Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Donald Trump: Greatest Human Ever?


Friends, it's official: Barack Obama has been dethroned as America's most admired person!  Who edged him out?  You guessed it!  Our President-for-Life (fingers crossed): Donald Trump.  Maybe there's hope for America yet?


There's much, much more in the news today.  Keep an eye on this story.  If the Trump administration succeeds in excluding illegal aliens from "representation" in Congress, that in itself could blow the Dems' narrow House majority to smithereens in 2022.  One assumes that reversing this policy will be a top priority for Biden and friends. 

There's plenty that's fishy about the presidential contest in PA this year.  Add this one to the list: they can't even agree on how many people voted (nominally)!


If you enjoy irony, and apparently Democrats do, they have been moaning and groaning because Republicans have been trying to alter the supposedly sacred vote count in the swing states, so as to push Donald Trump over the top, but the Dems themselves are engaged in similar maneuvering in Iowa and New York.  In NYS, a judge is literally counting and recounting the votes ensure a Dem victory, one can confidently predict! 

Speaking of stealing elections, the Democrats are doing their best to purloin those two Senate seats in Georgia by allowing out-of-state residents to vote.  Thoughtful of them, right?  Maybe I should register to vote in Georgia, come to think of it...


Make no mistake: the Democrats have become THE party of our country's elite, especially its bi-coastal elite.  Take a look at this.  Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia has raised only 5% of his massive haul in campaign contributions in Georgia itself.  Based on his fundraising, in fact, if he wins, one might justifiably claim that he represents California more than he does his "home" state. 

This one is a must-read.  One of the most consequential stories of 2020 was the effort by the media and social media to outright ban information and opinion that contradicts their ideological and partisan preferences.  Free speech is, in fact, under greater threat now than at any time since the Red Scare.  No joke.


Lastly, I applaud Mitch McConnell, as I often do, for blocking those $2,000 checks that President Trump and many Democrats are pushing for.  He won't win much applause for holding the line against excessive spending, but it was the right thing to do for the country. 


  1. Dr. Nick

    BOTH of our "ruling" political parties are run by elites, ably assisted by elites in corporations, with emphasis on High Tech elites, to include our film industry elites and our academic "aristocracy" at all those Ive League Schools. Deep down, Most of these elite assholes hold the average American in utter contempt. Actually, that has always been the case. I guess someone has to run the fucking country, so why not a bunch of elites. Very soon, our new elite President will hold his coronation, surrounded by members of the elite, and members of his court.

  2. I think, just my opinion, but if Mitch continues to "hold the line" the Republicans will loose. Shameful...and the semantics of the cost of the Stimulus Bill-horrible to the American people. All I was pointing out on FB (and probably should of stated) is that the majority of the Stimulus was / is going overseas. I get it (fiscal responsibility)-truly I do. I also get that government wants us to be reliant on them. Why would I work the current two jobs if I was getting a living wage (and that is the ultimate plan by democrats, right?). No win situation for the regular folks who struggle every single day. Horrible, mismanagement of our tax money. I keep saying this, the people who voted for Biden are going to get what they wish for (did really 70 million vote for him? That is another thought to ponder on).

    Right on Ray, grin.

    1. Linda

      Welcome back. You must be busy working those two jobs in order to pay more taxes, so those who don't want to work can get a pay check. Those who are unable to work because they are drug addicts thanks to the Mexican drug cartels will also be able to get their fixes uninterrupted by work.
      Keep up the good work, no pun intended. Also, the tax money generated by your work will also help dictators in various countries you have probably not even heard of before. I suggest that you work three jobs if possible. Thanks for being a good American. And don't ever forget that your new president Joe Biden has your best interests at heart. Most importantly, by the time he gets done with you, people won't even recognize you any more because you and your husband will be F.U.B.A.R. All is well that ends well, and our native elites will take care of you in every possible way. Thanks again for your hard work.

    2. Ray, thank you...I sure need this (and I almost spat out my coffee this morning laughing so hard).

  3. DR. NICK

    I hate to tell you this, but with the coronation of Biden on January 20, 2021 you will officially become a DEPLORABLE (now a noun), which is like a non-person. Plus, as a white (white is not a color), deplorable and automatic racist (in your DNA), your social credit will be diminished greatly.

    Had you not supported Trump this could have been avoided, but it is too damn late now. In addition, you will be under the scrutiny of BOSS (Bureau of State Security, formerly the FBI), so I strongly suggest you liquidate (in an NKVD sense of the word) your site as it is, and rededicate it is WADDY WAS WRONG.

    I know you can do this, and in fact you really don't have much choice do you? Too damn bad you are not a "person of color" but that's the way things are in our soon to be Socialist Republic.

    1. White is so a color, lol. Ray...thanks...(big smiles)

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: You are fighting the good fight and supplying a forum graced by credible documentation which bolsters the morale we will need to endure the outrages promised by the imminent accession of the radical left to Federal executive power and maybe more.I'm not talking about feckless '70s liberal Joe but about the legions of committed far left invaders to whom, in his befuddled way, he will open the door. His resignation will not be required until such such time as Kamalafornia's reign can be extended to the max.That this was assuredly achieved by "any means necessary" is yet more support for our conviction that our core values are under fundamental attack by a totalitarian elite!

  5. Replies
    1. Linda,

      Happy New Year to you also, specifically. No offense, and I apologize in advance for crude talk, but there is one disease that is worse than COVID-19, and especially for us conservatives, and that is OPTICAL RECTUMITIS. This is where the Optic Nerve somehow gets connected with the rectal nerve, and we get a shitty outlook on life. As the DemoNISTAS take power soon, we conservatives will become super vulnerable to this ailment. Beware!

    2. no apology needed, Ray. I find your comments refreshingly awesome. {{{grin}}}

  6. Ray, it's always been my view that ALL societies are run by elites. How could it be otherwise? Sometimes, though, a new elite comes along to challenge the old one. That too is natural. I personally have nothing against "elites", per se. I just wish OUR elite didn't hate America, Western Civilization, and God Himself.

    Linda, it does appear that the $2,000 check issue is costing Republicans votes in Georgia. Then again, the polls in Georgia have often overestimated Dem strength. My money is still on Perdue and Loeffler, although I'm by no means ready to breathe easy.

    Linda, America does indeed appreciate your hard work. Then again, why not trip and fall in the driveway of a rich leftist a**hole? Sue him and live thereafter on Easy Street. Isn't that the new American Dream anyway?

    Ray, you well know that I'm ready to roll with WaddyIsLeft at a moment's notice, and I'm prepared to make the transition to mixed race/transgender in a split second too. I'm no dummy.

    Jack, we will keep on defending the sacred values of the West as long as our constitutional right to do so remains in force. least for two more weeks!

    Happy New Year to all!!!

    Ray, have you considered the possibility that you've been a sufferer of optical rectumitis for a while now? Maybe it's time to consider a radical surgical solution? Yes, I'm talking about the transplantation of the rectum to the face, and of the eyes to the posterior... The upside: in any conversation with a leftist, your best retort will be to defecate in their lap. Of course, you may be way ahead of me here. You may be defecating on leftists already...

  7. Good grief, Charlie Brown (Dr. Waddy)-- you better never turn to the left, grin.

  8. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: A maxim we can benefit from is "one day at a time". First, the crucial Georgia elections. Then, very possibly, the importance of first. Mitch McConnell and perhaps Joe Manchin in our national fortunes. How long can Joe abide with the frantic left? West Virginia is real America! I admire his high principle in sticking with the party he professed n being elected. But when, as Zell Miller lamented, the party leaves him? Come in Joe, you belong with us as we do to the real America!

  9. One day at a time -- that's instant sagacity, if you ask me, Jack.

    I'm puzzled why Joe Manchin has stuck it out with the Dems. He must be an obstinate fellow. I suppose he may watch a little CNN as well, which would explain it, in large measure.