Monday, April 5, 2021

Giving Ron the Business


Friends, if you're a fan of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and you're rooting for him in 2024, here's the bad news: the mainstream media is increasingly choosing him as their favorite whipping boy.  Their attacks on the Governor are escalating.  And here's the good news: their attacks are escalating.  In other words, they take Ron seriously -- deadly seriously -- as a contender in 2024, and they want to head him off at the pass, i.e. destroy him preemptively, as they did once upon a time to Chris Christie and many other Republicans angling for the presidency.  Will they succeed?  Who knows, but I have a sneaking suspicion that DeSantis is up to the challenge.  Anyway, CBS's recent hit piece is the latest MSM contribution to the anti-DeSantis, anti-Florida campaign.


Meanwhile, another Floridian is defending himself from an avalanche of mostly personal, ad hominem attacks: Rep. Matt Gaetz.  It remains to be seen whether Gaetz's enemies can deliver the goods...or if they're hoping that a "narrative" alone can slay him.  Stay tuned. 

Justice Thomas is right: Big Tech's decision to ban Trump from their all-important platforms stinks to high heaven, and if we don't find a way to rein in these social media titans, future U.S. elections are going to anything but "free and fair".


Mitch McConnell is saying something reasonable for a change!  He's pointing out that businesses that go along with the demands of woke activists risk alienating their conservative customers...and permanently damaging their brands.  Well, that's true, but only if conservatives punish these companies for their outrageous conduct in some measurable, meaningful form.  Right now corporate America is about a hundred times more intimidated by the Left than it is by the right.  Unless we change that equation, these cultural battles are lost to us before they even commence.


For his part, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is signalling his disapproval of the politicization of baseball.  My guess is that MLB ratings will sink ever lower in 2021, partly because of this odious wokeness.  Does the League even care?  I guess we'll find out.


  1. Our "cultural battles" were lost long ago, thanks to higher education in The United States. Our Leftist professors have been brain-washing students all over the country for decades in the ideology of Neo-Marxism. They were ably assisted by the film industry and the media. The same ideology has permeated sports and religion, so why not corporations. Add to this, our corporations took our entire manufacturing base to The People's Republic of China (the most ruthless dictatorship in the world) where they allowed themselves to be further indoctrinated in Marxism, with a Mao touch. All this was aided and abetted by Republicans and Democrats over the years. Trump was the only President who even attempted to put the brakes on this bullshit and call it out for what it is. Again, if The Right does not have complete control over education and the media, the way The Left does, we will continue to be prisoners and victims of those institutions. How ironic that we spent fifty (50) years fighting a "Cold War" with the Soviet Union, while our real worst enemies were and remain here at home. Thanks President Nixon for "paving the way" and setting us up to get screwed by the PRC. So all these fine people can bitch and moan about what the corporations are doing and so on, but it's like pissing in the wind if you don't have absolute control in managing the disease of Neo-Marxism. That's "traditional" Marxism with woke and cancel culture added to the recipe. But you know, even while Trump was in office, nothing was done to infiltrate higher education, nothing.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Shakespeare, in Othello, though couched in scatologically appropriate, though not directly analogous language, summarized what I think to be an appropriate attitude toward 60 Minutes, the pride of the incalculably degraded CBS (I mean, I remember Murrow's latter days): . . . " Oh ay; as summer flies are in the shamble, (the medieval and still 16th century animal slaughteryard) That quicken even with b!owing".

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: And so it is with CBS, with even a hint of ideological "blowing", it swarms,insectlike,on the insolent prey. They can do no other; tbey are automatons! I'd guess that a courageous common sense guy like the Fla. Governor, has girded his loins for the leftist onslaught.

  4. Dr. Waddyfrom Jack: I love baseball, both for the play of the game and its fascinating history. Will the fans revolt? I don't doubt that most of them are politically conservative, and since the institution is widely perceived as the kind of Americana which infuriates leftists, it might generate reflexive leftist attack and be met as thus by baseball nation.

  5. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack:A commentator on Fox said today, in reference to the political incorrectness of the term "Wuhan virus": the Chinese have harnessed the American "woke" culture very effectively. Who can blame them? When an adversary acts so foolisbly, the wise take advantage.

  6. Ray, you're right that we face bleak odds with the Left monopolizing education and almost all cultural institutions...but it's worth remembering that, despite their dominance, they lost in 2016 and came perilously close to losing again in 2020. Probably they would have lost if the "China virus" hadn't come along to save their bacon. Also recall that the communists controlled all the key institutions in the Soviet Bloc too -- and they still steered their societies into the iceberg of freedom. People just aren't as controllable as you might think.

    Jack, the deck is so thoroughly stacked at CBS that we can expect nothing but advocacy journalism from here to eternity. So be it. At least, by watching CBS, we learn who the Left hates the most?

    I'm sure many baseball fans ARE offended by the League's recent decisions...but the question is: what can/will they do about it? Stop watching? Short of that, I'm not sure if MLB cares what the fans think. They're more afraid of the players...and possibly the sponsors.