Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Newsflash to Beltway Insiders: Money DOES NOT Grow on Trees!


Friends, if you're not disappointed by the news that a new COVID relief bill has been passed by Congress, you should be.  Don't kid yourself: the Treasury fairy that leaves $600 (or more) in your bank account next week will take out that much and more in the years and decades to come.  From start to finish during this pandemic, we have spent money like it was going out of style, which is further proof that the one thing politicians in both parties can agree on is that it's fun and easy to buy themselves reelection...with our money!  I wholeheartedly condemn the profligacy of official Washington, and I applaud the tiny cohort of principled Republicans who voted "no" on the bill. 

Meanwhile, Peter Navarro has expanded on his claims about election fraud.  And, if he's fibbing, we should all ask ourselves: why have Democrats been stonewalling any and all attempts to audit the election?


The number of Republicans who appear willing to stand up for President Trump in Congress when it comes time to certify the results of the electoral college isn't large, but it's growing.  I wonder how many patriots will turn up in the streets outside the Capitol? 

And here's what everyone's favorite president has to say on the matter.  No sign of indecision on his part!


  1. How interesting that all this reckless overspending is the result of an exotic virus (I call it The Fu Manchu Virus) that just happened to arrive during our presidential election year. If I didn't know better I would think this was some dingbat conspiracy. But I do know better, and I realize that my imagination is working overtime.

  2. And speaking of people's imaginations, can you believe that Americans actually believed in things like "The Red Scare" and "The Yellow Peril" at one time in our history? I'm so relieved that people don't believe in such nonsense these days. I can thank American education for guiding me in the left direction and ridding my brain from these mind bending myths and fantasies.

  3. Dr. Waddy, it doesn't really matter how many Republicans in the House object to the electors. It could spark 12 hours of debate, and then the Dems will vote down the challenges.

    Mitch McConnell has already told GOP senators not to object, and even if Tommy Tuberville and a couple others defy him, it won't get past the Senate, either.

    While these shenanigans make for great theater, Joe Biden is still going to be president on January 20.

  4. Ray, the pandemic is the excuse for several trillion in spending this year, but I think we all know that either party would have leapt at ANY opportunity to appropriate their way to victory in 2020.

    Rod, you're right that an objection to the electoral count will amount to little, unless it's upheld by one of the two Houses, or both, which seems very unlikely. Absent a majority to sustain such an objection, I suppose the objectors could try to disrupt the proceedings. Pence is probably in the best position to do that, but I doubt he has it in him.

  5. P.S. Maybe we could send Ray to Washington? I have faith in Ray's disruptive powers!