Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Vladimir Lenin: Not Just a Tyrant, Also a Turncoat



Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show considers in-depth the question of how we Trumpers can reverse Joe Biden's "win", cancel the Dems' cheating, and propel Donald Trump to reelection.  In addition, we examine the recent Supreme Court decision on religious liberty and COVID restrictions, and we ask whether SCOTUS might be willing to change how the Census is used to distribute seats in the House of Representatives.  Specifically, the Trump administration wants illegal immigrants to stop being counted and "represented" in districts where the actual voting population is minuscule.  That could be a game-changer and a big help to the GOP!


In our "This Day in History" segment, Brian and I explore the legacy of Napoleon, Joe McCarthy and the persistence of Marxism in American life, and the shocking betrayal of Russian interests by Vladimir Lenin, the world's most infamous communist, who sold out to the Germans during World War I.


Every patriot should catch this week's broadcast. You won't regret it!

And here's a great article summarizing how Trump can still prevail in 2020:


Lastly, some advice for Trump: stop "teasing" us about 2024!  We need to win in 2020, or else 2024 is a moot point.  Do you really think that, with YOU in the White House, the Dems feel free to cheat with impunity, but in 2024, with Biden in the White House, they will suddenly play fair and let you win?  Dream on!  It's now or never, Mr. President... 


  1. I honestly believe, We the People have been fed manure and each and everyone in government from the CIA, FBI, AG ETC. is dirty/deep state. I will even go out on the limb and say the last 100 or so years. Dirty, dirty, dirty. I bet our forefathers are rolling in their graves. Election integrity my ... wink.

  2. Boy, you ARE a cynic, Linda! I merit that title too, but I think you've got me beat hands down... It all depends on what you mean by "dirty". I think most of the people in our government aren't intentionally dishonest or malevolent, but they don't have to be for the system itself to be corrupt. It's clear to me that the political establishment is DESIGNED to, well, vomit up anyone who disagrees with it. People like Trump just aren't supposed to arise to positions of power. When they do, they must be destroyed. The denizens of the Deep State would see this as a public service... I see it as anti-democratic.

    1. Nah not a cynic, Dr. Waddy, grin. I meant the word dirty as the upper echelon; FBI and so on.

  3. Dr.Waddy et al: First and foremost Dr.Waddy: Allow me to commend most sincerely for your continuing attention to and documentation of the steadily mounting evidence that this election was no good. I know this has continued beyond this broadcast! You have exhorted Trump believers to action by demonstrating objective and measurable support for this and you have exemplified unstinting allegiance to a cause which could be realized ,with solid empirical evidence. You are right; you are an intelligent commentator and analyst.

  4. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack (sometimes I forget to qualify it so): All of your assertions in the broadcast are supportable: It's possible that Scotus could discredit enough of of this election to throw it to the House, where the President would probably win.One regrettable dissent might come from Tom Reed, our representative in this area, who has already congratulated Biden, for non partisan reasons but that can make no difference in the solidly left NY House delegation. As you point out in effect, that delegation is much overpowered by the preponderance of the real America in House delegations.

  5. Dr.Waddy et al:I think your observations of prejudice in the that judiciary, federal or state, which has considered the Trump team's challenges, is very plausible. And it emphasizes your point: Trump's supporters must make themselves heard! I am very glad for the attention you have drawn to your continuing, very well supported and documented to this reality and to your support with unstinting and well informed and documented evidence.

  6. Dr.Waddy et al: Lenin? Why does he matter now? Anecdote portrays Trotsky telling Lenin "Why such and such a measure demonstrates a formulation for extermination!" " Lenin: : "Good, very good",demonstrated in typical monstrous Marxist detachment from his comfortable redoubt. Lenin was in no way a Russian patriot and so a treaty disastrous to Russia at its inception was no problem for him. He considered himself a citizen of a fantastic Marxist world. In his "will" he described Stalin as "too brutal". Imagine such an evaluation from a consummate sociopath like Lenin! But it WAS borne out!

  7. Thank you, Jack! I try to keep my Trump-loving pals informed about all the evidence that's out there, and keep them inspired and optimistic at the same time.

    Jack, I wouldn't put too much stock in who has congratulated whom, at this early stage. If the state legislatures muddy the waters, and if Republican voters rally to Trump, most GOP Congressmen and Senators will do likewise. I suspect, though, that we could find ourselves in a situation where a slim majority of the House and Senate DOES endorse Biden's win, while a majority of House delegations meet separately to elect Trump. Wouldn't that be fun?

    True enough: Lenin was no nationalist. He was a Bolshevik, and he thought strategically and in terms of advancing "the movement". Even the New Economic Policy must be seen in that light. Give a little to get a little. You can't argue with results...

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: De nada! You have made an accurate assessment of the fundamental, existential threat of the Marxist infection of our country.How very disturbing it is that a doctrine every bit as sociopathic as DAMNED Naziism enjoys such approval.