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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Explaining the Inexplicable

Friends, today we ponder a real brain-buster: how do the Democratic Mayors of our biggest cities, suffering massive rises in violent crime and, in particular, homicides, angrily dismiss offers of assistance from the federal government?  Wouldn't that be a gross disservice to the people who live in these cities, especially to the "Black" and "Brown" people (note the PC capitalizations, thank you very much) who represent the majority of crime victims?  It beggars belief.

The crime wave is no longer in dispute.  Here's just a sampling of the evidence:

And so...why?  Why rebuff federal cooperation and outreach?  The answer is as simple as it is obvious: Trump-hatred.  Sheer irrational, myopic Trump-hatred.  Check out this article. 

And this one:

So South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn views Trump as no different from Mussolini.  I suppose that represents an upgrade from the Hitlerian parallels that the Left usually draws, but, nonetheless, consider the audacity of Clyburn's claims.  He views Trump as a dictator, or at best as an aspiring dictator, and thus he views federal law enforcement as the embodiment of Trump's viciousness and his soaring ambitions.  The Feds, therefore, really are "stormtroopers," and the American people are currently living in fear -- fear not of criminals, who ARE killing them in record numbers, but of federal bureaucrats and law enforcement professionals, who are in fact trying to protect them, but who Clyburn and the Left view as willful participants in, and enablers of, Trump's reign of terror.

The delusional nature of these beliefs is incredible.  The isolation of liberals from reality, it would seem to me, has now reached a very dangerous level.  Their contempt for the President of the United States, for law enforcement, and, lest we forget, for roughly half of their fellow citizens, is TOTAL and UNALLOYED.  They have, in fact, turned on the very institution that they most adore in the world: big government!  They've turned on it because it is tainted by the leadership of Donald Trump.  That is how obsessive and neurotic their Trump-hatred has become.

What are the chances, under these circumstances, that we can hold a peaceful, orderly election in November, and that both sides will accept its outcome?  Slim to none.  President Trump is clearly very worried about our electoral process and its integrity.  He's also worried, so it seems, about the survival of our constitutional system of government and our democracy.  Well, he ought to be.  The sinews of that system and of that democracy are being stretched to the breaking point.


  1. I'm going to use some bad words without apology. Since Leftist sons of bitches like Clyburn and other Leftist trash of his ilk regard Trump as no different than Mussolini, perhaps now is the time for Trump to actually become Mussolini, take over the country and really become a dictator. Then these Leftist dregs would really a reason to hate him. How about that?

    Maybe it is past time for law and order to be restored by lethal force if necessary. Perhaps federalizing our country is what is needed, not to mention the benefits of a national police force beyond the questionably loyal minions of the FBI. Maybe this country needs to be reorganized by declaring assholes like Clyburn and the other wads of DemoBolsheviks as criminal organizations because of their tolerance for no law and disorder, and their neglect of their duties and obligations towards the American people.

    Maybe it's time for that Mussolini dictatorship American style before the dip shits on the Left impose a Marxist dictatorship on us, which is what they are hoping to do if that demented fool Biden is elected, by vote tampering.

    Will any of this happen? Hell no, probably not. Guess we had better accept the fact that we are becoming a second world country. But you know, I bet if China or Russia invaded us, they would have no qualms whatsoever about restoring law and order the hard way.

    So to Clyburn and all the rest of the Leftists, F***K all of you, and may you all choke on your own vomit. Sound harsh and vindictive? Yep. That's because it is and is intended to be.

  2. Dr.Waddy and Ray from Jack: I think the language you have used above is fitting when addressing the obscenely disdainful far left. "Fumigate the White House" indeed!These people are willing to do or say anything to gain all. And if they do succeed they will remain true; nothing will be beyond their murderous reach. (This to Ray). Dr. Waddy you are right about the possibility of a very disorderly election and aftermath. If the President wins the American Taliban will go completely without the law and will commence general insurrection. If it's close,they will strive to FORCE a win for them. If they win,after, no doubt,very much intimidation and manipulation? THE DELUGE! A suffocating avalanche of totaltarian dictates will be our lot.

  3. On a happy note! A while back when the leftist elite controlled gutter trash were raising hell in San Antonio, Texas, it was made very clear to those assholes that THE ALAMO WILL BE DEFENDED. How ironic that at least one historic site will be defended as more mobs tear down statues of brave men. The people who are doing this are not even worth the sweat on the testicles of those brave men. But defending THE ALAMO is a good start in telling all those rioting leftist shit balls that there are at least some brave deplorable white people willing to defend something. Better to die fighting Marxist butt chunks than live under their f***ing dictatorship.

  4. DR. NICK

    You already know this, but I will say it anyway. I think it is realistic to say that if Trump wins again, that The American people will have to endure four more years of b.s. from The DemoBOLSHEVIKS.

    If Biden wins, and I think if he does it will be because of election-voting fraud, then I don't think there will ever be any free elections again, certainly not as we have known them.

    So come November, if the Bidenistas win, our Constitutional Republic is gone, to be replaced by a "People's Democracy" run by a bunch of Marxist assholes with the full assistance of their pimps in academia, the media, and the film industry, the unholy trinity to to speak.

  5. You know, if you think about it, and it does take long to come up with an answer, the last 25 years before Trump was nothing but political skullduggery on the part of three presidents-Clinton, Bush, and Obama. What a racket and con job The American people were put through by these three slicksters.

    Bush is probably the worst because he ran on a Republican ticket, but perpetuated leftist goals more often then not. Isn't it cute when Bush meets Michelle and passes some little candies to her, or whatever it was. Could have been some left over cow shit from his ranch in Texas.

  6. ATTENTION! ACHTUNG! Now taking bets on who Comrade Commissar Joe's pick for his VC (Vice Commissar) is going to be. I think it should be a newcomer who is female and BLACK of course, but also fat, with dyed hair, and some exotic tattoos. That should please a great many Americans who would be able to completely identify with such a person. I also believe SHE should have disabilities. How about someone in an electric wheel chair on oxygen? Why not? Come on, let's be real Americans and encourage such a pick. HOT DAMN!

  7. Ray: When anyone with a lick of common sense considers the depravity of the dialogue in American far leftist salons, of the obscenity and of the evil intent expressed there with FULL conviction and dedication:again, your language is to be celebrated;it's fire vs fire. They started the fight; they necessitated the rules. Remember the ALAMO AGAIN!

  8. You pull no punches, Ray! Now, what the Democrats would say if Trump DID go full Mussolini on them is almost precisely the same as what they would say if he ate a turkey sandwich for lunch -- which is to say, they would throw a fit either way, so why not give them a good reason (for a change)? I see your point, Ray, but I see no sign that Trump intends to become a dictator. He seems pretty meek and mild to me. He backs down in the face of the Left's tongue-lashings all the time. If words scare him, I'm not sure he could cut it in a latter-day civil war... But hey, maybe he'll surprise us?

    Jack, I rather doubt that the Dems would instigate an insurrection if they lose in 2020. Civil unrest, sure -- that's peanuts to them. And it might even intimidate the courts into giving them their "due". But a real civil conflict or civil war? I don't think they have the stomach for it, nor would they have any reasonable expectation of winning it -- especially not now that they've vomited all over the law enforcement community on principle.

    Ray, while I disdain your potty mouth, I second your sentiments about the Alamo: it's good to see that there are some lines that the mob still can't cross, and maybe even a few that they know it would be dumb to cross. You can bet that, if Biden wins, a lot more than statues will be toppled, as the police look on with sour expressions on their faces.

    Ray, I also regard Dubya as a disappointment in many respects. Like so many Republicans, he pitched himself as a "moderate" by caving to many of the Left's core demands. Be that as it may, be appointed some very fine judges, and this country would have sunk under the waves of leftism already were it not for that.

    Ray, your VP fantasies are worthy of a post-colonial English lit class... Unfortunately they're probably also worthy of Biden's inner circle. A black woman seems almost guaranteed. She will almost certainly have an intellectual disability...which will prevent her from reading the Constitution and understanding its plain meaning. Will she be even vaguely capable of ascending to the highest office in the land? I suppose to question her credentials would be "racist," but then let's be honest -- we've all (as conservatives and honkies) been consigned to the "deplorable" dustbin of history already, so I say let's give her a not-so-warm welcome, eh? We can't afford to give any Dem VP candidate a free pass, no matter how PC her pedigree may be.

  9. Dr.Waddy: ok, I'll play leftist devil's advocate. "Well you conservatives are always comparing us to the Bolsheviks; you have no authority to denounce our comparison of you to Mussolini". But, but, no one even faintly accusable of fascist intent or action, approaching from any distance, that of Mussolini's thugs has ever ascended to the Presidency. And yet two persons whose backgrounds, expressions and actions in power have given credible evidence of devotion to marxism, the most proven sociopathic doctrine ever, BY FAR,have polluted our White House and truly given cause for "fumigation" Madame Pelosi! One bore the burden of her silly voluptuary "husband"; the other talked a good game (" why to me, a guy smart enough to be elected President, Ayres was just a guy in the neighborhood and I just happened to launch my career in his 'living ' room"), but proved to be in the office just for the perks.

  10. Jack, it's a fair point that left-wingers love to howl "Fascist!", just as we on the right love to scream "Commie!" Such charges usually lack credibility. Is Obama a Marxist? It depends, as always, on what you mean by "Marxism". Does he base his worldview on a close reading of Das Kapital? Probably not. Is the foundation of his political philosophy the idea that there are good guys and bad guys, and the good guys are defined by oppression, deprivation, struggle, and discrimination, and the bad guys are defined by privilege, arrogance, ignorance, cruelty, and, well, discrimination? You bet! Seems to me the essence of Marxism is Manichean thinking, joined with an assumption that anyone who is down on their luck got that way because someone who's doing better screwed them over. And that, in a nutshell, is the construct around which all modern leftism is built. So, is Obama a Marxist? It's a distinction without a difference to me. He and Marx are cut from the same (coarse and ugly) cloth.

  11. Dr.Waddy from Jack: All of our persuasion are aware of the indicriminate use of the term nazi by the left many of whom are mindless worker ants. Does it give us license to label them marxists ? That doctrine proved in practice to be even far more depraved and sociopathic than Hitler's stooges! I think it does. We have to fight these people and that requires hurly burly. Obama talked marxist and toyed with it in his salad days but he proved to be silly and irresolute and contnt to enjoy the perks. We lucked out there.

  12. Hmm. That's one way to look at it, but actually I would regard the crypto-Marxists like Obama as the more dangerous breed. By cloaking their toxic ideology in reassuring platitudes, they can coax the American people into giving ground. A more frank Marxist, like Sanders, would fall flat on his face -- even in a Dem primary! To judge Obama's long-term influence on the country, you would really have to look at his judges...and in that respect I don't think there would be much cause for reassurance!

  13. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Tis yet to see. Will Obama's totalitarian Toadies prevail or will the recumbent lawful wing of the American legal community overpower them ( and of course that IS what it will take; persuasion: moral or intellectual, moves them not a jot; POWER is all! Those of our persuasion must be willing to admit that that is what it has come to.