Friday, August 14, 2020

When Good News Isn't News At All


Friends, it's no big secret that the purpose of the media's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic is to spread fear, not information.  Take note of the fact that breathless reports about rising case counts in the Sun Belt have stopped, for the simple reason that case counts aren't rising anymore.  They're declining, which could, to a normal brain, sound an awful lot like good news.  But, as the media sees it, there's no such thing as "good news", at least not prior to November 3rd, and so, when the facts shift, they simply avert their gaze and look for something else to get the vapors about.
Check out this story, which documents declining infection rates in the U.S. versus a steady rise in Europe:

What does this prove?  Not a whole lot, except that mastery of the coronavirus is eluding pretty much everyone.  What we haven't seen as yet is evidence that masking or lockdowns are necessarily correlated with superior performance in terms of infections or deaths.  If such evidence exists, please share it with me.  I would love to evaluate it for myself.

In other news, the Durham investigation has nailed its first lefty malefactor.  A guilty plea is interesting, because one has to wonder -- what did Clinesmith give Durham in return for a plea deal?


  1. (((S-w-e-d-e-n))) comes to mind (((I know, shut up about Sweden, LOLOL)))... but you know, the bleeding heart snowflakes really don't want to hear it. Actually, I think they are beyond any sort of redemption at this point. I had a very interesting dr. discussion today about masks and how they do NOT protect from the virus or stop the spread. Well known Univ. Rochester dr. but you know, no one wants to listen to the dr.'s. The Media are just too busy pushing their own agenda's. The Karen's of the world have outlived their days, enough is enough.

    Durham-Clinesmith was a "gimmie". That really wasn't a surprise. “Viva le resistance" still exists. I am waiting for Comey and his ilk to go down, highly doubtful.

  2. The virus, like 9/11 were perfect excuses to control people more, especially large populations. I'm still not sure how this works for riots. Nevertheless, both aforementioned events provided great opportunities for power addicts on the right and left to exercise more control over the masses.

    Nope, masks don't really protect from the virus, but people have been "brain washed" by the media to believe so, for political reasons. Remember, even the Nazis had to invent a reason for gaining more control in Germany after Hitler was legally appointed Chancellor. So they burned down The Reichstag, blamed the Communists for it, and then legally increased the use of emergency powers.

    Yep, The Corona Virus (like 9/11) were exactly what power brokers needed for no other reason than the intoxication that real power provides. Expect more emergencies in the future, even if Trump does win.

  3. Dr. Waddy et Al: We must of necessity embrace the verity that the MSM is singularly committed ( with career ending sanctions against any insolent enough to dissent) to support for the the the agenda of the American Taliban left. All of their "news"must pass through this filter. We MUST assume this. Accordingly, all MSM generated epidemic news has the commanding purpose of enabling that doctrine to enslave our country.

  4. It's The Trumpanistas, The Bidenistas, The Obamalistas, and The Clintonistas all coming at you. If one doesn't get you, another one will, or they could all get you simultaneously.

  5. Linda, I'm impressed that your doctor was brave enough to question the efficacy of masking! The way things are going, he could lose his medical license for such blasphemy...

    I agree -- Clinesmith is a nobody. The media barely noticed his plea deal. If he can deliver some bigger fish, however, well...

    Ray, you're right that those in power have viewed the pandemic as a golden opportunity to feather their nests and increase their level of control. That's human nature kicking in, I guess you could say. In a healthy democracy, the people would push back and demand/defend their liberties. Well, our democracy isn't healthy. That's become breathtakingly obvious.

    Did the Nazis burn down the Reichstag? I don't think so, and I don't believe any solid evidence has arisen to prove that idea. It really doesn't matter, though, because the Nazis were looking for an excuse to curtail civil liberties and institute a one-party state. If no pretext had presented itself, they would have invented one. Likewise, if the pandemic hadn't come along to do the Dems' malicious work for them in 2020, they would have cooked up other sources of outrage and terror. C'est la guerre.

    Jack, true: the media is single-minded these days. Frankly, given the constant repetition of their Trump-hatred, I'm amazed the public hasn't switched them off out of sheer boredom. One would hope even the most artful propaganda reaches a point of diminishing returns... Are we nearing it? I dunno.

  6. Dr. Waddy: I agree;if this had not come along they would have manufactured something. They are so frantically depending on a Trump loss that I doubt their emotional stability if he wins. For some of them it will be the last straw;they barely held it together after their darling was denied her "due". Why they should take heart; all the world would welcome anyone possessed of their undoubted justice. All that is not the US is paradise, by definition.

  7. DR. NICK

    So maybe it is time to make a list of all the ways the Demolistas will try to sabotage the November 2020 elections. I see they are really pushing the mail in ballots racket. There must be other ways they can screw things up.

  8. Ray: Whatever can be devised, they will use :"by any means necessary"; the essential pledge of mindless automatons.

  9. Jack, OF COURSE they will invent reasons to reject Trump, if none are forthcoming on their own. This post office madness is a superb illustration. There is nothing, NOTHING, happening at the post office that isn't absolutely normal and in consonance with reforms that have been taking place for decades...but the Dems and their media acolytes have still managed to spin it into the Reichstag fire on steroids. These people are sick, but you have to hand it to them -- their creativity is off the charts!

    Ray, a list of possible Dem strategies would be handy, for sure, but how could I, a mere backwater history professor, hope to encompass the full range of delusions that professional left-wing political operatives could devise... To me, the interesting question is not will they throw everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink at Trump -- they will -- but: can they successfully protect Biden from all or most scrutiny? They are masters at changing the subject, but -- come on! Can we really have a presidential election in which one side gets a pass, and no one notices who, therefore, they're voting for? I'm not sure even the Dems and the mainstream media can arrange THAT!