Monday, December 14, 2020

Has Sleepy Joe Jumped the Gun?


Friends, the mainstream media says that the electoral college voted today, Joe Biden won, and that's the end of it.  Of course, if we listened to the media, we would have concluded that the race was over many months ago.  Biden was destined to win, and Trump was destined to lose.  Well, as long as it's a free country, we'll decide for ourselves when we acknowledge anyone's victory or defeat.

Take note of the fact that, while Biden electors were crowning King Joseph I today, Republican electors were also casting votes...for Trump.  That's right!  Most of the battleground states will be sending two slates of electors, and two sets of results, to Washington, D.C.  Check it out:


This is a bold move, to say the least!  It will also come to naught, assuming that both Houses of Congress endorse Biden's electoral college victory on January 6th.  Certainly at this point it seems unlikely that a majority in either house could be mustered to alter the putative outcome of the race...but if more evidence emerged, who knows?  2020 has been a crazy year.  Who's to say that 2021 won't be even crazier?  In that regard, today's news about the impending resignation of Bill Barr might be significant.  It opens up a tiny window of opportunity for the DOJ to pursue allegations of fraud with greater vigor.


In other news, while the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against the Trump campaign's lawsuit today, it nonetheless also ruled that potentially tens of thousands of votes in that state could still be invalidated...and ought to be, under Wisconsin law.  It ain't over yet in Wisconsin! 

Finally, to what depths have loony liberals sunk in their abject Trump hatred?  Read this story, if you really want to know.  Or better yet, don't read it, and you might get a sound night's sleep.


  1. DR. NICK

    I would avoid using the word liberal in the case of the Trump hater article. The word degenerate would be better. However, this sort of thing does not surprise me as much as I thought it would. A large part of American society is degenerate anyway, so what can one expect. After all, the media (all forms), and academe have done a magnificent job in molding it that way. May be hard to believe, but things can and will get even worse in the years to come. A somewhat gloomy outlook I know, but realistic nonetheless, in my opinion.

  2. Dr. Waddy, you can keep believing "we'll decide for ourselves when we acknowledge anyone's victory or defeat," but come January 20, Joe Biden will be the President of the United States.

  3. Dr. Waddy, despite what one person suggests, there is no research out there that indicates academe has made society, or its students, "degenerate," nor has there been any research evidence about academe's "indoctrinating" students with liberal ideology. While the majority of professors in the humanities and social sciences are Democrats, there is little evidence of those professors bringing their politics into the classroom, let alone any evidence (other than anecdotal) that those political affiliations have any impact on students.

    1. Rod,

      As you know, I teach History and Political Science in College. Ideology and Political affiliations have everything to do with indoctrinating students, with textbooks being a special strength. I don't know what experience you had getting your degrees in graduate school, but the state university I attended was Left to the maximum. I can elaborate on this, but you have already been brain-washed. You sir, are a DAMN LIAR.

    2. Rod,

      Let me be more specific. For an actress (or anyone) to suggest that a President of The United States should be incarcerated and then sexually molested in a prison just because they don't like him, smacks of degeneracy. If you don't think so, you are just plain STUPID!

  4. Oh, Ray. I don't doubt for a second that things CAN get worse. We are presently, by and large, fat and happy, and relatively free to live our lives as we see fit. Our prosperity and our liberty can still be MASSIVELY curtailed. It's probably inevitable too, given the American public's addiction to governmental solutions to every problem. The arc of history has been pointing towards bigger government for a long, long time.

    Rod, assuming the electoral college and the Congress get to decide who won the election, you appear to be right: Biden it is. I'm still interested to see what Trump has to say about it!

    Now, if Biden is inaugurated, I don't plan anything as churlish as denying that he IS, in fact, the President, or "my" President, but I do plan to assert that he was elected in an atmosphere of shameless propaganda and election rigging. In other words, he will have all the powers and perquisites, but he won't have my respect.

    Rod, I assume you are aware that one's exposure to higher ed has become one of the best predictors of one's political predilections. In other words, the more degrees you have, the more Dem you are. I suppose you would say that there is no propagandizing in higher ed -- it's just that progressivism is correlated with high intelligence! Well, it is, but it's also correlated with low intelligence. Go figure.

    You're right, though, that students are (luckily) capable of rejecting the neo-Marxist ravings of their professors. I wish they would do so more often.

    Ray is right: the ideology of educators matters a great deal. Educators literally put thoughts in our heads. Rod, surely you don't think news editors are irrelevant to our understanding of the news. Then why would teachers and professors be irrelevant to our understanding of society and politics?

  5. Dr. Waddy, the Pew Research demonstrates two things. 1) About twice as many people with graduate degrees identify with being liberal than with being conservative. 2) The number of those identifying as moderates decreased (with some moving to the conservative column.

    As Jonathan Haidt has pointed out, why there aren't more conservatives with advanced degrees is complicated, and attributable to a number of factors.

    The IDEALS research shows that students become more aware of, and more appreciative of, positions contrary to their own opinions during their first two years of college.

  6. Yes, one would hope that a "liberal" education would develop the ability to think critically, even about oneself and one's own perspective... Give "cancel culture" a few more years, and we'll nip all that in the bud, I'm sure.

    I notice you took a pass on the ramifications of the Left's electoral dominance with people of low intelligence. Let's face it: that's one more reason your side loves mail-in voting. It makes the process easier for those "low-propensity" ignoramuses you're always trying to drag over the finish line...

  7. Dr. Waddy, I support expanding mail-in balloting as a means of expanding access to the franchise. There have been increasing barriers put up -- fewer polling places, fewer voting machines, fewer days of early voting, and the fact that Election Day is not a national holiday.

    As for the Left's "dominance" with "low intelligence" voters, it was white voters with a high school education or less that propelled Trump into office.

  8. That's true, Rod. White voters with less education vote Republican. Non-white voters with any amount of education tend to vote Democratic. But education doesn't determine "intelligence", or vice versa.