Thursday, April 22, 2021

Deplatforming For Thee, But Not For Me


Friends, as part of Twitter's ongoing campaign to prove itself inveterately evil and indubitably Satanic, it is refusing to take any action against LeBron James, who recently tweeted a disgustingly inappropriate and transparently threatening remark directed at a Columbus police officer.  Keep in mind that President Trump, before he was ejected from Twitter for life, made no threatening or violent comments of any kind.  Twitter merely objected to his lack of vociferousness in his condemnations of the Capitol rioters.  Twitter also took the position that virtually anything Trump says in the future, no matter how superficially tame, could be interpreted by someone, somewhere, as a call to commit violence.  So, naturally, LeBron James...gets a pass.  Incredible.  Twitter's hypocrisy is on full display, as if we needed any confirmation, right?


In a clear sign that LeBron and Twitter are on the wrong side of history, even O.J. Simpson, noted multiple murderer, is chiding LeBron for not "picking his battles" more judiciously and for not waiting for the facts to emerge.  Darn right, O.J.!  You never want to go off half-cocked...


  1. For the Left, wrapping their sins in a cloak of virtuous words, hypocrisy is their modus operandi. The Right has repeatedly failed to divine an adequate response. If we engage in hypocrisy, we are in effect no better than the Left, if we engage in self-defeating acquiescence, we're Losers.

    The correct course is to honestly just do what the Left does, without sugar coating it. We didn't ban you because you're inciting violence or saying things, "dangerous to the public," no, we're banning you because you're our enemy and you can go to hell. Don't apologize for having enemies, revel in it, and be happy to see your enemy thrown down. Stop the charade of rationalizations and justifications, that a man is your enemy is sufficient cause to undo him.

    Pleasure to see you Tuesday by the way, always interesting to hear what you have to say in person.


  2. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: Lee is right. We are in an existential battle and the left has acted that way for decades. Rush had the right idea; confront them at every turn. Your continual reminderx of the vicious, purely results oriented essence of the left is in keeping with Rush's unrelenting aggression toward those clearly determined to destroy our America.

  3. Cheer up. Quit complaining. And best of all, one of the female leaders of the BLM just purchased a $1.4 million dollar home in a White neighborhood in Topanga Canyon. Now that is a ritzy area to be sure!

    I have driven down Topanga Canyon boulevard to go to the beach. Not recently, but about 5 years ago when I was visiting a friend in California and they took that route to the beach.

    Gee, I sure as hell would not live there even if I could spare $1.4 million, because it's a fire and earthquake zone.

  4. Ray et al from Jack: Youcouldn't pay me a million five to live in no danged " Topianga Canyon". Gimme the real America everytime.

  5. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Hope that Trump's proposed on line network is closer being established. Hope it will be every bit as partisan as Twitter but being conservative ( i.e.principled,) I ex pect it will be honest about it. I always enjoyed watching Penn. State's cleancut football teams beat thug gangs. It can be done to defeat amoral criminal forces with a determination to meet political force with UNAPOLOGETIC political force!

  6. Hiya Lee. Sorry you couldn't stick around on Tuesday. The next time I come to Olean maybe we could meet up for lunch or some such?

    True: Big Tech could just admit its prejudices, but I don't think you'll ever get a "progressive" to do that. Their views are based on pure reason, after all.

    Jack: if we controlled ANY of the institutions left in this country, we could strike back in kind and try to exclude leftists from it/them... Alas, we're the ones in the wilderness. First, retake D.C. Then, we can talk VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ray, I wouldn't mind living in Topanga Canyon (but for all the wokeness). Fires seldom spread into built-up areas, and earthquakes are a grossly exaggerated hazard. SoCal was a paradise until the Dems acquired dominion over it.

    Yes, let's hope Trump's social network will be the real deal. It would be nice to have some options.