Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Welcome to the Jungle, Kamala!


I wish to convey a hearty WaddyIsRight welcome to President-in-Waiting and current U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, who has maneuvered herself into the position of running mate to Joe Biden.  Well done!  Truly, you are "a heartbeat away from the presidency," as the saying goes -- or you will be, if the American people are foolish enough to elect the Biden-Harris ticket in November.  And, let's face it, there are plenty of signs that we may well be just that foolish.

My thoughts on Kamala?

First, I predicted a while back that Sleepy Joe would pick her.  Is she all that and a bag of chips?  No, but the simple fact is that, if you MUST have a black woman as your V.P., Kamala is the only one fully qualified and plausibly ready to be President.  It would be the height of folly to pick someone demonstrably unready, and thus...Joe Biden had to pick Kamala.  There it is.

Honestly, therefore, I regard her as a reasonably safe, establishment-friendly choice.  She's a lot less risky than many of the other possibilities on Biden's shortlist.  She likely won't blow up in his face.  She's had experience of national politics, and that will be a big advantage.

I also pointed out before that Kamala has a sharp tongue and an incisive mind.  She thus would be a great choice as an "attack dog".  She can rip Trump and Pence to shreds on the campaign trail day in and day out, and Dems and lefties will eat it up.  If they had any trouble with Kamala as a "moderate," they will soon forget about it, and the media will make sure of it.

Naturally, Kamala, as a woman of color, will cover herself with the armor of anti-racism.  To put it another way, whenever anyone on the right criticizes her, she will call them "racist", and the media will do the same.  Is this stratagem tiresome and empty?  Sure, but the Left has employed it so often and so doggedly because it works.  Kamala will play the race card.  She will play the woman card.  And some of the time, God help us, she will win the trick.

How can she best be attacked?  Probably as a chameleon, since she has shifted many of her positions over the years, and as a radical leftist, since, according to a recent analysis of her voting record, she has moved hard-left in order to position herself for a presidential bid.  Her "race" works to her advantage, in many ways, but in others it may not.  Frankly, the American people may be just "racist" enough to assume that a "black" Democrat is also a far-left Democrat.  (They've done it before.)  And Kamala, perversely, may work hard to prove them right.  Since she's also the presumptive heir to a geriatric candidate, her radicalism, such as it is, could cause serious consternation for some voters.  Republicans would be foolish not to cultivate these fears.

Kamala also allegedly "slept her way to the top," having an affair with Bay Area politico and kingmaker Willie Brown.  Could that weigh on voters' minds in 2020?  Probably not much, but if it tickles the funny bones of a few comedians, and adds to the popular image of her as ambitious and unscrupulous, Republicans could be the beneficiaries.

Would Kamala be a good President?  For any conservative/patriot, this question answers itself.  The fact, though, is that, like Barack Obama, while she may not be a great leader, she CAN play one on tv.  She has "presence".  She's articulate and smooth in her delivery.  She can feign outrage with the best of them.  Will she be the one making the key decisions, either before or after Biden meets his maker?  That's doubtful, but it really doesn't matter, since both of them are "front-men", or "front-women," as the case may be, for a set of establishment interests and a left-wing ideology that, if either of them inhabits the Oval Office, will prosper, and may even become so ensconced that only a civil war could blast them out again.  Mind you, I'm not CALLING for a civil war, or even predicting one.  But what I am saying is that, once the Dems reestablish their grip on the executive branch, I don't believe they will willingly relinquish it ever again.

So, in short, Biden has made a prudent choice.  He appears to have the edge in the polls, and, while I still regard the election as highly competitive, I don't think Kamala Harris will reduce his chances of winning.  She may even increase them.

Ergo, while I welcome Kamala to the fray, I rather wish Sleepy Joe had chosen more poorly.  Alas, we'll have to beat him, and his new partner-in-crime, "the hard way".

And beat them we shall!


Incidentally, the picture above shows a young Kamala protesting against apartheid South Africa in the early 80s.  It's a typical scene, insofar as a typical leftist will always embrace whatever cause positions "the enemy" (like conservative white people) at the center of things, while the misdeeds of those one likes (like the black leaders in the rest of Africa, for instance) are of no account.  To put it another way, there's nary a "progressive" on this earth who has ever read, or understood, Matthew 7:5, "“Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.” 


Speaking of South Africa, it's in sorry shape, and it grieves me to say so.  The country's economy has gone from bad to worse, and the coronavirus isn't helping: 


Here's another perspective on Biden's selection of Kamala Harris.  It indicates that Biden made the "safe" and "predictable" choice, which is true, but not necessarily mistaken.


  1. ...but, but, but, She ain't black (and please excuse my use of my southern twang of the word ain't). Ok, I concede she is a "woman of color". But honestly, didn't the dems cry foul in regards to race and gender? AND now they have picked a VP candidate based on race and gender? I'm confused. Oh, I get it, do as I say sort of thing.

    In all seriousness, I find Ms. Harris nauseating and I simply don't understand the following she has. I find nothing about her attractive. Anyways, I will read the article and come back to comment.

    Thanks for the comment on my FB page; "You'll be the first inmate at the Biden-Harris "Revenge and Reeducation" Camp in Barrow, Alaska on Jan. 20th, 2021." Thanks, that made my day, I sincerely mean that, grin. I wanted to be flippant and add something along the lines such as; oh that's the North Pole and where Santa Claus lives, hurray!...but I didn't lol.

  2. Oh, Linda -- you'll be hanging out with Santa Claus soon enough! Ha ha. Better wear an extra pair of long johns on inauguration day!

    You make a good point that Harris isn't REALLY black. Neither was Obama. It didn't stop black America from claiming him, and vice versa. Most "African-Americans", truth be told, are mixed race. Remember, for the Left, these things aren't decided by blood. They're decided by culture and self-identification, and, as far as liberals are concerned, to be "black" is to be oppressed. And, not for nothing, to be oppressed is to be justified, heroic, noble, and soon to inherit the earth! From that vantage point, who WOULDN'T want to be black? It's no great shock that Kamala chooses to be black rather than Indian, although, as is her wont, she'll be whatever you like, if it gets her ahead.

    Incidentally, Kamala is married to a white man, an entertainment lawyer (surprise surprise), and her only children are (white) stepkids. Could that make black Americans see her as less authentically black? Possibly, but someone would have to make these observations publicly, and I don't see the GOP doing it! For the media, her multicultural nature will simply add to her woke mystique.

  3. Dr.Waddy and Linda from Jack: Here are some working assumptions about harris derived from experience , common sense and plausible surmise,in my opinion: the dimocrat party is now the confirmed and open vehicle for the imposition of the far left agenda (eg. borders affording unrestrained access to all,including criminals, except for citizens of politically incorrect places like Western Europe or Hong Kong; completely unfettered availability of government funded abortion at any stage of pregnancy with an option to kill survivors of abortion,with no say so for fathers or parents of underage mother's; criminalization of all expression fostering any form of discomfort for protected classes or asserting insolent doubt about settled doctrine such as miniaggressions, enforced or de facto white supremacy, human generated global warming, the undeniable automatic guilt of all designated oppressor classes for any accusation of misconduct of any degree against protected classes; the revival and vigorous expansion of mandated and strictly enforced affirmative action in the totality of public and private life to ensure equity in the distribution of income, safety and deference, including vindication for past wrongs and featuring the automatic excusing of criminal liability for members of protected classes unless other members of protected classes are victimized; thorough oversight of all economic enterprise by government; legally binding apology to the politically correct world for the uniquely evil role played by the US since its inception; free college education, through the Doctorate ,for all who attend institutions deemed correct in expression and enactment of approved doctrine; complete confiscation all firearms from all private citizens except those seeking protection from all forms of condemned "isms"; abolishment of all law enforcement agencies excepting those who enforce politically correct doctrine, their authority shall be unchallengeable).

    1. {{{JACK!!!}}} So nice to see you...can I just say something about the free college education, since I am stuck STILL looking for a job. Look, right now, I have a really poor attitude and I own up to it. HOWEVER, Why should I pay for college/University when jobs are nil right now? Oh sure, "folks are hiring" but "putting your name and resume in stockpiles for future references." Everyday, I fill out applications and send resumes for jobs listed on Linkedin or Indeed. Either I am over qualified or do not have a enough job experience. Honestly, I think it is my age as well. ALSO, this virus has real travel issues/implications thanks to our King Cuomo here. Where was I? Oh paying for college, thankfully the President signed another E.O. and an extension on my loans was granted. I am really feeling the "punch" that my degree is not worth anything already. Sad to say. Why should I be punished for this virus? Oh gosh, I am sounding like a Socialist, so sorry, friend. Not meaning too.

  4. HA! {{GRIN}}Gosh, we all will be in camps if the Biden/Harris campaign wins. So, all deplorables shall build a really large igloo compound and live on seal blubber, how does that sound? {{Lol}}

    If its something I have learned in a past class of Africa is that, Africa has always been a cesspool of mismanagement, leadership issues (lack of), GMOs, Lawlessness, Corruption is a real issue AND I dare say Europe are too be blamed. AND no clear answer on a solution either. You can only imagine the trouble the professor had with me, grin. My final grade was a B+ and then she sent an email telling me, "I didn't really deserve it because I challenged her methods and I would do well in life if I remembered this." Whatever. Her class was torture, pure simple torture. I have a feeling I would do really well in Barrow, Alaska living on seal blubber. LOLOLOL

    Biden/Harris-I really doubt Biden picked anyone. I would go as far to say his handlers picked the VP nominee. I don't see either of them growing and changing, if anything, both will be pushing progressive agendas. Scary stuff, I just hope the silent majority really exists, if not, we are doomed as a country.

  5. Dr.Waddy and Linda fromJack: We must assume that it cannot be but that harris embraces all that the American taliban far left intends,NO MATTER WHAT disingenuous image she fosters in this campaign to establish her in the Presidency with dispatch. Current ads show captured joe portraying himself as a " uniter" after four years of a President with better perception of what the real America wants than anyone previous to him. Oh yeah, Kamala and the American Taliban would be blithe to unite us, yes, under a totalitarian dictatorship that is! But obviously she would not be as reckless as to admit this (?).

  6. Linda from Jack: That prof should lose her job. Her admonishment was antiintellectual and totalitarian and it's a shame the state taxpayer has to support it(as we DO under First Citizen Cuomo). Kudos to you for enduring that ordeal.

  7. Boy, Jack -- your list is exhaustive and, I fear, all too accurate a summary of the Left's agenda. You could abbreviate it thusly: the Left seeks the power to do to us (baddies) whatever it pleases, whenever it pleases, and however it pleases. We will exist henceforth only on sufferance.

    Ha ha. Linda, you ARE sounding a little like a Democrat. Federal student loan deferments, which are a well-established practice, are one thing, but "free college for everyone" is quite another. You're right, though, that many degrees aren't worth much. The logical question then becomes, why do people get them? I suppose college is mind-expanding and thus life-enriching in itself, but one does need to evaluate carefully the usefulness of any degree in the job market, especially in this day and age.

    Linda, I actually think many conservatives would be happy to trudge up to Alaska and live in exile, IF we thought for a moment that the Left would leave us to our own devices up there. But of course they wouldn't. It would be "supervised release", at best!

    Linda, as Jack says, that you stuck up for your beliefs in your college classes is to your eternal credit! We will find out this Fall just what the Silent Majority thinks when it can finally speak anonymously at the ballot box. There's no doubt that, in public discourse, many conservatives are routinely intimidated into self-censorship.

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: You are certainly right; whatever and whenever they want. That has been their history in power and to ignore it is folly.