Friday, April 9, 2021

A Prince Among Men


Friends, today we bid "Adieu!" to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, consort to Queen Elizabeth II.  There's much to be said about Philip and the extraordinary life he led, but I will confine my remarks to this: he was, in a sense, a good stand-in for most men of his generation, insofar as he was, by all accounts, a man's man, but a man who lived day-in-and-day-out in the shadow of a woman.  And that, it bears mentioning, is not so easy a thing to do.  Philip's role was never clear, and the contours of his responsibilities changed as social mores evolved, or degenerated, depending on your perspective.  Certainly life taught him the importance of humility and of the infamous "stiff upper lip".  One thing Philip never was for even a split second was a whiner. And for that, and for much else, I salute him.


Prince Philip may always have deferred to his wife -- who to her immense credit seldom belittled him in the bargain -- but he still spoke his mind, sometimes to the immense consternation of "the Palace".  My favorite Philip-ism?  To Alfredo Stroessner, dictator of Paraguay, "It’s a pleasant change to be in a country that isn’t ruled by its people."  Quite!


In other news, there's much gnashing of teeth and rending of (gender-neutral) garments among lefties today because of Senator Joe Manchin's recent disavowal of efforts to "weaken or eliminate" the filibuster.  As Chris Cillizza, a lefty true believer if ever there was one, says, Joe Manchin's obstinacy means that progressives' fondest hopes and most heartfelt desires, vis-a-vis the Biden presidency, are officially kaput...unless, of course, they can get themselves some bigger majorities in 2022.  Good luck!


The movers and the shakers in the GOP are getting together in South Florida to chart the future of the party, and that means that potential 2024 nominees are auditioning.  Notably absent will be Mike Pence, who presumably feels uncomfortable standing in the shadow of his former boss. 

Here's some witty advice for parents seeking to insulate their kids from the perils of wokeness.  It ain't easy!


And, finally, there's nothing sadder than a young person walking down the street with a mask on.  I mean, get a grip, man!  The coronavirus poses little danger to the young, AND you're freaking alone, AND you're outside, where infection is virtually impossible.  Such behavior ought to laughable.  Well, we'd laugh if we weren't crying (on the inside), anyway. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The Prince, the Duke! God welcome him. He was a dutiful exemplar of the Western world's most redeeming monarchy. He served resolutely in war, was faithful to his wife and sovereign and embodied true British elegance.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But does it take a simple majority to change Senate rules, especially filibuster.?If so,then Manchin's stand is heroic. I celebrate the discomfort he causes in the left. He knows his constituency!

  3. Jack, most of what I know about Prince Philip comes from watching "The Crown," which I gather may not be 100% faithful to the historical record. Their portrayal seems mostly favorable, though...and who could fail to sympathize with a man in such an awkward (lifelong) position?

    My understanding is that, yes, Senate rules can be changed by simple majority vote. That seems ridiculous, since in effect a simple majority can decide that a supermajority is no longer needed to advance legislation, but that's the Senate for you! It's all based on an intricate web of traditions and assumptions, many of which may well be outmoded. I personally don't care for most of these traditions and assumptions, in themselves, but anything that slows down the quick march to Bolshevism is okay in my book!

  4. Dr. Waddy: For my part, I'm very suspicious of any media portrayal of the British royals. Way too much sensationalism, directed, I think, to discrediting this magnificent institution.

  5. You're right to be suspicious, but I wouldn't call "The Crown" a hit piece by any means. Most of the royals end up looking pretty good...human, almost! Charles and Diana maybe less so.