumble is not, at this stage, a viable PR alternative to YouTube.  The audience that Big Tech has is immense, and if conservatives can't access the mainline social media platforms they will be at a vast disadvantage in the marketplace of ideas.  And that's the point of all the censorship and deplatforming, after all.  We have yet to find a solution to this vexing problem.

Lastly, check out California's new take on math.  2+2=4, you say?  You racist bastard!!!  The only math problem that we can solve with any confidence these days is this one:

America + white people = SAD FACE 😔


  1. Nothing complicated here. MZ launched Facebook from his Harvard room, as I recall reading. That should tell you something right there. Again, nothing complicated about any of this. Schools like Harvard, Columbia, and on and on, were taken over decades ago by professors who had embraced a Leftist world view and ideology. Obviously, they passed this on to their students, generations of them, to include MZ. What's so hard to understand about this?

    While you are at it, check out the educational backgrounds of others who founded or are involved in social media. What the hell did you expect? Speaking of Big Tech as well as corporations, anything from food to insurance, and ask yourself why most of them (with few exceptions) are making generous donations to Leftist causes, to include Antifa and BLM. Look at the backgrounds of most of the CEOs and you will find a product of the U.S. Education system. Is there some surprise here? Say what? Go figure.

  2. Speaking of Left-wing colleges and universities, I can tell you from my own personal experience how the one I graduated from "back in the day" out on "The Left Coast" where I was raised, has transitioned to a bastion of Woke Culture. When I attended, it was a church affiliated school. You had to take at least two courses in Christian doctrine and theology, plus attend Chapel every Wednesday. It was even too religious for me when I was a student there. Now, the place is a literal fortress of Woke and Cancel culture. They even have a club dedicated to discussing women's menstruation, seriously, I jest not. Of course they have a club dedicated to Gay and related culture. There are times I don't even believe that it's the same college I graduated from. And before I forget, Critical Race Theory training is now mandatory there. What happened? Looks like the place over the years started hiring Leftist professors who had already been indoctrinated at Leftist universities. I know about this to the last detail because I have followed the transition of my alma mater from Right to Left over these many years, and I know what happened there.

  3. Speaking of social media, and various forms of it, about a year ago (maybe longer since time goes so fast) Yahoo News suspended comments on articles. All of a sudden, no more comments were allowed, period. Why? Well, just viewing their articles for quite some time and the comments on those articles, I realized that most were pro-Trump and decidedly to the right on just about any issue Left inclined Yahoo News could post. Nothing complicated about that is there?

    In other words, Yahoo clearly, and early on, identified itself as "To The Left" on most things. I'm surprised they let people comment for as long as they did. Maybe they were smart to get rid of commenting. The message seems to be, if you don't like our site, don't get into it or read it. Fair enough, don't you think?

  4. Posting comments on social media and public news sites works both way. For a while, I used to go into prominent Right wing sites and post. (No, those sites were not northern Idaho militia sites. Ha!). I would post comments from a Leftist angle and before too very long I was suspended from at least two respectable Conservative sites. I remember one counter commenter to my posts would address me as Comrade, in sarcasm.

    So, my point is that any future exchange between Right and Left will probably operate in a vacuum for the foreseeable future. Basically, Right and Left sites will consist almost entirely of like-minded people kissing each other's butts, and swapping the usual bullshit Right and Left propaganda. What's new? What can you expect?

  5. With the rise of Leftist ideology over the decades, it is very important to remember that Neo-Marxism (which is what we have now in extended forms) is, and has always been, a Religion to replace a Religion, in this case The Christian Religion.

    Over the decades most churches in the U.S. have not posed much of a threat to the march of The Left. In addition, numerous denominations have been "infiltrated" with programs and sermons, plus revisions in statements of belief, to reflect the teachings of Marx more than Jesus.

    With the exception of New Fundamental Baptist churches, there really is not much of a threat to The New Left from The Christian direction, seriously. And by the way, at least one New Fundamental Baptist church has been bombed because the pastor dared to speak out about the Gay and Transexual agendas, and actually call it sin.

    You got it, dare to preach directly from The Bible and you will have demonstrators in your church parking lot frequently. Just to make sure that their church won't be bombed, one prominent, and otherwise very conservative Pentecostal Church has made an official declaration that Racism of any kind is a SIN! Go figure.

  6. Ray, you're spot on -- the leftist leanings of our elite are predictable, given where they're educated. The miracle, in fact, is that they're not unanimous in hating America and trying to destroy it utterly. How anyone slips through the cracks of our Bolshevist education system is a mystery to me...although I guess I managed it. Since my day, however, the propaganda and the bias has grown way more intense.

    Ray, the truth is that oftentimes colleges are pushed to the left by their faculty, yes, but these days it's just as likely to be the STUDENTS agitating for more wokeness, a la the Cultural Revolution. That's scary, but maybe it's also a sign that the leftward lunge is about to play itself out?

    Yahoo is DISGUSTINGLY leftist. I hear YouTube has also disabled comments for some videos -- Biden's fireside chats, for instance. I'm a little surprised, though. Why eliminate comments when you could just censor them instead, or make up lots of fake and complimentary ones when needed?

    And I quite agree that the proliferation of echo chambers is extremely toxic to our democracy. It fosters radicalization, and we hardly need more of that. The Left can afford its radicals, of course, because the media will cover them up, but the right is severely damaged by its association with extremism. Right-wing nutjobs just give the MSM more to work with.

    It's true that Christianity has been largely defanged. The Left is now infiltrating even evangelical churches. That's a smart move. Conquer enemy strongholds one by one. To be clear, I don't believe most leftists are anti-Christian. Their goal is to subsume Christianity, along with everything else.