Saturday, December 12, 2020

Time for Divine Intervention?


Well, the good news is that old Rod is grinning like the Cheshire Cat tonight.  He's on cloud nine, because the Supreme Court turned down the all-important Texas case, which argued that Biden's wins in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were invalid, because those elections were not conducted in strict adherence to state election laws.  SCOTUS's response?  Texas doesn't have "standing" to challenge another state's implementation of its elections.  Rudy Giuliani says all we have to do is send the case back to the high court courtesy of someone who does have "standing".  Maybe, but it's looking a lot like the Supremes don't want any part of this mess.  And who can blame them for that?  Well, we can, of course, but it won't do us much good.


Next steps?  It would still be very helpful to acquire additional proof of serious fraud. argument for firing Bill Barr and Christopher Wray still stands.  We also need those state legislatures to ride to the rescue and appoint alternate slates of electors.  That isn't looking very likely, though, given that there are all too many RINOs prepared to endorse Biden's tainted "win".  The bottom line?  Trump went after "the Swamp," and now the Swamp is back, bigger and badder than ever, and it wants payback!  It might get it too.


I'm not sure what Trump's next move will be, but as long as he has some fight left in him, then by golly so do we!  "Stand back and stand by," my fellow deplorables!  :)


Wanna hear an irony?  The Dems' mantra of "count every vote" applies only when it's to their advantage to count the maximum number of votes.  No surprise there.  Look how Obama became a State Senator: 

And, if the unthinkable happens and we have to put up with -- gulp! -- (illegitimate) President Biden, we have this to comfort us: the Democratic majority in the House will be darn near unworkable, and there's a very good chance that we'll control the Senate.  There's a conservative majority on the Supreme Court as well, although, as we saw today, that doesn't mean we can count on the Supremes to do our bidding...


  1. The party's not over til the fat lady sings

  2. Dr. Waddy, glad you said the quiet piece out loud -- that you believe the Supreme Court is there to do your bidding.

    I thought it was there to call legal balls and strikes.

  3. DR. NICK

    As Mike Huckabee said recently, swamps were created by God to serve a purpose in nature, like a giant ecological filter or something along those lines. (Even if God did not create them, as most Leftist/Atheists believe, they still serve that purpose). But as Huckabee also said, Washington is NOT a swamp, it is a SEWER.

    As your article indicates, what is happening now is all those RINOS are coming out of the sewer to turncoat to The Left. Not all that surprising. My guess is that many have probably been bribed (and threatened). Of course many are fearful (in my opinion) in that if they don't support a DemoSOCIALIST regime under The BidenISTAS, the Left will initiate a nasty revolt using mass violence.

    Actually RINOS are worse than Leftists. Leftists are true believers in the Marxist oriented traditions, but RINOS are moral cowards no better than those in Europe who collaborated with both The Nazis and The Communists. Ironically, the Soviets always called collaborators they were trying to recruit to betray their countries Shit Eaters. RINOS are our Shit Eaters.

    Should Biden take office (which he probably will), the hard liners will definitely push for packing the court (and FDR tried it by the way_, and they will of course attempt to abolish the electoral college. No doubt Washington, DC and Puerto Rico (and Guam too) will become states with lots of new Leftist pawns to manipulate.

    Finally, us "righteous righties" need to realize that there are other people out there besides Trump to carry the torch to hold on to the threads of our Constitutional Republic. Trump got the ball rolling on a lot of issues, but there are others like him, and even stronger to push the agenda of the right. Also, as I have said before, there are already millions and millions of true Americans out there who are not going to suffer a Left Wing dictatorship no matter how powerful.

    In summary, what is happening now is that The left in this country has decided that power is all that counts, and that Leftist elites know what is best for us deplorable peasants, and that it is also okay to become pawns and pimps of the biggest and most ruthless of dictatorships, The People's Republic of China. Most of Leftists are so stupid, that they don't realize that the PRC promotes Chinese Nationalism at every turn.

  4. I have said this before but will repeat it. I don't think that Biden will last more than two years. He will, in my opinion, become more "foggy" and probably resign and fade into peaceful retirement oblivion. Harris will than take the helm of state, paving the way for a return of The Obamas through Michelle, the arch Left power brokers in this country. Get ready for what's coming, and Biden is retrospect will look like a moderate saint.

  5. The paranoia lives loudly with one of the folks here. Medication and long term talk therapy is needed.

    1. Hi again Rod,

      And for your therapy, I strongly recommend ice water, Castor Oil enemas in the early a.m.

      Take care, asshole, no pun intended.

    2. Rod,

      I think the best therapy for you is URINE THERAPY. Yes, Rod there really is such a thing, as a former Prime Minister of India would tell you. You pee in a cup every morning as soon as you get up, and then drink it.

      Think about this Rod. Have a fine weekend.

  6. Hi there Rod,

    Have a great weekend, dip shit.

  7. The notion that Biden is a socialist is so unbelievably laughable. He's somewhat left of center, just like Obama was.

    Biden is inheriting a ton of problems from Biden. Unemployment will be nearly 2 points higher than we he left office. The vaccine distribution plan needs to be managed well, and communicated well. He needs to get his cabinet confirmed (fill with highly competent and experienced individuals for a pleasant change). He needs to repair our relationships with our allies. He needs to get infrastructure bills enacted.

    The notion that Biden is going after the Electoral College or trying to pack the Court is just bizarre thinking.

    As for Biden's competence, he is already is much better shape than the completely off-the-rails Trump. If things turn for the better in the next four years, he might turn things over to Harris. If not, he will be in great shape to run again.

  8. Rod, SCOTUS's job is to uphold the Constitution...but we ripped up that quaint document a long time ago. I'm not sure there's much left, frankly, except the raw exercise of power...

    Ray, I personally don't believe that many RINOs have been bribed or threatened. I think they simply hold populists and nationalists in contempt. In short, they watch CNN. The rest falls into place naturally.

    Ray, you say there are stronger voices out there than Trump's, and potentially better leaders. Like who?

    Rod, I see you support both medication AND Freudian "analysis". Covering all your bases, as always! Should we right-wing nutjobs try cocaine and hypnosis as well?

    Rod, you can't seriously think that Biden would run for an 82 year old? I doubt that. Among our nation's problems, I see you don't mention the deficit and debt, which of course Biden would do his best to exacerbate. Sooner or later, our creditors really will blanch in terror. I admit that Trump hasn't been helpful in that regard. Could divided government restore some concept of fiscal sanity? Maybe. I would hope so.

    1. DR. NICK

      I meant what I said. There are certainly people on the right out there that are just as good as Trump. Just because they have not shown up yet does not mean they don't exist.

      Also, if Biden does become President, this country is going to need someone even smarter than Trump to clean up the huge mess the DemoSocialists are going to make in the next four years.
      Whoever that is (man or woman) is going to have to be almost the political equivalent of a religious messiah in order to save this country from total destruction. That person will also have to get away from a lot of the outmoded thinking that both the right and the left in this country have been brain washed with.

      As it is, The American people are now being jerked around by a bunch of power brokers on both sides. A future leader is going to really have to think outside the box in just about every area.

      Something else to think about also is that The Constitution is not divinely inspired as many seem to think it is, nor is it a living document as many others think it is. It was written by men, not by God on Mount Sinai. In other words The Ten Commandment have no amendments.

      In summary, our current approach to governing is getting really antiquated, if I can use that word.

  9. Dr. Waddy, cocaine is a stimulant, while hypnosis is designed to relax you. Not a great combination.

    BTW, I said "talk therapy," not "Freudian analysis." Freudian analysis is one type of psychodynamic talk therapies. There are also cognitive behavior therapies, humanistic therapies, multi-person therapies (group, family) and dialectic behavior therapies.

    As for Biden being 82, are Chuck Grassley and Richard Shelby too old to serve in the Senate?

    I don't mention the debt because the GOP didn't care one bit about it during Trump's term. No one made it worse than Trump.

    1. Rod

      Don't forget that Moses was over 80 when he led The Children of Israel to The Promised Land. However, when they got to the border of that land, then God declared Moses as too old.

  10. I'm confused, Rod -- Trump isn't concerned about the debt, so you aren't either? Glad to know you ascribe such weight to Trump's judgement!

    82 may well be too old to serve in the Senate, but that's up to the people who elect our Senators. Personally, I think Biden was pushing it in 2020! This election wouldn't have been so close if you Dems had nominated someone who wasn't moribund...

    Ray -- I knew Moses. Moses was my friend. Sleepy Joe is NO Moses!

  11. Ray -- I agree about the Constitution. It isn't written in stone. Well, in a sense it is, but there's a reason why we have an amendment process. Sometimes we need it. Still, I can't help but think that it's all academic, when sly jurists can simply conjure up whatever constitutional "principles" the moment calls for...

  12. Dr. Waddy, you are a master at twisting words to fit your own narrative. I am very concerned about debt. I just find it hypocritical that the GOP is just now worried about debt for the first time in the last four years.

  13. Well, there's plenty of hypocrisy to go around! What remains to be seen is whether there's plenty of money to go around. For now, there is, but for how long?