Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Sick Man of...America?


Friends, remember when the Ottoman Empire and China were considered "sick" countries, bankrupt civilizations, prostrate before the might and ingenuity of the West?  Well, neither do I, but it was once so!  Now, it's the United States of America, so recently mistress of the globe, that is limping along, apologizing for her infirmities and failures.  Newt Gingrich puts it all into sharp perspective for us:


Here's a case in point.  "President" Biden's U.N. Ambassador is reminding our friends and allies just how low we Americans tend to sink: 

And now for some more cheerful news...  Crazy Nancy is deferring, for now, the question of whether the Supreme Court should be packed.  Smart move!  Such a bill has a very slender chance of making it through Congress anyway.  Know your limitations, Dems!


Also, the House is considering a range of measures to rein in Big Tech.  Me, I'd say almost anything that hurts Big Tech helps America.  The best part is that the Democrats and Republicans agree on the fact that these companies endanger our democracy and our free market system, even if they don't agree on why. 

More good news!  There are very, very few cases of fully vaccinated people catching COVID-19, and even fewer who die of the disease.  Ergo, vaccination works!  This ought to mean that an end is in sight to the punitive pandemic-related restrictions that have been imposed universally.  It ought to mean that, but it probably doesn't.

Lastly, the U.S. has thought better of sending two destroyers into the Black Sea to thumb our collective nose at Russia.  Of course, changing our minds makes us look weak, but sailing in circles while Putin conquers Ukraine would REALLY make us look weak.  Deescalation sounds like the right strategy to me.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Gingrich's view is an onerous oneand all that more credible coming from him. He stood up to the Clinton's and bested them. We need his like now! We wereso close to marginalizing the left in 2020. Now they are sure to attempt and perhaps accomplish, great wrong to the real America. But in doing so, as youhave noted, they may yet provoke very effective, perhaps decisive, reaction. Eg. Manchin: Schumer would be wise to refrain from attempting to intimidate him; he has backbone and DOES NOT LIKE the wayhis party is leaving him. Remember Zell Miller? But he did not possess the power Manchin has now.

    1. Jack,

      No offense, but I have to tell you that we were no where close to marginalizing The Left in 2020. As long as The Left controls education and the media etc. etc. that ideology will prevail in our society, as it does now with a vengeance.

      Americans make the huge mistake of believing that political control implies all control, which of course it does not. What inroads did Trump's administration make in reforming the American education system. My guess would be slim to zero. I can't even remember who his Secretary of Education was, can you?

  2. Dr. Waddyfrom Jack: I'm very much concerned that the left and their obsequious MSM factoti are frantically digging for ANYTHING to discredit Manchin or for a way to create scandal out of whole cloth, as per their wont!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I'm sure Madame Pelosi demurs for purely tactical reasons and not from moral compunction. Radicals have long since convinced themselves of their unimpeachable justice. But 2022 looms and though she may look to it to confirm the power to attempt this blatant power grab (Scotus)it may also put her back on the back bench where her ilk belongs.

  4. Ray from Jack: No offense taken. I honor the principle of free exchange of ideas which requires one to accept criticism given with good will and to conduct a response with objectivity. You made a very good point! Yes, surely a victory in 2020 would not have come close to winning the existential battle with the left. When I took PoliSci 100 in 1965, our wonderful Prof had us read C. Wright Mills' The Power Elite, which introduced us to the reality that not only government rules. You've reminded me of that.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I would doubt that the Dem leadership contemplates restrictions on Big Tech out of any concern for demo cracy. It may be that they foresee the "imminent" advent of conservative social media equally as galling to them as conservative broadcast media has been. They may well seek government control(as is their wont) which would enable them to stymie such an insolent development.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Leftist Governors who have gloried in the taste of near totalitarian powerin the last year will be as loathe to relinquish it as any addict is. Why, they have seen the future and it is theirs! It is their will which will dictate response to changing conditions in those states cursed by their sway.

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Again, we must not interfere with Russia-Ukraine relations. It is beyond our ken and beyond our control! If the withdrawal of our ships from the Black Sea was an expression of that reality,it was best. Russia and Ukraine have historical ties which we would be wise not to question! Think of Russia and Ukraine as U.S. - Virginia in 1861. What did we do? Yes, part of Ukraine understandably rejects Russian control but its Russian area does not. Best let them work it out! If we interfere, Russia may react, with force! Is that worth it for us?

  8. Jack, a "best case scenario" is that Manchin grows so alienated from his own party that he jumps ship. I don't rate that as highly likely, though. The media's demonization of the GOP makes migration difficult. And yet, if there was any state in which it would be prudent, it's WV!

    Ray, Trump's Education Secretary was Betsy DeVos. The Left spent four years savaging her, and she rewarded Trump for his loyalty to her by resigning after the Capitol Riot., she didn't transform the education system in the least. It would be more accurate to say that DC browbeat and transformed her. Ergo, I agree with your observation that the Left was a long way from beaten in 2020, but Jack has a point all the same. A loss in 2020 would have confronted the Left with some very serious problems and some very toxic internal dynamics. A savvy Trump could have delivered the death blow, but alas I would not call Trump "savvy". Fearless, sure, but not savvy.

    Jack, you see evidence that the media wants to destroy Manchin? I can't imagine what the point would be... If he resigned, his successor would surely be a Republican.

    I'm sure you're right, Jack, that Pelosi is demurring on court-packing ONLY because she regards it as a "bridge too far". Enhanced Dem majorities in 2022 would DEFINITELY lead to court-packing, and many other ills. One interesting question: will SCOTUS dare to obstruct the Dems' many power grabs in the interim?

    It's true that the Left's concerns about Big Tech have NOTHING to do with its censorship of conservatives, although they are bright enough to realize that leftists could just as easily be censored in future, if Big Tech felt so inclined. Their bigger concern seems to be monopoly capitalism. I'm not so sure it matters either way, though, because breaking the digital stranglehold of Big Tech HAS to be beneficial for conservatives, in my view. A more decentralized, democratic internet is a better internet, simply put. Now, the Dems could try to impose federal oversight of digital communications -- an FCC for the net? -- and that could get ugly.

    I agree that we should let sleeping dogs lie in Ukraine. Russia can do whatever it likes there, in the end, and we don't have the will to interfere. I've always thought that the Ukrainians would be wise to accept this fact and become Russophiles.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Manchin: Ido not see direct evidence yet of actual leftist muck raking or pure calumny toward him but this, I think, makes speculation plausible: the vicious record of leftist assault on so many who dare to contradict it and the direction of pure "hot air" to the attacks. Perhaps they would seek only to intimidate him and not force him from office. Blackmail one might say? Perhaps but they mightwork evasion of that charge. Too, can we be certain the Wva Governor would appoint a Republican to a vacated Mansion seat? That Governor might enact an honor bound conviction to appoint one of the same party as the voter's choice. Besides, 2022 is close and who knows; perhaps Joe might consequently switch parties and justify to some extent a Republican appointment. Despite all this, I do think your observation most probable. Unless a RINO or two emerges, Joe is in the catbird seat and is of such high principle, he will remain so.

  10. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I am not convinced that Scotus will disappoint us in our expectation of its honoring the rule of law. I expect that this might yield decisions not pleasing to conservatives at times but I remain trusting in our long standing position that this is the proper role for the appelellate judiciary.

  11. Dr. Wady from Jack: In 1976 I had friends who were second generation Ukrainian emigre patriots and I learned about the Ukrainian independence movement. Never thought they would succeed. Its completely understandable that they would loathe the prospect of Great Russian domination. I would guess Russia will leave ethnic Ukraine be, unless they join Nato. That would be beyond Russian endurance.

  12. Jack, I think most establishment Dems are smart enough to treat Manchin with kid gloves, but the progressive firebrands let it ALL hang out, especially their ad hominem barbs. The Left may end up driving Manchin into early retirement...and I seriously doubt that Gov. Justice would appoint a Dem.

    I hope SCOTUS rises to the occasion. I hear they may soon have the opportunity to strike down all race preferences. That would be, in my estimation, one of the best things ever to happen to this country. Do they have the cajones for it, though?

    I suspect Russia will leave most of Ukraine be too, simply because, if they haven't acted by now, they probably don't have the guts for it. There's a middle path, though -- encourage a coup or a pro-Moscow insurgency (throughout the whole country).

  13. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I would think a pro Moscow geographic and bor
    border wide coup placing ethnic Ukainian Ukraine in Russian favored control would foster overwhelming revolt from ethnic Ukrainians who have gloried in their freedom these three decades.

  14. Jack, I think that fear is exactly why Russia hasn't ventured beyond the border areas: they don't want Ukraine to become the next Afghanistan.

  15. DrWaddy from Jack : That makes sense given the latest Russian withdrawal.

  16. My guess is it was all just posturing to begin with...but now Biden can claim "victory"! What a tough guy.