Sunday, August 9, 2020

Mike Pence: The Badgers' Choice!



Friends, the good people of Wisconsin -- the Badger State -- are in for a treat.  Just as their hopes were dimming, with hundreds of lousy Democrats set to descend on Milwaukee August 17th-20th for their national convention, Mike Pence recently announced that he too will make a campaign swing through the state: on August 19th, the very day that Biden's VP (President-in-waiting) accepts her crown.  That's the subject of my latest article.  Read and enjoy!


Vice-President Pence Is Right to Campaign in Wisconsin during the Democratic Convention

Recently, Sleepy Joe Biden made the allegedly “responsible” choice to remain in Delaware throughout the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 17th-20th. That's right — Biden will be the first presidential nominee since FDR in 1944 (who was at death's door) to skip his own party's convention. He will instead hide in his basement, as is his wont.

Vice-President Mike Pence, however, sensing an opportunity, will campaign in Wisconsin on August 19th, the same day that Biden's soon-to-be-chosen running mate will accept the Vice-Presidential nomination (that's assuming Biden can find someone willing to be his understudy/nurse).

The Democrats' reaction to Pence's announcement was as swift as it was predictable. They called Pence's decision “disgraceful”, insofar as he will be going to Wisconsin despite the fact that COVID-19 infections in the state are, according to them, rising.

Never mind that the actual numbers, according to the 7-day moving average reported by the state's Department of Health Services, are trending slightly downward. And never mind that the Democrats themselves have not canceled their convention in Milwaukee, which, despite being slimmed down, will still draw hundreds of people to the state's biggest “hot zone”.

In fact, recently several workers helping to prepare for the DNC tested positive for COVID-19. Did the Democrats scrap their plans and opt for a virtual convention instead? No, but they expect Mike Pence to hole up in his basement, all the same.

The truth, of course, is that Joe Biden is staying put in Delaware, and making only a perfunctory appearance via satellite at his own nominating convention, because his handlers fear the awful consequences of allowing the public near the ticking time bomb that is Sleepy Joe.

The national convention represents, next to the presidential debates — which more and more Biden allies are advising him to skip — the biggest test the candidate will face on the road to the White House. That Biden and his inner circle do not believe their man is up to the challenge, even if he made his acceptance speech from a Milwaukee television studio or hotel suite, tells us everything we need to know about Biden's fitness for office. It also tells us just how much confidence his key advisers repose, or don't repose, in the “man who would be king”.

Mike Pence, on the other hand, is traveling the nation, doing his utmost to convince the American people that four more years of conservative, God-fearing, liberty-affirming, “America First”, and constitutionalist leadership is infinitely preferable to turning the country over to socialists, anarchists, moral relativists, apologists for criminals and rioters, and “woke” authoritarians.

Even if the Democrats weren't preparing to nominate a ticket featuring a babbling, skeletal has-been, and an unqualified upstart chosen to put a fresh and agreeably non-white face on a party actually run by warmed-over hippies and special interests, it would still be utter madness to vote for the Dems.

Pence knows this better than anyone, and thus he owes it to America and to every one of us to exert himself to ensure that he and Donald Trump succeed in November. His duty, in other words, is to remain in the arena, to campaign responsibly and with due deference to local, state, and national public health guidance, but above all to continue to engage with the American people.

The Democrats appear to believe that the way to win the presidency is to hide from the voters and to rely on the media to do their dirty work for them. Given their stumbling, fumbling candidate and the undisguised Trump-hatred of most journalists, they may be right.

We Republicans, though, cannot afford to hide from anyone. We must work harder than ever to persuade the electorate to do the right thing, which means: to defeat the Left's brand of America-hating Marxism once and for all.

If it takes a trip to Wisconsin to seal the deal, then Mike Pence would be foolish not to go.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


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  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I think the only value of doting joe to the dims is in his ability to win, empowering not him in his pitiable dysfunction but his politically correct putative "running mate", whose candicacy it really is. Should he actually attempt to rule? Well, was the dead El Cid not removed from his horse after the battlefield was won? Recent primary returns support the view that the dims are going full radical. Let them do so; it is only a confirmation of what they have always advocated since the boomers took over.

  2. Too bad Pence can't show up at the Democrat Convention with armed force, surround the convention center, and then arrest all present for treason. This would be the beginning of a nation wide take over by The Republicans, who would then outlaw the Democrats as a criminal organization, and ban that party forever. THIS WAS THE DREAM I HAD LAST NIGHT, AND JUST AS PENCE AND HIS ENTOURAGE ARRIVED AT THE CONVENTION I WOKE UP. DAMN!

  3. Ray from Jack: A dream yes but it IS what the American left would do if it were to acquire the power.

    1. It is what The American Left WILL do if Biden is elected.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: You expressed the fundamental issue of the election in your paragraph starting "Mike Pence on the other hand. . . ." WELL and TRULY said!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I've always been wary about public figures who have "every hair in place" and who speak in a style I'd characterize as " press conference football coachese" But dang, he's a real treasure. He is loyal, he is a team player and real America to the core. I hope we can be voting for him for the foreseeable future!

    1. Pence is a real good guy. I would love to see a Pence Presidency. I would feel real secure.

  6. True, Jack -- the Dems are showing us their true colors! That's refreshing, in a sense.

    I agree that Biden's main (and perhaps only) attraction to the Dem establishment is his legendary "electability". Personally, I never quite got it. Surely the party can do better than a geriatric white male who is self-evidently the ultimate insider... But hey -- never interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake.

    Ray, you have some very charming dreams! Were the traitorous Dems led off in chains by swimsuit models? If so, please sign me up for Ray-o-vision.

    I concur with both of you re: Mike Pence. He seems like a stand-up guy to me: loyal, patriotic, honest, articulate, intelligent, godly. I know many on the Left despise him, and I've never quite understood why. Maybe for the same reason that they hated Mitt Romney: he's suave, handsome, and just a little too old-fashioned for their tastes. Anyway, what Pence would do as President is anyone's guess. There's only one way of finding out. Certainly he can govern his tongue in a way that Trump can't. Maybe, like most Republicans, he'd be willing to sell out his principles to achieve power and popularity? Who can say. One thing does give me pause. If you recall, when Trump was pummeled with sexual harassment allegations back in the Fall of 2016, and his candidacy appeared to be wobbling, Pence didn't exactly rush forward to defend him. Neither did Melania, for that matter. It took a few days for the well-oiled GOP machine to start humming again. What does this tell us? Pence is a political animal. He wants to survive, most of all. And, I suspect, if the presidency were to fall in his lap, he'd embrace it with aplomb. He might, in fact, use it with more ruthlessness and ingenuity than Trump is capable of.

  7. Dr.Waddy and Ray from Jack: To have concerns that a thoroughly decent man Pence might be hesitant to deal with the American Taliban left with the blunt and perceptive dismissiveness which President Trump often employs is understandable. Ishe convinced that they are the fundamental , existential threat to all that the real America cherish's which they surely are? Unlike Bush I, he is not uncomfortable with the appearance of conservative conviction, which in him in sincere. Should he become President ,though I hope not in an untimely manner, he will do us very much good.



  9. Dr.Waddy and Ray from Jack: The certainty of President harris if dotty joe wins for her must be foremost in the minds of all who love and value America. She or her handlers would surely be the true executive power and we must expect a vindictive avalanche of long frustrated totalitarian presumption and open Cuomoesque contempt for the real America. Everything is at stake in November.

  10. So, has Harris met her match in Pence? He seemed well even keel in hearing her nomination; See ya in St. Louis!

  11. Jack, it is true that Pence wears his convictions on his sleeve, and he might well feel it would be a sin against God to deny them. In that sense we might find that our faith in him would be rewarded.

    Ray, many thanks! It's always nice to be proven right... even though it's a daily occurrence for me, and thus no great shakes. Ha ha.

    Linda, I will expatiate on the topic of Kamala in a brand new post. Stay tuned!

  12. Dr.Waddy and Linda fromJack: I can't wait to see Pence pull a Tom Reed on harris. Tom is apast master at handling frantic,self righteous radicals like fish on a line. I've seen him do it; he's good and I think he has a lot in common with Pence.